Melting Mornings

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 11:22 -- Pischke


United States
45° 5' 50.0424" N, 87° 13' 45.6024" W

I woke up on the kitchen floor
Lying in a heap
I wipe away sleep

Mornings like these
I’d much rather weep

Linoleum is tiresome
and cold to my cheek

Pitter-patter; I trickle down a windowpane
Clitter-clatter; I’m cleaning out my thoughts again

Why were you so mean to me?
I wanted to be your friend.

Staring at ceiling fans
tracing where my thoughts began

While he rains pots and pans
I try to understand unfinished thoughts that…



Robust. Affecting. Effecting. Wow.

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