What You Can No Longer Say

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 20:49 -- ShaireB


United States
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You're saying that I don't love you no more.
How could you say that?
You have no right.
If that were true, I wouldn't remain here frozen in time.

This is your fault.
I'm not mad.
You've done something that no guy has done.
Not only make me feel like I was worth a damn, but I was blessed to watch you grow from a boy to a man.

Society would speak you're no good because of your current circumstance, but they would be wrong.
They weren't let in.
Not like you invited me.
You took me as dead and put back the life in me.
Timing was flawed, yet so perfect.

I've tried for you and me, but this heart can't be given to another.
All I do is compare them to you.
I know in some way we are meant for each other, you're someone I cannot lose.
And you've never let go either.
Do you know you're the first one to do that?
No matter what crap I dragged you through, you've stayed.

And I know you can have any female you want.
I've told you if life was a fairytale, you would be the image of Prince Charming.
You know how many females batted their eyelashes at you right in front of my eyes, like you were the only one there?
They almost see the same thing I do, which is only you, but I'm the luckiest because when I look at you, I get to view more than just the surface.
You've given me a view of your heart, which I know was hard.

You never had a test like me before.
I can say the same for you.
But I would like to say we've maintained above a C average, which is still passing.
We got some more work, but for you, I will keep on studying even during the times we've already aced the test.
'Cause that's what we'll both have to do to survive.
And we've both agreed that that is in our developing minds.
Survive. No matter what.

And if for some reason God does not have in his plans for us to be forever lovers...
Well, we'll forever be lovers in the corners of my mind, but we also have best friends to faithfully fall back on to catch our fall.

So you can't say I don't love you anymore.
You know that is not even close to being true.
I'm in love with you.


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