My dream will come true



I have a dream. A dream to be somebody knownWho can influence and make things better in the world,A dream that I know what's inside of me will carry me to it.  But sometimes I loose faith. I loose faith because of my location. A location which is considered small yet growing,But most of the old ways and history's past is present. There are few places where I feel like my dream can thrive and flourish into what I know it can become.  I loose faith because of the people around me. They are somewhat close mindedAs if they have only allowed their mind to call the world their hometown. No open minds; just shut off ones. They don't see what I see when I look at a dream. They see "Is it local?" and "Do I know a lot of people doing it that I recognize?"I see "Where is my spirit pushing me to?" and "What is my passion?"That's all I need.  But I won't give up. I cant. I'll keep pushing, keep striving, keep believing, keep being inspired, keep wanting more, keep working harder, keep dreaming, and most of allI won't give up. Because this is who I am and this is my foundation. 


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