The One I Miss Most

What’s the one thing I can’t live without,

If, on a sunny day, at the beach, and the waves are crashing, I find

Myself needing something worth needing, I might just scream and shout.

Is it a book? Perhaps, if Fate is kind.

A journal with empty pages that greet an empty mind?

No, not a book, nor a journal, who’s pages I would fill with longing for the one thing

I crave.

She’s brave,

She’s crazy,

Sometimes lazy,

And sometimes has to rave.

I’m thinking of you, dear sister.

The companionship that a lonely beach seems to swallow,

As I groan and as I wallow,

I can only long for those times we would make up the scenes,

Play them out one by one,

And now, the memories are torn at the seams.

And as we can do anything but shun

The times when we were young,

I keep moving forward, for the sake of our past,

And we keep moving backwards,

For the sake of our future.

The waves taunt me with your name,

Knowing you’ll be worried,

But the rescue’s not hurried,

I lay on the sand,

And trace your face in the sand.

It won’t be long sister,

And I’ll see you when I awake. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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