A Soul's Desire


United States
31° 42' 2.0232" N, 81° 42' 46.9872" W

I want to be lain in the skies above…
Endlessly floating into oblivion beside a million dying stars.

I long to be cradled by the billowing mists and blanketed by the sun’s rays…
Kissing and marking my bare shoulders

I wish to fearlessly stand upright on the highest peak of any mountain…
Screaming until there is not even a whisper left to be heard.

The longing desire within my bones for the ocean’s bitter and salty waters to fill my nostrils and lungs in hope to wake my spirit,
…. To that which I have lost somewhere in the midst of heaping piles of lost time and paper stacks.

There is an endlessly burning passion of every fiber and nerve ending from within…
Beseeching even the lightest touch from another’s hand.

And a soul’s undeniable plead to be cleansed from man’s shrapnel point of view on the world, its beautiful people, and the love that is still left to give.

This is my soul's desire,

...the desire of a young, hopeful, youthful, and inspired individual, looking through the world in with fish eyes view.


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