3 perfect nights.

3 perfect nights spent with you.

holding you in my arms, it felt like it would never end.

so unreal, almost like you could view it on the big screen

in every theatre in town.

the touch, the kisses, the hugs

I’ve never loved sleeping next to someone this much.


your soft kisses on my cheek

or on my lips as I fell asleep.

holding me like you’ve never held another soul before

as you became something that I adore.


now I’m wandering around

trying to forget it happened, in another town.


but how can I forget how it felt

to feel true love now.

how can I forget

when you’re wandering around town

with another one in your cell.

another one to feel the same love I felt.

I must’ve mistaken that I was special now.


maybe It’s all in my head

just a misunderstanding or communication.

but I’ve been talking to god to guide me towards whether or not to chase it

after what I love

or let it go and be happy with one.

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