Are You Listening?


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Brutal winters with snow falling ‘round
But you don’t notice cause life’s got you down.
God’s whispering in your ear, he’s giving you signs
But you go around saying you’re “fine, just fine”.
Why aren’t you listening?

The snow has all melted and spring is now here
But you don’t go out ‘cause you’re living in fear.
God’s helping you out, listen to him please,
Ask him to help you with this emotional disease.
You still aren’t listening.

Summer has arrived and everyone’s at the beach
Yet you’re still hiding away, out of arms reach.
Why do you live like this? With a big, heavy heart?
God can make all of your sadness depart.
Hey, are you listening?

Summer is gone and now leaves are falling
They remind me of you, you fall ‘til you’re bawling.
I know someone who can help… his name’s G-O-D
I’ll tell you about him if you come to church with me.
There’s room, if you’re listening.


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