The American Way

Toil and trouble, that's the American Way

Land a good job, one that will pay

Forget your passions, your desires, your truth

Don't stray from the path, don't be uncouth


How did we get here?

To this nation so desparate

For profit and power that we forget who we were

Dare we forget what once made us great?


A nation of immigrants, far from their home

Searching for something intangible to some

Freedom! Yes, but are we free now?

It seems we are in chains, led by the Cash Cow


We've lost sight of the importance of music and art

We no longer support children yearning to learn

Of how whole they will feel once they pick up the brush

Of how blowing their first notes will give them a rush

We long only for employees with souls and hearts made of mush


Passion and devotion, that's my American Way

Freedom to express, freedom to play

A nation of dreamers, with souls made of fire

Supported and cherished as they chase their desires

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My country
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