Reality of life


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Living in a world that's so unfair.
People think you have it all, so they sit back and just stare.
But little do they know,
The kid with big heart got a battered soul;
Thinking bout getting the word "pain" tatted on me yo'!
So they can understand what I mean
When I talk about the famous green,
Wife, house, cars, and nice things.
I'm not MLK but I too have a dream
I wish little kids didn't have to eat veggies, and just eatice cream.
I sympathize with those that don't have it but want it and can't grasp it...
Cause they're blinded by the light beams of the crack fiends
At the same time I'm proud and disappointed of color- but I never bleach,
Cause different colored kids hold on to my words like a congregation when I
So I hope n I pray, ask for another day
So some one else can hear me say
Be strong. You can do it.
Don't give up, keep it moving
Cause the world out there.. Is so unfair
And if you don't love yourself, tell me who cares?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i can digest and feel the words
i undeerstand where you are coming from
your poem indicates the unfairness of society very well from your persepctive
believe in yourself
keep writing

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