A Wordsmith's Words on Writing

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 15:44 -- Astra


It's hard to understand why writing is such a beautiful thing,'Til you've had words dance for you and listened to them sing,The day you pull the strings and nudge letters into place,That's when the seed will sprout with it's natural grace. It's hard to understand why writers treat their characters like they're real,'Til you've made your own, and known the way they feel,The day you hear their dreams, their thoughts, and all their hopes and fears,That's when you'll grow to love them, and for them you will shed tears. It's hard to understand why a story can so hard to write down true,'Til you've tried to play god and the words have rebelled against you,The day you struggle to force them into rolls that just aren't right,That's when you'll learn that sometimes you can't control what you must write. There are many different things that writing stands to be,A source of fun,  a brand new dream, an escape from the hell of reality,And sometimes when you've lost all there is to lose,Pick up a pen, sing out the words, and learn to dance again with your muse.


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