How do I repay
the deeds done by
the civil rights leaders
of the bonded past?

How do I shine light
on the dull, average people
who became heroes
by taking a chance?

What words can be said
to give homage
to those
who wanted no fame?

Those who fought for
the greater good
of people too weak
to even stand up for themselves.

I could begin by
drinking in the vitamins of milk
when seeing "visions"
of a "righteous world"

Or I could bow to a king
or take the march
or begin to dream

I could even "B. A."
voter and take the rights
fought for me
since before sliced bread

Or I could write a poem
Send its message through air
hoping that maybe my words
make it somewhere

Because I don't have to know
a King or
a Milk or
an Anthony
to try to show my appreciation.

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