You tell us


You tell us to be ourselves,

Yet you put us in an environment

Where we are all expected to be at the same learning pace.

Where we our clothes look identical

To the person in the seat next to us.

Where "being ourselves" is frowned upon.


You tell us to act like adults,

Yet you put us in an environment

Where we cannot go to the bathroom without your consent.

Where our decisions are pre-determined.

Where we are told "What would you know? You're a child."

Where "acting like an adult" is nearly impossible.


You tell us "In college they won't care like we do!"

Yet you put us in an evnvironment 

Where teachers watch with judging eyes.

Where if a teacher sees you struggling, they walk by.

Where a teacher would fail you, before asking

"Why is your grade dropping? Is everything okay at home?"


You tell us what to do

But let me tell you.

I will live past the days where you tell me what to do.

I will be myself, but to my own standards.

I will be an adult, when the time is right.

I will no longer be to told what to do. 


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