The Story of Civil Liberties

Under protection of our own,
government was created to dethrown.
As a people, we chose to vote.
"Majority rule!" the people quote.
Soon, people debated, hated and fell into moral confusion.
Rights under a government was a delusion.
The majority felt race was inequal
along with other freedoms listed later in the constitutions sequels.
Fighting for what was right, the nation split in two.
The fight was long and hard but finally the loser withdrew.
Equality for race and genders
became apparent in the Constitution Amendment papers.
Remember that under the majority,
rights may be attempted to be taken
which should not be taken lightly.
For our Civil Rights can easily be forsaken.
Freedom isn't free
but a long struggle and challenge.
We must step up, continue and fight
to win in The End.


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