Pitch Black Bottom (Rock Bottom)

They done really did it now
They pushed us in a pit so deep that climbing out would only lead to chaos.
Got us believing that the trash holes called “Ghettos” are to be flaunted
that our slang that can sometimes not be deciphered is acceptable
They got you shootin your brothers
Cursin your mothers
and growing up only to become an unfit dad
Keepin us in situations like;
“Doctor, I’m addicted, now I’m under arrest?
They’re genius!
The way they got you thinkin that wearin baggy clothes means you have “swag”.
Oh and If you’re black and smart, you’re a fag
Ain’t it sad?
They only accept that because it makes you that much easier to catch!
Its an obvious trick
They’re so dang slick
Even had us plankin for a little bit
They've even got their children wearing our clothes that we were fooled into calling cool.
Baggy pants long shirts and hats we can’t afford,
while we rap out our ignorance they bob they’re heads and bask in it.
Black people are truly at rock bottom
and its so sad because…
who do you blame?
Are we mad that they tell us that the ceiling and the floor hath the same value
Or should we shame ourselves for believing them?
All I know is, our sense of self pride was better when we were in chains...


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