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Noise, noise, all of the noise

Yelling, screaming, yelling, screaming

It gets louder as it enters my head

Headaches, not only headaches,

Bruises, cuts, and scrapes too,

Wounds, from head to toe, mentally and physically

Pain that only worsens until unbearable

When will it end? It doesn't end.

I ask God, why? Why me?


Then peace. I find peace.

I find peace in my room, in the corner,

An oasis.

I find peace looking at the sky,

There's hope.

I find peace in the memories of a once beautiful world,


I find peace in letting my frustration out through words

My sanctuary.


I find an escape by letting my words run out of my hands,

like water out of a faucet.

I let my soul be free from the chains that are burdened with pain

My heart can speak for itself, not for the masked figure that carries it around

With courage, I can climb the highest mountains and speak against my enemies

On paper, I choose my own destiny as I do in my dreams

It is a new world to me.  It is a new life to me.  A second chance.

I can thank my poetry sanctuary for being there for me,

When I was knocked down by my demons


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My family
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