On the Nature of Human Beings

We will never be satisfied.
It is against human nature
To be content with what we have in our lives.
Everyone wants more.

More power.
Until the humans that we see are not humans,
But robots, marching in line.
The one that malfunctions is not broken,
The one that speaks out and voices their opinions
Is thrown away.

More happiness.
Until the humans we see are not humans,
But beasts, driven by desire.
The one who is shunned is not weak,
The one that has self control and a conscious
Is put on display.

More money.
Until the humans we see are not humans,
But bags of currency, filled with opportunities to be scammed.
The one who is locked away is not crazy,
The one that denies the system
Is a legend.

More friends, more things,
More, more, more.
That's enough.
Just like the cement conquering the green of the world,
Fight the greed and gluttony that is our nature.


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