The Christian School Teacher

Peel the mask off.

No one is fooled.

You claim a Savior,

but you're in charge of this school?


Show us your face.

Let us all see.

Are you even real?

Could you show that to me?


Show us your flaws.

Gain our respect.

You think you show love.

All we see is neglect.


All high and mighty

Come down from your throne

We want sins to show

We want to know we're not alone.


Please be real

We don't need all the fluff

We get that life's cruel

We know life is rough.


We want to be saved

We need Jesus Christ

We need your guidance

But it's too highly priced


How can we speak

To a plastic mask

We need the answers

But how do we ask?


Put away your smile.

No one believes.

Your perfection is faked.

Everyone leaves.

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