Waiting For the Call


United States
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Our life is Fragile, our life is short
So when life took you I didn't know where to go
I found myself visiting the places we’d been
Reminiscing of the times you stood next to me
The more I remembered the more I cried
Feeling alone and fractured inside
Thinking of ending my life real soon
just so I could be standing next to you
but then your words rang in my head
“baby don’t do this I don’t want to see you dead”
“God needed me In heaven so he took me today”
“I might be gone, but you’re never alone”
“I’ll always be watching you and our love will forever grow”
“So live your life full of happiness and joy”
“And when God needs you I’ll be there when he opens the doors”
“Waiting to be together forever once more”
So living I go waiting for the day
God calls me and say “son I need you today”


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