Nothing To You

Sun, 03/31/2013 - 00:33 -- Johie


United States
43° 57' 56.5992" N, 121° 13' 10.704" W

I ain't done nothing to you
I ain't even looked at you funny
All I ever done is be me and all you ever done is
Hate me

You hate me
From the way I walk to the way I don't talk like you
You tell me to look like you, dress like you
To push off my culture and become yours
You ain't ever let me be free

Let me be free
Take off my social chains and let me be
Let me drink from any water fountain
Sit on any seat in the bus I want
Don't make me suffer the indignities of my ancestors
Break this ugly pattern

Break it
Let my babies live in a world of no hate
Stop perpetuating the hate
Be better than your past
For your sake and mine
Let us be equal

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