Belle, meaning beauty from the land of France

We remember from the movie how she put Beast into a trance

But remember how her nose was always in a book,

She received taunts from the one who falsely loved her, Hook...

Oh wait, his name was Gaston.

I've seemed to have forgotten what story we are on.

Anyways, I want to be my own Belle.

Not just a beautiful, happy woman, with a story to tell.

I want to acquire the pleasure of reading for a living,

Maybe as a publicist, or editing news articles just whie sitting.

Words in print seems to take me to a whole new world,

Full of light, laughter, anything but current travesties from these boys and girls.

The story can take me to a far away land,

Where I can retreat for a while, while doing what I can

For the job that I have obtained

While living my life in the most complete way.

I want my future to be compiled with books,

And shove my face into them always, instead of resorting to being doctor or even a crook.



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