"Caught in the Act"

Good and evil,

Heaven and Nevaeh,

Amorous and grotesque,

Brother and brother,

Cousins alike,

Ares and Hephaestus.


Both disliked by uncle, mother, father, aunt, and siblings,

Zeus and Hera,

A Giant’s jar with Ares’s name present,

And a sealed cave addressed to Hephaestus.


Aphrodite was a war

Wherever she ventured,

Outside would turn into a Mike Tyson fight for her hand only;

Forced marriage was thought to cease this.


Maybe, just maybe,

If she was “wifed” up,

She would be Society’s version of a woman:

Beautiful, submissive, and quiet.


I guess, “‘Til Death Do Us Part” is an action, or a demand now.

Our story’s beauty was not dripping in sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns;

The one who owned her heart

Was the brother…



Said ownership sparked

In the chambers of Aphrodite when Hephaestus was absent,

Reconciliation from each and every visit… until,

Hephaestus found out.


No need for details, but…

A little tinkering didn’t hurt anyone…

Except Ares and Aphrodite.


They were caught in the act.

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