What Poetry Taught Me

A poet has thier poetry

A poet let thier poetry show thier power

And through the creation of a new world and life

We, the people, get to see the power if we take a moment

A moment to listen, open your eyes, and let the words speak to you

You will see the words fly off the page as the imgination strike

In a new world

Listing to other tales and life

Learning the lessons people have faced

Knowing hundreds of people's tales in a few simples stories

Seeing a hidden message in everything

You understand the author though their words

With these new tales and lesson,

You see the world in a different way

Realizing there is a story behind the people you meet in real life

And in everything you see

The hate and judgmenet fades away

Because that's what poetry does to you

Poetry is passion, perfection, and absolutely priceless

With power behind each word


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