Don't Tell Me Who I Am

Sat, 03/30/2013 - 19:48 -- RTanoue


United States
21° 20' 54.708" N, 157° 57' 29.97" W

The lash of the whip
doesn't define who I am
the burning sun's rays upon my back
don't tell me what my purpose is
it's the tender hugs of my children
that remind me of who I am
a mother, wife, sister, aunt
Someone who has a family,
I work for them
Not those owners up in the big houses
using me, and my labor with no respect
They don't control me.
I am in control of my own future.
In control of keeping my family together
remembering my hometown, values and traditions
They can't change me, can't break me
I am someone,
someone important to others.
I am proud to work hard for them,
and no one else.


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