The Ocean is the World's Daughter

The crashing of waves like sobbing of tears
The clap of the riptide like a child screaming till red in the ears
The calm waters of the evening under skies lavender and plum
Like a child falling asleep and sucking her thumb
How do we treat the ocean? Do we treat it like a child?
Do we coddle it and pamper it up until it smiled?
Or do we pollute it and corrupt it and feed it all types of trash?
So, we can capitalize and industrialize and make our own yacht out of cash
Do we disregard the fragility of this vast place as we would disregard our home?
We don’t, because the ocean is not mine nor his nor hers
And home is a place of privacy where people stay and what they prefer
So, if we respect our homes and we respect our kids
There is nothing left to say
Because we trash the homes and kids of those living in the sea from the sunset to the bay We must acknowledge and make change not fight what has been done
In order to fix a problem, you cannot act as if there is none
We feel the air changing we see the levels rising
“Believing” in climate change is not an opinion or choice
It is scientifically proven it is happening before us, so for the ones who cannot speak we must raise our voice
The impacts of climate change are the melting ice caps and leaving polar bears without homes The impacts of climate are warmer oceans which don’t let the fish freely roam
It may seem comical or may be even rash
But do you want your grandchildren to grow up without whales and dolphins making their splash?
Do you want them to see pictures and movies about the creatures that one lived in the deep blue? And lower your head because you were part of the problem too
You watched idly by and didn’t even put up a fight
You watched the liveliness of the ocean die, you saw the dimming of that light
The way the currents flow, and starting to change
We need to do something now when it is within our range
In the ocean so blue the ocean so vast
Do you care about your planet, and learning from the past?
Tomorrow the water will be dirtier there will be more plastic bags and bottle caps
There will be more fishing line and sea turtles that need to be unwrapped
We must protect the defenseless and galvanize change
For the past is gone, tomorrow is today, and today is the future
And in the gift of the present
We are the wound, but we can also be the suture
A drop in the ocean or the ocean in a drop
Comes the changing of moods like currents of water
We must treat the sea like we treat a child
Because the ocean is the world’s daughter


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