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I'm going to take you back in history and I don't just mean yesterday's history.
I'm talking about to the history of our ancestors
To the History of slavery
where the color of our skin made my ancestors slaves.
Picking cotton and living with the white folks was not an option but was a command.
Where beads of sweat would fall off the chest of a black man
because he was in the field picking cotton for his master.
Where disobeying orders would get you whipped on the back because you tried to just be free.
Where sitting at a counter at an all whites restaurant stopped you from getting fed.
Where people of color just wanted to be treated the same and
Not like a slave.
you see back then in history
Civil rights was non-Existent.
A time in history where people of color wasn't considered civil and they didn't have rights.
A time in history where
Jim Crow laws prevented people of color from being free.
Where a colored person and a non colored people wasn't allowed to be together,
wasnt allowed to drink from the same water fountain or use the same bathroom.
Where Living by the laws of the white folks is the only way to make it because color people was looked down upon.
In this time of history where black activists spoke up for there rights.
Where Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and that dream was to one day have equal rights like the whites.
He had a dream that "a little black boy and little white girl would walk hand in hand" because he dreamed of being civilized.
And he dreamed of having rights.
This time in history An activist by the name of Rosa Parks
Sat down for what she believed was right.
She sat in the front of the bus In the white folks section because her feet was in pain
Knowing she should have sat in the back with the blacks.
In this time in history a Young man by the name of
Malcolm X became the voice of the world.
a Black Muslim man who was outspoken on the topic of the color people's right.
The voice of the civil rights movement.
This time in history is the reason why we have civil rights today.
Because people like Mr. King and Ms. Parks and Mr.X all had a dream to be free and have equality.
In today's history we are free.
In today's history there's a black man in the White House
By the name of Barack Obama!
Because we have rights.
In today's history we are one step closer to the dream of equality.
In today's History we see a little black boy and a little white girl walking hand and hand like King once dreamed.
In today's history civil rights is
What makes us civilized.
In today's history we are the dream that our ancestors slaved for,
The dream that once was only a hope and a want is reality.
The dream of what it feels like to have
Civil Rights and to just be equal.
We need our Civil Rights.

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