Time To Heal

Dear Pain, 

There are things that need to be said 

but the words always seem to run

There are actions that ought to be taken

but the rhythm seems undone

The tears appears all dried up

but the pain still lives inside

twisting, turning, rising up

everytime I try not to hide

They say time heals all wounds

but also tells a tale

of sin, heartache, and nightly cries

that make you feel lucky just to be alive

My emotions can't find a place to call home

can't verbalize my thoughts; it's not safe

So I continue to sit here wondering

will there ever be a place

A place where my guards are dismissed

and my feelings roam free

where the healing process begins

and I can truly be

free to live, free to love

free to move about

free to let someone else in

and travel the love route

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