Pink Curtains

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 11:25 -- jxzzie

These pink curtains, God these pink curtains

Disgusting if I do say so myself

Still up there, swaying with the wind that entered my stuffed-animal filled room through the opened window,

collecting dust.

I want to change everything!

'Let's keep the pink curtains' says mom, now my best friend, so I listen.

Paint the room gray, store the millions of stuffed-animals in a bin and hide them in my closet forever.

Take down and rip up every band poster from off the wall,

search every store for some fairy/Christmas lights, which weren't in season.

It's not Christmas.

Take some polaroids and pictures, every moment you're with your friends,

take some old family photos from the photo album and hang them underneath those fairy lights

which tape.

Can't ruin the beautiful gray walls with push pins.

Make sure to buy some white wood furniture, a vanity, a crap ton of candles, and let's not forget

a makeup organizer.

My room HAS to be aesthetically pleasing.

"Your room looks like it hopped out of Pinterest" says my best friend that I've known since we

were kids.

Kids. Were kids

Now we're "young adults"

That was fast...

Time to go to college and leave those not so disgusting pink curtains behind.

The pink curtains that have witnessed every fight, tear, laughter, smile, regret of procrastination

Those pink curtains have seen it all,

Those damn pink curtains are about to witness a very sad farewell

or "See you every Saturday!".


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