Two Years


June 17, 2013. Two years.  730 days. 17,520 hours. 420,480 minutes... Moments. 420,480 moments without you. They say time heals all wounds, Is it true? I guess it hurts less day to day. But when it comes down to these days, It hurts just like its brand new. The sound of your laugh fades, My memory unable to hold on. But the smile you wore doesn't,  It never will. It stays imprinted in my brain,  Strong. The smell of lilies haunts me, Taunts me, As if it wants me to break. The smell brings me back. Back to the home, Dim lights, Soft sobs, Tight hugs, The desire to be alone. You became a part of me in your short life. You showed me what faith was, What hope was, What strength was, And who I was.You didn't need words, Your message still rang clear. You were a blessing on people you never met. Strangers touched by your story, Your name held dear.  Time may not heal all wounds, But love does. And the love I have for you is unending, And unbreakable. Thank you for what is, And what was. 


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