To the Stage


United States
39° 0' 52.5348" N, 76° 40' 54.1056" W

It's that aching feeling
That rush
That spark in your pupils.
As you look up, you see that man.
He's commanding every soul in the room.
How though? How can it be.
"If you're a part of this family," he says,
"Get down on one knee."

Everyone in the room obeys
Like a curious little child.
As the crowd is at half it's height,
They answer with but a smile.

They wait for what they know is coming,
That high, that drop, that one single note,
When all of us lift up from the earth
From the mountains of lyrics they wrote.

I looked above, up at the lights,
They were bright and glowing
And even in the smoke and filth
My love for the stage was growing.

It climbed through my body
From my head down to my toes
And when our eyes were big black circles
That’s when everybody knows.

I see a fantastic organism
On the center of the midnight ground
It’s my brothers and sisters and lovers,
Moving to the haven’s sound.

Ringing love is that sound you hear
Wherever you go, through the hours
Hate is but a word, the ancient one,
And from the accepted ones it cowers.

The outside world does not understand
Why humans flock to the stage
They don’t understand our dress or our music
Or why we call it rage.

Your rage turns into love,
It becomes the positive way
To let out all the demons
That suppress you in your cage

The cage that the outside creates,
It’s suffocating and dark,
It’s one dimensional and jaded,
And the solitude leaves its mark.

But there are a few who break out of the cage
That are sick of the gray monotone
And once they flock to the stage
They’ll never be alone.

Our hands are raised,
We sing as one,
And no one can take this from us,
Not even the rising sun.


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