Fighting for My Baby


United States
45° 1' 38.3808" N, 123° 1' 32.6964" W

Standing alone on the corner
Listening, waiting, hoping
The message, loud and clear
But everyone else refuses to hear
All created equal they claim
But their actions don’t match the words they say
So easy to give up and walk away
Not enough reasons to make me stay
Protesting is worthless
They’ll never change
Blacks and whites will never be equal and free
But then I see
The little black girls playing with rocks instead of toys
And baseball games segregated into groups of black and white boys
Separate water fountains, schools, and lives
The injustice of it all makes me want to cry
My daughter sits in rags all alone
Away from the white girls who cast her furious glares
All because he skin isn’t light like theirs
They don’t understand, they shouldn’t care
But their mothers taught them to hate
And this thought makes me want to take part in the debate
I don’t want my baby to live like this any more
In the midst of all this fighting, pain, and gore
It’s not fair, it’s not right
And this realization makes me want to take flight
So I pick up that sign that I cast down before
Because I don’t want my girl to see the world as I have to
I want her to have a chance like the white kids do
And I will fight to the end
Not for my husband, my friends, or me
But the little girls and boys that deserve an opportunity
No matter what happens to me, I will not give up
I will never surrender
Because our children deserve better
So I will continue to fight
As tired as I get
I want my daughter to be as equal as the rest
And so I fight.

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