To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Alone, I traverse the sky.

I have left my home beind,

the place of my birth.

I possess a power which no mere mortal cannot.

And with this power comes my duties,

my responsibilities.

I must leave this planet,

In search of a new home for mankind.


My days are filled with endless sands.

I am alone on this planet,

Only I have the gift 

of being impervious to the elements.


I carry on my duties with diligence,

Sending my findings back home.

Everyone knows of me,

yet no one knows me.

I am alone.

I sing Happy Birthday to myself,

marking the slow pass of the years.

So far there have been seven.


I dont know how much longer I can carry out my mission.

All of mankind is counting on me,

to do what they cannot.

But I am tired.

I am not immortal.

May I rest in peace in this desolate terrain.

Perhaps someday,

another being will arise,

an explorer with the power to go even farther than I have.


My battery is low,

and it's getting dark.


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