Your heart may lead you to different places in time

My heart might break from things sometime.
But eventually it gets put back together
Sometimes things get put back together with help.
You learn who is better for you and who you need in your life and who you don't need i your life.
You end up appreciating certain people more and more and are glad they are in your life.
There's people who have been really there for me and have helped a lot.
The ones who have been there for me, I definetly value that.
Definetly got to find my way back uphill no matter how much time it will take.
Theres also a big thing i need to learn is to ignore people on what the say no matter how hurtful it is, someway ill learn how in time.
Also, never take things for granted bc anything can change in like a second.
So with people who matter to you, anytime you get with them don't take for granted, but what matters is the time you got with them and spend it in the best way you can with them.
Life does not always come easy,
it can be hard at times
there are always lessons to learn
also always ways you can improve yourself
Memories come and go
People come and go
Friends come and go
Friends who matter will stay in your life
but can eventually leave out of your life
People may say stuff about people you may be friends with
It may cause you to get upset
But you know you need to just ignore it
And tell them to stop and you don't want to hear it
Goals can change a lot
you never know what will happen
you never know what path you will choose
and where it will lead you
staying down a bad path can make you miserable after a while
you definetly will need to get right on track again
get yourself happy again
Sometimes love can be hard
you can be away from the person that you really like for so long
you can be faraway from someone you like
you just miss them because you haven't seen the person in a while
you just miss them because you haven't talked to the person in a while
or things are complicated with you in the person
or have no clue what's going on with you and whoever
or something caused the person to hurt you
or just something else that made it harder
or not knowing what to decide on a decision with that person
or not knowing wheter to follow your heart or your head or both
or just don't what to do
Sometimes you meet people
you may be glad you met them
you may not be glad you met them
it may have created a lot of good or bad
you may hope the person never leaves your life
you may appreciate everything thats happened between you and that person
Sometimes you know you want to be someone
you don't know what to do about it
but maybe you should tell them
or maybe shouldn't tell hem
or maybe its time to do something about it
and maybe that person is the one you need in your life the most
and maybe that person made you feel so good to be with him or her
maybe the person made you feel something you haven't felt in a while or ever
maybe the person got you to surprise your own self
maybe that person is the one who is good for you or not just good but perfect for you
maybe you know where you need to be
all the signs are there
maybe its time to do something about it
maybe that person has been there for you all along
the memories you have with that person you really value
and love all the memories you have with that person
maybe that tells you how special that person is to you
why do people cause all this hurt to people
why can't it all be good
why can't everyone just get along
why can't people just keep it simple and not complicate things
why hurt someone that bad
what did you acheive from it
who knows
but that tells me it wasn't to be
time to move on
maybe i'm better off without you
i'll find someone better than you
or maybe i found a person better than you already
but all that matters now is that i am happy now
no matter what happened between you and i
i think i already know i found someone better than you already
hes been good to me
hes been there for me
has made me happy, smiley, and really giggly
hes made life good for me
hes given me realy good memories
hes gotten me to surprised myself on things
maybe after all of that i know where i belong now
i know it's time to make some changes
maybe time to go somewhere else now
maybe my heart and head knows where i belong
maybe there's a way to get to where i think i belong somehow
now time to make changes
starting with myself
then what i want
and time to do what's best for me
time to move forward with my life
there one place ive mind of going to
a lot of signs point to there
for many reasons
lately it feels likes more signs are pointing there
maybe now or sometime its time to go there
maybe time to go there no matter what else people think
maybe time to go and not let things hold me back
maybe i knew this day was coming
just didn't know when i had to make a decision of what to do
but now when to go through with it
maybe it may happen sooner than i thought it would
who knows when and what will happen
i think i know where i want to go
but what matters is my happiness
and thats what i want
no one knows what the future will hold
it may be good
it may be bad
but only time will tell
what matters in the end is your happiness


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