A Question In The Dark Abyss


United States
27° 14' 31.3548" N, 80° 23' 17.2788" W

My life feels void and full of darkness no matter how far I run to reach the light on the other end
I can never touch it. Almost as if I’m being rejected and pulled into the cold black abyss. It’s a cage that leaves me to go almost insane. How much longer must I be in this black hole until I can feel the light of freedom? The more I run the darker it gets, there’s not even a path for me to walk on why is that, all I know is that I wouldn’t change it. I would welcome it with open arms transmuting into an angel with a broken wing to become the guide of others helping them to escape, while I stay behind it’s something I have come to accept. Though I still search for something to fill that void I wonder for what feels like an eternity the only light I get is from a full moon yet it’s not enough, what is it that has me searching? What is it that I am trying to find? I wonder if I will ever know.

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