My Progenitor

As you age, you remember me

As you live, you remember me

As your body dies, you remember me

As your mind follows, you remember me

As you grow weaker, you remember me

As your light grows darker, you remember me

As you get slower, you remember me

No matter the time, no matter the place

No matter the where, no matter the when

You have me in your thoughts

At the forefront of your mind

You prop me when I fall down

You listen when no one else does

You keep me moving onward

You stop the world for me

You strengthen me for the trials to come

When you are gone, I’ll remember you

When your heart stops, I’ll remember you

When others have forgotten, I’ll remember you

When your memory fades, I’ll remember you

When I feel like stopping, I’ll remember you

When the world tries to break me, I’ll remember you

Just as you keep me in your thoughts

The First in your mind

You shall forever remain

At in a special place of mine

Not within the mind, where things are lost

and can never be brought back

But within my heart

Where your mark will forever be framed

upon the golden part of my core

My progenitor, my beginning

My guardian, my teacher

My father, my mentor

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My family
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