Don’t look at me like you expect something great.

I’m tired of being called perfect.

I’m tired of pretending your right.

I am not perfect.


And don’t you dare tell me otherwise,

Because I despise

The very concept of perfection…

It’s only ever a reflection

Of the real world—

A false security that in eliminating impurities

We will be happy.


But can’t you see,

That you’re “ideal” projects on me

An expectation I can never reach?

And I’m forced to conform to your reality

That denies individuality


And it’s this useless mentality

That perpetuates the insecurity

Of the girls in our society

Until they are overwhelmed with a need

To be “pretty”


Like it’s something to be achieved.


But instead it’s just an internal


A constant reminder to us

That who we are now is not good enough

That we must change to be loved.

But these stereotypes are like handcuffs

Preventing us from taking off,

Forcing us to conform to a bluff

That is the image the government


Claiming America is indiscriminate,

That racism, sexism, and hate

Play no role in the choices we make,


Tell me I’m wrong.

A woman still gets less pay,

Even though we’ve been fighting the wage gap for decades.

A woman still has less say

In government, ‘cause to this day

The Senate, the Cabinet, and the House of Representatives

Are hardly representative

Of the voices of women

Government is still dominated by men,

As is media, science, finance, construction,

Even though more women are getting a higher education—


The majority is a minority

Constrained by the authority

Of conformity

And left uncontested

We will rot under the headline of



When it comes to oppression

We must eradicate the


That plagues the minds

Of innocent children

With deadly impressions

Of what it’s like to grow up



I’ve heard too many girls say

They’re useless

To ignore the fact


That America needs a shift in mindset

And a reminder of what it means to respect

And protect

But most importantly, to accept


And not the stereotypes we use to categorize them.


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