Blue Jay/War Plane

The day I let go of you
I fell off the monkey bars at the playground
Skinned knees and road rash palms,
Like a lonely desperado in the sunset
I walked off.

I was never good at holding on anyway

You are a kite in the tallest tree
Stark color in the leaves
You look so beautiful just out of my reach
and I
Would hold your string like a bird’s wing.
An ineffective way to fly.

Broken wing blue jay
Are you a bird or a warplane?
The improbable flight of man turned in on its self
You do dive bomb cartwheels in the sky
Turning and turning
Burning bombs before they fall

The day you let go of me
You fell off of my trampoline
I won’t push you up any longer
Not while you push me down
To the ground
Elastic fibers stretch lower and lower
As you fly higher and higher
Until I brush against the rocks
And you
Can touch
The storm clouds

You start thunder with your finger tips
traveling at the speed of light, the speed of sound
until lightning strikes down
always in the same place but different frequencies
You could make the thunder clap
in whispers
But you still wouldn’t hear me

And you, war plane
Can you navigate the storm you create?
While you are whipped by winds of your own will,
I am down on the ground
Drinking drops of the Dramamine downpour

Your smoke is the color of blue jays
Agent orange underbelly
Flying toxic in the clouds till you crash in my backyard
Blue jay, warplane,
Do you remember who you are?


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