Eighteen-s On A Mission


One thousand miles, two thousand miles, three...

New Orleans,

is where I got the opportunity to be

To simply help those in need


We all went there for one thing, to concur.

We went from school to school

instead of spending our Summer in a pool.

Doing community service is cool!

Don't sit at home and be a fool.


Go out and help a friend.

A friend you do not know you have quite yet.

Create a movement. A trend.


I learned to use a nail gun, to fix.

Nail after nail defining a new beginning for a home that once was underwater.

All this for a Navy Chef, a food lover, and father.

Don't wait for a disaster to happen in your community.

Do some action before you are left with a tragedy.

Use the energy you have. Your battery.


Not only did I work in Mr. Wayne's home, I worked on saving his memories.

Memories of memory lane.

All for Mr. Wayne.

No pain no gain.

Eight...Eighteen Teens

France, Holland, New York, Michigan, and California joining forces

for an inspiring purpose.

Dedicating time for a bright smile.

Our goal...to turn on a switch button from dark to light

after a long fight to make things right.


New Olreans is not fine

St. Bernard Project is there to volunteer for

it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor

By giving a hand a new leader is reborn

It's logic.

Reach out. Spread the word.

Allow it to sprout!



Together let's fight a fight that many think got fought.

Katrina did not win.

Katrina might have twirled, whirled, swirled, but it is our job to get the outcome uncurled.



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This is a really moving and awesome poem! New Orleans is my community and I just wanted to say thank you.

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