Grandma's Advice

Tue, 10/23/2018 - 20:59 -- ttsudd

“Have you ever thought “bout

How what you say affects people?”

Words leaving your lips

Hold a potential that you must understand

Potentially forcing someone

To feel a way that words cannot describe

Potentially to persuading a person

To act out of their nature


“Have you ever thought to put

Yoself in someone’s shoes?”

Just to see if you could survive

A day in their life

To see what brings them pain

What makes them double over

Wishing for an ounce of relief

What makes them wish they could

Jump out their own skin and

Inhabit a contrasting foreign body

A body that experiences less pain than they are

A body that possesses a feeling that is

For once, not troublesome

To see what causes them to suffer

What makes them pray to the

Unknown spirits above for tranquility

What makes them question is there

A God and why would they allow

Such a traumatic event to even

Take place on earth or even anywhere


“So whatcha been thinkin’ of recently?

Was it the TMZ article on the Kardashians

Or the last tweet President Trump made?

Was it anything about the way people are

Getting killed daily on Facebook Live with no Justice?

Sympathy, an emotion many people

Refuse to emit if it is not for a social media post

Grandma always said “Don’t let them gadgets make you

Inhuman.” Understanding sympathy

Was Grandma’s most impactful advice.


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