From Beginning to End and then Beyond


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The story of then,
The story of now,

and then the story yet to be unveiled:

The beginning takes place so long ago,
Hundreds of thousands of years ,
At a time when the world was younger.
Like a child always testing and experimenting,
It chose a creature covered in fur and ambition,
A creature that was secluded and small, timid and weak.
This would be the world's greatest achievement.

For a creature like this, change was a supreme rule.
As the centuries went by it grew.
Legs and arms elongated,
Body structure extended,
Fur fell away.
Tools were invented,
Dominance was established,
And all the while the artist, the processor within their heads, evolved into greatness.

This was a species united.
The years go by.
This was a Species thriving.
The years go by.

The group begins to see opportunity,
As a part splits from the whole.
To the north they go, across the blue abyss,
Leaving their brother and sisters behind.
What is different about this group?
Not much, though their pigmentation became lighter,
And they grew to know only of themselves.
The years go by.
Many years go by.

The world is older now,
And looks upon what is has brought into existence.
They are hunting, gathering, farming, innovating, inventing, dressing themselves, creating laws..
And eventually conquering.
One species dominating the planet,
One species making the planet theirs,
But still one species divided,
Split into factions of their own making.
Two of these groups destined to clash...

When it happens, it is swift.
One group on the top,
Governing, dictating, using.
One group on the bottom,
Governed, dictated, in chains.
The future of the top is rich with opportunity.
The future of the bottom is bleak.

The world is now even older, and this time wiser.
It begins to enact change.
The individual is realized and takes priority over the group.
Concepts are envisioned: Freedom, Justice, Liberty, Integrity, Empathy.
For the first time since the beginning times, the one can now connect with the many.

Some men stood on stage and portrayed this injustice,
While others simply spoke of a dream where a future had already come to pass.
Sometimes the individual was sacrificed for the group,
And other times the group disappeared.
What was different was the sides became faded as well as their ideals.
And still...the years passed.

The battle was, the battle is, the battle will be.
There is something to go towards, something our species already had once:

To be United.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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