Piercing Eyes Glare


United States
37° 14' 12.588" N, 77° 16' 29.9856" W

Piercing eyes glare at unfamiliar faces
Awaiting rejection
So use to backs being turned, hearts being broken
There's rejection.
Unrevealed truths, broken promises
Crushing fragile hearts that were already languid
Unspoken thoughts, thoughts that kill
Kill the soul.
Silence piled on silence, never ending silence
that accompanied angry souls.
Piercing eyes glaring at unfamiliar faces
waiting for rejection
Unfamiliar with open hearts waiting to love
rejection dissapeared.
Sincerity followed by honesty
Warming hearts that never caught a glimpse of light
Evolving thoughts, thoughts that renew...heal the soul.
Appreciation backed up by love, self obtained love
That accompanied doubtful hearts
There's acceptance
Acceptance that changed lives.

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Nice... very interesting. Good job. Maybe check miine out?

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