In the Life


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War is not a thing it is an emotion
It was what is told across the oceans
The truth - world is so much bigger
So much more beautiful and wide.
Not understood in the time that abides.
The hours spent in one or two spots
Is nothing compared to the world.
The world is big, it is huge, it is round.
It is beautiful.
Everything is tangible and everyone can be touched.
An Actor playing on a stage
A singer playing away.
The blind park musician making his wage.
How then can someone take such a symbol of beauty and crumble it?
The Twin Towers weren’t these abstract ideas or symbols before it fell.
It was tangible and it could be touched.
The beauty of it soaring above the rest of the world.
At the bottom we’re only ants.
From the atmosphere we’re only specs.
From the galaxy undetectable.
In the universe undependable.
How then does someone go and tear it away?
How does a man crash a plane?
How does one person kill and mame?
How does a warlord make his name?
How do we let someone push us into a world built on blood?
How do we?
How do we?
Please… How do we?
If it makes sense when expressed in dollars and cents
And if the human construct can be flawed
Then how do those dollars and cents create these beauties?
To be human is to be flawed and to be flawed teaches us to go forward.
With going forward comes improvement.
With it hope.
The beauty that exists in a tower is tangible.
We make it, human beings do.
Not Gods
Not the bigger man or the pauper.
We make it.
We make the beauty in the world.
We made the Starry Night, we made the child we love.
We made the love we feel.
We path our own way.
How do we shoot?
How do we kill?
People at heart are good.
When faced with fear incarnate they do what’s right.
The passengers of flight 97 will teach us in their fight.
How then? How do we create these monsters?
Did we not share?
Did we create wrong?
Are we Frankenstein to his monster?
Or are we the monster trying to find love?
How then, do we kill?
How do we kill?
How does a man blow up a marathon?
How does a person shoot a school?
How does someone crash those planes?
How do we retaliate?
Please, consider these atrocities.
These end games.
These crimes.
It can be anyone of us.


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