Change Isn't Welcome


United States
38° 32' 50.7948" N, 121° 46' 35.5116" W

Let me break into your thoughts,
I’m a mindbomb, ticking time bomb.
Seven years I wore the the veil
shielded myself and kept pale
news shunned like yesterday’s mail
happier than my previous trail
I found community and my eyes cleared.
The haunt of news unheard mocked my ears.
So long, I kept away from the truth.
But, as I return, you yourselves chain me back from it.
Insults, jarring. Truth is un-American.
“Aren’t you glad Bin Laden died in your country?”
That’s what you said.
Since when did truth equate to the sorrowful death of a terrorist.
i didn’t ask for a tormenter of people, a hateful man.
Defy my word and ask me again if I grew sad eyes at the murderer’s bed.


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