The Life of the Innocent



The life of the innocent is taken by the sinner... They said "Black skin, wild hair, how could they not be barbaric? For these chains all men, now and future, will share it. No peace for man. No peace at all. Shots in the dark will kill them one by one. Aaron Campbell, Huey P,  Tryvon Martin, Dr. King.  Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Their numbers will dwindle from night to day." So, today I sit here and write these words. Looking out my window, change is a foreign term. In America, masters still rule over slaves. The only difference now is all races have chains. Major corporations, Monopolies, and the FED.  Control us all from sea to sea. Don't be fooled by the word called freedom. This so called "FREE"dom needs an O. It's nothing but FREE DOOM and it comes with tax and your soul. No one wants to take stand. We live in the slums and ghettos waiting for the universe to pull itself back into a singularity. Waiting for the weakforce to give out and atoms to sling apart. Waiting for a cluster of anti-matter to destroy all, so we can start... over. We also hope for a role model not talking about money, drugs, or girls. But that's all false hope...  There is no teacher to teach us that we are what we think we are. And the limits of our minds are the limits of our lives. In every "YOUR" There's an "OUR" We all affect each other.... But my words will be lost and forgotten. Killed along with my family and my optimism. We all die... the only differences are some of us get to choose who pulls the trigger... But we all know... The life of the innocent is taken by the sinner.


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