Personal Love Poem For - "Slam What You Will"


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I’m Looking at you – Looking at me – Looking at you
And I’m - thinking about all the things in life that I’ve failed to do
I’m sitting here with the necklace I got - new
And I’m thinking about how you don’t share the same feelings that I do
Well… perhaps if you like it I’ll feel good by extension
Maybe so, but it’s more about releasing my tension
Like death swings the door on the casket – I need closure
Please forgive if I ask it, cause I just might lose my composure

So - to the girl who for once doesn’t tie my stomach in knots
But even worse, took a stake in my mind and consumes all my thoughts
To be honest & to be frank it’s not a feeling that I favor
There’s a tax collector at the door, named “ask her”, but I don’t want to pay her
Like a fatty who doesn’t want to get fit
I just wish I didn’t like cake
Knowing I’m no prime candidate
It’s a risk I don’t wanna take
I guess I’m fake…

Cause I ain’t got no car, ain’t Got no swag, & no height
I can’t pick you up from loser - street
But wait gimme a sec & I’ll fight for that right
I’ll get some wheels & get you a comfy - seat
And if you wait I’ll hit a growth - spurt
Get in the ring and compete
I’ll seek out and study “swagmasters” till it - hurts
Learn tango and dougie, and dance till I don’t miss a beat
And maybe, just maybe I’ll finally sweep you off - your feet

But, I know I shouldn’t change
Just maybe rearrange, to make myself seem - less strange??...
Too late I’m writing a love poem
I guess I already lost - that game
Wish I could go back a few months and slap myself in the face
I’d wipe you out of my cortex and leave no trace

Now about infatuation - the word doesn’t even sound pretty
Like a first impression - it’s superficial and gritty
Driving Smarties to question their obsession till they feel all vain and shitty
But if infatuation was a pie, it’d be a beautiful shell with no filling
But I know we can’t bake it & fill it if you’re not willing
And I’m sure that’s the case - and that’s just fine with me
In fact I’m told rejections just prepare you for the person you’ll need to be -

For that person.., Oh what person? – Well look here and I’ll show ya
I want a girl so pretty outside and in
There’s no chance anyone’ll overthrow ya
I’ll be too busy finding new ways to impress and astound her
Too busy to notice anyone else when I’m around her
Love that makes me want to be better in all areas since the day I found her
I’d love to be the one to set anchor and ground her
To me you’re that girl, but I’m an awkward octopus and you’re a slippery flounder

Sorry Miss Chloe, I didn’t mean to disturb
I just need a moment to give my love the fresh air it deserves
Even if it’s seen as petty & vain by those who observe -
You can call my feelings empty & foolish, - psychoanalyze and critique it
But everything’s a hidden thought until I decided to speak it
And I think, maybe the world too often leaves love and unspoken words left to dust
We’re too worried about returns and exchange rates, maybe our hearts start to crust

I really, really like you, Sorry I had to say it, to keep my “pie shell” intact
Don’t worry I’ve learned so much from rejection, I’ll be at the pity pool awhile, but I’ll come back
Now I know it’s not about what I have, instead it’s - what I’ve always lacked
And when it comes to feelings, I need to recycle and renew
By just saying the feelings that I do
I know it’s a love “gun – down” and I’m the only one who drew
But it’s important to me getting over you

Fate must know there’s someone out there way better for you
Packing whole cases of swag, who’s tall and makes you, feel feminine too
Not yet sure if this’s awkward, but one thing’s true
I hope you find that guy
“Other fish” - is just a thing I’m still getting used to
Don't worry... There’s someone out there for me, even if she’s not quite you.



Oh Man! This is really good fine Sir, You've outdone yourself here!!

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