What Will I Be ?


United States
33° 37' 12.1368" N, 84° 31' 57.7344" W

I fear for the future and what it may become
for I am lost in a time warp and fight to not succumb
to fall into the pressures of what society wants me to see
to trade in my morals and dignity...that's what they want me to be

I look to my mom for support and guidance
As she stands their with no remorse or reliance
"Do not waver when you are drowning in a sea
A strong intelligent woman... that's all I want you to be"

I look to to sky and send strong prayers above
asking God to show me his mercy and love
Tell me dear lord what do you want from me ?
"To walk in the ways of my light... that's what I ask of you to be"

Finally I look in the mirror but find myself weak
exhausted from the strain and entitlement I seek
I take a deep breath and look past my internal debris
A woman of power, faith, and beauty....that's who I'll be.


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