On my tippie toes



Walking in my shorts on my tippy toes,
6 in the morning, abuelo where are you?
I sneak in kitchen, he's not there
Momma says, "darling wait he'll be back"
I take a deep breath, dance around some more,
I sniff the flowers, he got me the day before
I squeal with excitement when I see him at the door,
He says, "honey don't run, we've got a long way to go", so I imitate his walk for a while or so,
As we walk down the road, again I'm on my tippy toes,
I wanna run but I don't wanna go,
I say, "abuelo can I run?, they're getting ahead of me"
And he holds my hand and says, "don't you dare run, we've got a long way to go"

This poem is about: 
My family


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