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If anything I’d hold your hand so tight, but your tiptoeing towards the other direction. Not a peek of sound, I didn’t even see the motion. I was blinded with my blood, my leg is stained with pen ink.
Losing someone can be challenging. The sorrows stay within you.  The heart will cry; the brain will hurt. The love will be lost and never will be back.
It's been so cloudy up here, unable to think straight, resort to being depressed, being depressed leads to anxiety,
Let my chest ache,  Let my heart hurt,  Let the tears break and hit the floor,  Let my world fall,  to hell with it all.  No one cares,  my eyes leak.  Let this anger fester and seep. 
i loved you last night  i love you today   i love you until you throw me   away, even then i fantasize  even then i create lies even then i picture what i'll say  when you love me too.  
Eyes, the hurting eyes, still haunt my dreams The memories we once had are flodding back in I don’t want to look back at the past because i know  i can’t change
we've been laying in my bed for hours now, neither of us sleeping nor talking, just holding each other. from the moment he walked in the front door i knew that he had something on his mind,
Daniel. I am not good for you. You know that too. When skies arent blue I just think of you. promise me you wont leave me too. I love you too, babe.
[ ‘Tis freezing cold, warm bloods stained on the floor; with the memory of thou numbing into this fine veins; and skin where the cold shred its warmth.                                    ]
The flowers withered; she knew she will never be adored.
All those pictures that we took together and those that I secretly took from you— I kept them on my phone's gallery. Some of them were prints that when I looked at them so mad— Smiles of those images
In the perfect season of the day, will our laughter remain?   I saw your eyes counting the stars,
It was so quiet, snowflakes were slowly falling. With each passing minute, 
That night.    I replay that night in my head.    The night the waiting came to an end.  The night I constantly smile about.  The night I finally felt that maybe there was something between us. 
Previous month wasn't just the end of beginning of new month. It's not just how time flies. But how time upgrades to new stage.
I'm living in a dream, Save me! I want to wake up, I hate being in this dream, It's so dark here, I hate this night,  I want to wake up, save me! I can't bear it,
I found a box in the attic, It was covered in dust. It's label said "Dreams, I'd been forced to give up." I collapsed to the floor. As old wounds did appear. As a page of a book.
Alone everything pulled inside of me. Surrounds me within me. Unable.
It's confusing being mixed.What I look like, and my experiences,they don't line up with a typical anything.I am not European-American,I am not Puerto Rican,I am an amalgamation of these things, and more.
Another day has passed, thinking unusual stuff, Making myself bored to death... Walking all alone in the cold dark,
I was misguided.Interpreting all of my feelings wrong I don't want to travel I want to see world,In one person.And have them want me back, forever
Chasing an Unacquired love is like chasing a horizon. Both seems so close, yet so far.
every time I hit rock bottom there is a new rock bottom that awaits me   its darker there  and full of more self-hatred 
Wish you'd notice me, Wish you feel for me. Tell me, what did I ever do to you To make you act this way, boy? "It's not you, it's me?" Well, I call bullshit; I've never had the best of luck in love.
I think it’s time to let you go I wish this healing process wasn’t so slow  It’s scary being with out you  Now who do I call when my days are hard and long
Ah! you again!   How'd you able to toy,   Toy with someone's heart,  
I wish, I could've told you How adorable you're when you smile, How cheerful you are when you speak,
Just us walking beneath the moonlit night,walking along the beach,as the waves splashthrough my toes,a little crab runs over my toesand disappears into the sea.Walking and talkingwaiting for a reply,shadows castupon the silver sandsI halt,look aro
‘are you okay?’ they ask, and i reply, ‘really, why are you worried? i swear, i’m fine.’ but i know that i’m really not okay that this is all a mask, a pretty face
In limbo here I lie, Trying to find an excuse, a reason to try, But as I think of the upcoming past, I remember that I am so not up to the task. So I crawl in my shell and hide,
How do you feel, When you witness demise? How do you deal, Without effort to try? How do you see, When you're dead, so blind? Who can I be, So dead inside? How can you say,
Lightning strikes Faster than I can think. Thunder roars So loud I can't hear myself think. Rain pours down Washing away all emotion. Peaceful storm Quieting the commotion.  
Please god make it stop; All the hurting, the lying, the running. Please god make it stop; All the misery, the pain, the crying. How many more days can I go on? Please god make it stop;
I've thrown away everything. I think about my decisions, the tears they sting. Wondering what tomorrow will bring; Just another sad song for me to sing. Just another attempt to conquer this thing.
Children are supposed to play, Not spend so much time wondering why they've been betrayed. At what age should a child be able to define dismay? How young is too young for a child to learn to hate?
I spent so many years, Doing nothing but crying. But now I'm out of tears, All despite my trying. Not because I've overcome fears, But because my soul is dying. As the light draws near,
As your birthday approaches, The tears get harder to hold back, As I look back on my motives, Remembering when my heart was in tact. That day that I broke your heart, I also destroyed mine,
I've never been a man to stand tall... I've never been the man to call... The voices; I'll kill them all... Waiting for the sky to fall...   There was something about that day,
Tonight... I'll release the pain! Tonight... I'll show you who I am! A sight... I'm afraid to let you see! A fright... A monster of a man!   I've been trying for so long to let them see,
I'm sitting here at war with myself. Part of me is wondering what I bother for. The other part is begging to heal. But I can't determine which is real, Or which entity I feed.
I'm so full of sadness, So full of hate, My mind's filled with madness, I know I'll never be great. So why not give it up End the sorrow and despair? Since I'll never find love
What do you see when you look in my eyes? Can you see all the memories that I so strongly despise? So badly I wish that I could cry. Or even better, I wish I could get high.
I feel so sad when I wake up from a dream, Realizing that I have to return to reality. It's always easier to decipher what nightmares mean; That my soul is just another casulty.
11 years later, still dead inside. 11 years later, finally alive. 11 years later, afraid of what's new. 11 years later, ready for myself, part two?   11 years ago, my soul was dead.
I woke up one day too tired to run; I just didn't have the energy anymore. I didn't have the resolve to fight. I didn't have it within me to take action either. I decided to let the wind blow,
The insects are at peace. Living their lives essentially pleased. It doesn't take much to fulfill their needs. How are they so strong, and I so weak?   I feel so scared and weak.
I sincerely miss Playing With The child inside But now he cries. There was a time When he could see sunshine But now he's scared He came to life unprepared. On the ground he lay
How simple is the solution really? Is it really that easy to live with these feelings? Can I learn how to live while hating myself? Can I function in day to day life without some kind of help?
When sleep eludes me, What can I do? When wounds won't bleed, And those truths which I thought I knew, About myself, are no longer me; How does this crow fly in a sky which is no longer blue?  
How does one fill a void inside? Who is there in which I can confide? I'd like to say I need to swallow my pride, But there's none left, so now I'll just hide.
Why is it that I only feel safe here, In hospitals, locked away from all my fears? Why is this my favorite place to retreat? Why is it only in places like this that I can feel complete?
Look up to the sky friends, Can you see the coming end? Red rock falling from the sky, Hidden by flames, beautiful disguise. Say your last prayer, beg for eternity; The unlikelyhood no longer worries me.
There's this place deep in the recesses of my mind. A place where the scared little child ran away to hide. At such a young age he had given up hope, Went into this attic and tied up the rope.
    stumbling in fields of elsewhere makes me suspiciously sated,  stubborn, and sad.  
When will I stop missing you so much  The thoughts in my brain are eating me up  I don’t know if I’ll ever feel enough for you  Or any one for that matter
Just as it started, it’s all ending. Coming to a close. Curtain call is starting soon. Apologies and Wishful Dreams. Glass Hearts on Pillars.
Will I Remember at the end? Crying eyes Yet I like to pretend Questions not asked That how I want it to be Die young and live fast I'm hurting, can't you see? I wear a big ol smile
if i seem sad, or if i my smile seems forced  don't worry it's just my facade slipping give it a minute and i'll be "me" again.   (j.a.s.s)
you're so uniquely your own so perfectly imperfect that it makes my heart hurt just thinking of you but i'm so scared because no matter how much i need you you'll never need me with the same earnest.  
My head is void of thoughts My soul is null of feelings My mind is devoid of words and phrases My paper remains unstained for days, Itching and begging for ink to pour. The pen is dry of ink,
I was always a wolf. Before you loved me, And after you left. Just because i was tame, doesn't mean i forgot my fangs. 
I can't help it and I know it but I'm stuck.   My feelings, like quicksand, have a firm hold of me and just won't let go.   I'm stuck in the past, the pain on my heart 
I wonder, sometimes, if all my friends are forgetting me. If someday I will stop seeing them, stop hearing their voices, if one day they will simply  disappear from my life.
yell, scream, shout   silence is scarce.   with every word spoken, a new argument begins.   each room of the house is a minefield.   i tread lightly, but somehow always become collateral.
Chains tighten on my feet I'm stuck at this same place Your past grinds against my bones Disgust fills my throat I look at you with hatred For you are the only thing I love
My heart is very heavy, Like it weighed a thousand pounds. Like clouds turning dark and gray; And it terrifies the ground, And a large army abound.
Hear! Lend me your ears! Friends,family and peers! For I shall tell you a tale, That happened in our vill.
Dark brown swampland meets, Where frogs roam free. Willow, that’s her name. They think your weeping, why have you led them to believe so? Weeping Willow, That’s what I’m told happens so.
It’s ok to be green or red or blue It’s ok to be happy or even sad too It’s ok to be anything that you want to But most of all it’s ok to be you  
Sometimes at night as the sun is setting, Falling below the hills like an old balloon, I see them. Mountains in the sky Ominous mounds of magic or cloud  
My soul is too old to settle My mind is too deep to grasp the shallows My bringing is too dark to contain the light My destiny is but a flame in the void
I.The twisting spindlesof nature’s Quenched Desirepoke angrily into her spinewith the fresh sharpnessof slaughtered promises.
Hello, My name is....  you probly dont care. I mean who am I?  A girl in a crowd... I open up. and you close. My mind starts to wonder... what couldve been if i said my name?
The night is a closed chest—   someone is standing inside under its vaulted, holy black cloisters…   two someones, and another dozen: they jump up and down, up and down.  
i've always known i've never been the favorite child off kilter and distant like a drunk on the curb so i guess it makes sense  that you've finally let go of my cold hands
It's Funny... If you show you don't care people start to beleive it. they start to hurt you then they leave you Then your laying there cold tears fall down your cheecks
It is 2:30 am, Thursday night You’ve gone to sleep and I can’t stop thinking about you  My heart feels heavy but in the best way, my thoughts feel light
there’s been so many times where i debated whether or not i should manifest you back into my life, but honestly? i really wouldn’t know what to say to you after years of being apart.
Been thinking too much about you And its filling me with dread My soul is screaming for its mate Cant silence the noise in my head You cut me deep once before Im still trying to stop the bleeding
please don't let anything bad happen tonight. please don't let anything bad happen tonight. please don't let anything bad happen tonight.
I have friends. those friends care about me. sometimes I need someone to talk to. I can talk to my friends when I need someone to listen to me. I am not merely seeking attention because of this.
sometimes      i feel like nothing sometimes       i feel like everything  sometimes       i am the sun sometimes       i am the moon sometimes       the world is too much for me
every time I want nothing more than to disappear  I think, "it's been a while since I've wanted to die this badly." and it's true. some days are far worse than others, but some days 
I roll a blunt and sink deep in my thoughts. I smoke a blunt until I get rid of all of my thoughts. Clouds of smoke then I feel nothing at all.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m real If I really exist or if I’m just told that I do I can not prove to you that I exist Nor can you prove to me that you do. Is reality a conscious effort Or perhaps it simply is?
I will weep for you as a willow kisses the ground I will hold your hand as I lift the weight of your shoulder Hear my shallow breath count to 10 leave your bags
You and I are like the sky and the ground, we see each other but we can never meet. Like the sun and the moon we are far apart, only appearing when one disappears. We keep our hearts in parallel dimensions
I hug myself close,  Hoping that I can pull my Scattered pieces closer.   I hold myself tighter, Afraid that if I let go, 
I have listened to your song on repeat Over and over again in the dark Different styles and different artists But still your song I have listened to every note, every lyric And I realize only now 
Today has been one of those days All the sunshine goes away No rain but tears fall down my face So much sadness takes its place
My life has been on hold for so long I didn’t even realise No progress has become the new norm While I sit here and wait for you to love me Like once upon a time when we were both so young
I need a reason to fall in love again. To let gravity take me without catching myself. To believe that I deserve more than I let myself take. After all, how can a heart be broken if there is nothing left to break?
Couldn’t take it anymore Don’t want you to hurt Even the sky is crying I’m sorry I can’t do this anymore  
Daddy Daughter Memories    You have good memories you have bad ones. But the ones that stick are bad ones. I have never understood why they do, but they do. 
(The dashes are equivalent to a beat)   I think of my life and I always wonder why - every time I do, I always want to cry. It's falling apart and sometimes I think I want to die -
My physical body aches Terribly as it resonates through my bones like a chord plucked on worn acoustic guitar strings I beg for the release of the metallic chains of my inability to see beyond the depths of my own soul
Bailey George, O how I miss you: Your shiny black coat with the crest of white on the center of your chest, Your tiny ears that never seemed to fit your 95 lb frame,
“Mom’s not coming home.” “Why?” “Come here.”   Two buildings on the verge of collapse  A Fire’s bloody vengeance-- 
Only in the illusory imagination Your sweet voice, which came from out-space calling my name When I bumping along the rough road You are the flowers that sway around me Your branch caressing my face
Once I had a heart, A heart as big as the world! Well maybe not that large… But it fit inside of a girl. But over time I find it broken, Shattered beyond repair. I should have never let it open
“Taylor my sweet it’s been so long,  since we last spoke. I remember every word we said, including every little joke.”   “We all have really missed you,
Everyday, every minute, every second I feel like I am worthless Whatever I do is never good I feel like I am alone With no friends
Your heart is a muscle, it contracts and relaxes again and again until the day that it doesn’t. Until the day you will no longer need it. But it is still a muscle  
I hear the deep rolling growl of my fathers pick up truck pulling into our driveway The plumes of smoke filling the air like an ominous grey cloud of warning.  
i hope that someday i can change not just for a moment  but true change when i don’t feel these things when i can overlook those words which have disrupted my peace
i thought i would feel peace but all i feel is chaos slipping deeper into the black falling from anyone’s grasp as the seconds continue to pass
I want to die. It's been a while since I said that out loud The screaming voices of the world have sworn me to secrecy But it’s true. I’m not afraid to say it Not afraid to accept the inevitable
You hold an entire galaxyWithin your eyes.Shooting stars becoming tearsThat run down your face.  
Depression isn’t gentle She doesn’t knock when she enters the room Or text you before she comes over Instead she kicks down the door and takes what is hers She does not need your opinion
Depression grips my wrist like a child in a storm Holding me a hostage, in my head and in my dorm Filling me with sadness that cannot be explained Like my head is full of cannon balls and my ankles all but chained.
I am a human That is all. Even when you zoom in, I am small. The world is large, I am just one of  over 7 billion. I shall take charge, And train myself to work for the common civilian.
You make me smile in a time I forgot I knew how. A twinkle in my eyes and a sweat on my brow To stifle a laugh under breath made of steel You taught me to laugh, to smile, and to feel
A lullaby drifts on a distant breeze Sapphire’s twinkle in the light of his eyes Dust settles down like the my tears when they cry While a sweet silent shiver drips down from the skies  
When your world freezes over like the tears from your eyes Like a call from the doctor or when your mother cries To feel your heart sink like a stone thrown in anger To the depths of dark seas, as if tied to an anchor
The familiar scratching at the inner linings of your throat like a cat scratching at the walls, screaming to be let out. The sensation of your airways closing like that time when a man you did not know choked you for reasons you did not know.
tell me,                                 how to love when i am blue   show me what blue lovers do                                when my skin looks like the sky
you dragged a knife across my heart  the way i used to drag a blade across my skin there was so much blood there is so much blood and i cannot stop the bleeding
i am nothing to everyone and the weight of that nothingness feels like i am holding up the universe on two bony shoulders and a curved spine this greek myth
  And here i am once again Wondering if i'm even worth it If this is a battle I can't win Maybe i should just give up I've been here before
I love life. And no despair, hellish torment and misfortune will never make me forget that just living is a great blessing. (c)
We've Lost Another Giant ... !!! We've Lost Another Giant ... !!! The One And Only ... ... Kobe Bryant ... !!!!!!! His Daughter Too ... As Well As Seven More ... !!!
I want to go away from home Home is not here, not right now Home is where your happy  I am happy but I'm not Happy Home is where your free I want to feel free Free of rules and madness
heres to you i can pretend that i am not lying here heart broken that im not listening to music on repeat and sobbing into my blankets i can pretend it doesnt hurt
I'm ready to self destruct. Please, just hold me while I leave. I don't want to do this, but, a part of you will go with me. I keep trying to run away, now you say you need me to stay don't look at me,
 My sickness is suffocating The world is silenced with my quiet Shifting and spreading
House of cards Easily blown away by wind It doesn't take long To note how fragile it became It holds memories inside Memories of the good times It has always kept the scent
Heartbreak can only get worse It feels like a huge curse It's also like when you can't find anything in your purse   It breaks When they make mistakes Or if they're a snake  
Look at all the rainbows in the water  She said  As she stared  Look at all the blues held in the skyline  She said  As she dreamed  Here let all my visions fly  Let me just paint the sky 
By the grave I saw the cloudsThe thundery taint taintingI crave the clerical, cloudy comorosAnd its eyes have all the taintingAnd the thunderclouds never tarnishingMy grayness, I could not awaken Deep into that
It's nice to think that someone is out there Who will listen and love me Despite everything I am and everything I have been Who will listen and love me Despite my expiration date that is always changing
Some days are nothing but black Fighting a battle in endless fog Seeing nothing, hearing only pitiful static   Some days are nothing but black Nights bring emptiness, fading wordlessly to fog
Head under water Held in place, trapped I'm losing my breath Held in place, trapped Still, you keep me there Held in place, trapped It is all my fault Held in place, trapped
I feel like a bubble of emotion Floating in the ease of your presence  But I think I am always waiting For the inevitable "POP" And knowing it wouldn't be possible To put us back together
I'm tired of thinking,  In test dates, And terms papers. When all I really want, Is to use my imagination. The stars call my name, But I'm busy getting A's 
Poor ugly little girl burn your lips with perfume you mistaked as lipgloss Poor naive little girl just because he said how beautiful you were  you have him the key to your now broken
Where are you baby Where are you when I'm calling Dreaming Wishing Where are you when I'm mising you Baby please call, don't let me down now Carry my dreams and tell me what they're made of
Reality hits, Sadness bites and it really hurts then it dies No one can rely and just can't play It can all be a reply then somebody must repay
i gaze into a mirror and will the glass to shatter so i can finally see the unhidden form of my soul
how can it be that there are so many people on this earth, and yet i feel like i am alone? how can it be that i see you everyday yet i can't make my love for you known?  
is being alone normal to be? around i see couples of two, but not me. how come i never get this chance? maybe i'll go to paris, france.
the beautiful light in your dull brown eyes exposes the relentless pain you give, i say i will find courage but it is all lies, these past years i wish i could relive,  
i don’t want to know what you think, you don’t care, you’re mind is blowing like the wind but eventually you sink into your heart and it’s showing,  
Everyday it gets harder To get out of bed, To feel enthusiastic about life, To smile. I can feel the pain inside of me Growing and spreading,
I just want you to see the way you've hurt me, the mask I wear everyday to hise the pain, the pain that is going through me, I need this pain to be slain.   I just want you to see the way you've hurt me,
don't touch me again. get your tiny, sweaty hands off of me i want your Axe body spray smell mixed with B.O. out of my nose i can never go to the park again not after what happened on the bridge
No one asked me what I wanted No one cares when you’re not wanted I am not the man I wanted But no one asked   No one asked me who I loved No one cared I wasn’t loved
Dreaming under the rainbow Crash from the high There’s a tear upon your face But do you remember why you cried?   Dreaming under the rainbow Where are you? You promised that you’d stay with me,
I can understand your pain but for this I cannot change. This all appears the same, day after day.  Life replays, I do not want to stay.
If my feelings were contained in a room, I would like to tell you that it would be filled with natural light, Spacious but cozy,  And of course comfortable. 
I put on my best brave face As I try to hide That I am breaking inside   People wouldn’t understand What I’m going through Will I ever not feel blue?   Appearing to be strong
he loves her so desperately and that she knew. all he can ever ask for is maybe a hungout and that was sometimes too much
You burn bright like a wildfire You laugh, smile, and immerse yourself with bliss And they envy you for your blaze
It’s June. I am laying on my bed. It’s two in the afternoon. The sun is trying to welcome me with its warm arms come outside
<3 we were different but the same my heart: the ground and yours: the rain hand and hand we ran around shocking jealousy through everyone in town we were thunder and lightning
my call goes out across the seas it echos back to no one but me a cry of love that’s never heard an idea that can’t be that absurd   
Looking for distractions  Hiding in my absence    Tired of my actions  Feeling my inactions    Scared of my emotions  Sinking in commotion    Looking for distractions 
I remember the time, my eyes were full of this purest hope I hardly remember How it was To believe I deserved To hope But, Day after day When I feel The morning
Breaking down behind hidden walls  secrets and lies every time I fall  letters and words that silencs stole  not knowing my worth every time I loose control    Love and hate I lost them both 
I don’t understand I can’t comprehend   How happiness and sadness go hand in hand In my wildest dreams; when I am lost in thought  
You're lying in bed. Are you in bed or are you lying? I cant figure it out. I'm tired of trying
“Just A Game” By SnøwySøul  11/6/19   Is it alright if I ask
I sit alone on my dorm-room bed Surrounded by these twinkle lights. Passed my math test, But feel like a failure.    I sit with my roommate on my dorm-room bed
What if i told you i'm not okay? That i'm depressed. How would you react? If I told you I almost killed myself today.
I give everything I can (in fear that you'll leave) my time my home my patience and don't expect to receive   I can't lose another best friend (because I lost more) my love my trust my faith
look in the mirror can't help but see someone who feels such terror they'll be loved by no one   study my reflection I find nothing attractive crooked complexion
the taste on my tongue of bitter words that could leave you stung   the fire in my heart of frustrated feelings that would lead me to fall apart   the thoughts in my head
dressed in blue I feel golden dancing with you my heart holden   high heeled shoes I feel beautiful dancing with you moments so meaningful   posed together
I'll arrive early enough but it's always tough to notice you since fifteen as you come old and green   no matter how hard I try every morning you always wake me with loud warnings
just in time for fall you lose your green tint left with no leaves at all questioning where your life went
dancing around until laughter broke made me your reason to smile because I am a joke   call me a friend but I think of myself as a jester providing happy distractions without end
leave me high and dry in the middle of the night counting my reasons to cry until the stars fade into daylight   the sun's rays will fill me with hope to step off of the tightrope
I miss being comfortable with you do you miss that feeling too? I miss giggling until midnight with you do you miss the laughter too? I miss being young with you do you miss our childhood too?
Dear me, you are more than a score, more than every embarrassing moment that breaks you to your core. you are more than glances, more than what anxiety tells you
in the morning Anxiety accompanies me as my shadow in the day yelling at me all my insecurities but it's okay   in the night Depression welcomes me in my bed as I lay
thank the moon for being my company tonight maybe think I'll be fine soon thank the sky for crying with me tonight maybe think I'll finally say goodbye
Can you feel it?  My disparity, It’s there and all I feel. I’m desperate for you, Your touch, 
It's been months without seeing his face, How he smiled a little too wide, His teeth sharp with appetite. It's been months without hearing his voice, How he spoke a little too quietly,
When I think of you, I think of me.  I wish that you could finally see  The way things can now, for us, be.
You were the one who held my hand, You scooped me up and protected me.    On nights that I could no longer stand,  You would hold me until my crying stopped.   
Winter eyes cause wild storms. Through the halls how they adore. Fallen love and broken hearts Hers is foam its blown apart. In the light her beauty shines To any other she could tell no lies
Taco Bell, tacos are swell, but nothing but white culture American racism closing all chains And we complain for immigrant vultures
Below. Life is lived under two feet of water, And I can see the world on land. Above. The clouds are upon me, the days and nights bleed into one-and-other, and yet you all carry on without me Outside.
The smell of coffee conquered the dark wooded room I could hear the faint patterns of rain running down the worn cabin We both walked on gelid floor waiting for the waking sun
Everyday I wake up reluctant to get out of bed Discouraged by the thought that today will hold nothing but more pain and heartache I close my eyes against the familiar pangs of anxiety
Come close, for I have a story of a monster to tell you.   In the world among us lurks a shadow of black It slithers through the woods and soars around clouds
I wish someone would break into my house So I could kill somebody But I don’t mention it To my psychiatrist
Crying alone in the dark Every night it is the same  I’m too sick to make friends And way Too tired to smile   
The worst powerlessness is when  you watch someone you love fade from your fingertips  At first is just a few less conversations  Than no communication for a month  Months begin to pass by with nothing 
i'm sorry I feel like dying somedays i'm sorry that most days i want to be alone so i shut down and i don't answer you and i don't want to watch shows with you and i don't want to talk 
Uncertain futures, We were so close. We were near that amavi.   That latin phrase that breaks the phase, The one that doesn’t conquer.
words spill out of my mouth and ooze from my skin at the sight of a july day spent in the sun admiring the light slipping through the trees and onto her skin
In the silent wilderness, wasn’t so silent My thoughts racing threw my mind, they all seemed so blind. As I claimed to be fine, my limits have now ultimately crossed the line.
That beautiful girl Under the blossom tree Reading her books She never acknowledged me. And in my mind I knew she never would And even though I wanted to, I knew I never could.
I saw you there At the renaissance fair All alone Churning milk into butter I got down on my knees And I said the Lord’s prayer That you would be mine In an hour
you ask me why i stay broken why i don’t move on and heal and forgive? healing might erase the scars
The scariest part of being alone is liking your empty home. It’s a double edged blade made of security and pain, it’s depressions bed at three am, it’s saying “i’m okay with this.”
i’m scared.   i’ve been consumed by my selfish wants, consumed by me craving to hold you, consumed by dreams of a better reality
Hard to say goodbye to you  But this is the only word, that I can say to you  After all the happiness and tears with you all along  A big step in my life that I have to do    Letting you go away in my life
I got a messed up brain, messed up thoughts, people say I'm fine, but I guess not. My vision gradually gets darker, and my heart feels like it just got shot. I can feel my skin fall apart,
You you shop for you self  I’m bleeding out  You look away  And say another day  You get a paper cut  And we move in a rush 
 The Mourning Dove 
he could grip his hands around my throar, and push down until oxgen was nothing, but a far away dream, and still all he would have to do is say its this, or you'll never feel my lips again
Why is the world so judgmental? Like people, Hungry animals choose their prey By looking for the weak or wounded They pursue them—
‘Temper your enthusiasm,’ She said, ‘The extremes of your reactions; You should have A more conventional frame On which to hang Your unconventionality.’ ‘Don’t push people,’ She said,
Sweet sage. Tears. Hands clinched around another's as we sink, slipping below the original position. The land shifts like dreams. Massive. Mother loves and cries of her blessings eternally. Cycle Synechis.  
Oh how greatly I hate the winter days So long, and cold, and void of all ardor It makes me feel so numb, so very dazed My feelings in disarray and disorder 
Have you ever wondered  Where all that it's rained? All at the same time And how many people that's pained? Flood gates open Right over the heads
Today was like every other day It was so terribly long   and so terribly dreary   I fear these feelings will never end I’ll always feel so dark   feel so hopeless  
It still lingers in me, How can this sadness be? The voices telling me what I can and can not be. Feeling hopeless, every hour. Like a never blooming flower. What is the point of life?
I am broken, I am bruised, I am tierd of being used. Knowing you don't care about me anymore, hurts. Knowing I will never be able to love you how I wanted to, hurts. Why do I have to go through this pain?
I met a boy a late summer dayHe looked at me and refused to satWhat made him so unhappyHe's a blue boyCall him defensiveBut blue boy don't run from meThe help I give is for free
-spend every moment doing meaningless things just to make time pass by faster. -take a hot bath as to finally feel something warm.
...Half asleep, I hear a light rustle outside my window then a sunk on the right side of my bed. You lightly shook me and smiled. As always, conversation turns into an argument.
You were like an onion Hard but easy to peel Wondering how far I should stand away from you before cutting you Before you start to make me cry Again Knowing you make me cry everytime
if you ever miss me and hesitate if you should call to tell me or not... just whisper it to the wind and let it carry your words on... maybe i'll be able to feel the coldness of your heart then
When I was young, I was so carefree, At least that’s how It seems to me, Ain’t it sad How things turn out to be?   Full of hope, Full of passionate dreams, A thrilling new world
When you walked away from me, I began to walk closer towards you  But the cool breeze flying through me  Only reminded me Of the love you once had for me
Up Ahead Stands a figure A hooded figure. All around me is chaos, the screams from the Fields of Punishment Echoes in my head. His hand reaches to me. A soft smile that says
Is that my heart in your pocket or are you just happy to hurt me?   What’s a masterpiece like you doing with a disaster like me?   Hey, you see my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m stable?
If it only takes two to tango, then why do you need another dance partner? Are my steps not on time? Are we not following the same rhythm? Do I not move when you move? Or perhaps it’s you who can’t keep up with the beat.
They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yet grass continues to grow every time it is cut. The sun continues to rise every time the moon has pulled it away.
Do you know?   Do you know what happens to a fish without water? Do you know what happens to a fire without air? Do you know what happens to the trees without sun?
he and i laying on a soft quilt the cloud cover making the room dimly lit, but even then i can make out the details in his face; like the freckles sprinkled acrossed his right cheek,
The complaints long pending,
You’re not here anymoreto laugh at my stupid jokesand say “I love you”to make me feel specialor loved in any way.You’re not here anymoreto make me breathethe air that you’ve become to me
You know what they say and you’ve heard what they’ve said Go seize the day Don’t stay home in bed   But my head is too heavy And each move is a battle My bones are not ready
You hit me hard You played your cards You broke a glass And caught the shards   you broke my heart tore it apart You left me here Nowhere to start   So the story goes
I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you happy I’m sorry that I can’t make myself happy I’m sorry that happiness isn’t a language I speak But I loved you I’m sorry if I pushed you away
I am drifting, a lonely piece of driftwood covered in pale moonlight on an open sea. I don’t know where I am going nor where I came from, but I am drifting. I feel hollow, empty like a piece of me is gone and it can’t be replaced.
I’ve been trying for weeks But I can’t seem to find it I’ve been biting my cheeks like the idea is inside them   But the blood starts to pool with its signature taste I feel like a fool,
i would brighten the sun to keep you warm, but you just put on a jacket.   i would wipe your tears to make sure you can see, but you use your sleeve.   i would search for you in a crowded room,
i'll admit it i am not much of a poet i do not know much about rhyming i just know about the individual and how it is hard to be original how we sit here and talk about nothing
Yes I am broken, but I am not defeated. I am like a salmon breaking through the surface of the water in order to fight the current. I am a glow stick breaking in the hands of a child on a summer evening, spreading my light.
“Hey man, saying this for your own good.”  
A loose excerpt from The Icarus Complex:   There was a child named Icarus, Who always dreamed of touching the stars. They had wonderful intelligent parents.  God were they intelligent, 
23: that’s how many days it took to stop thinking about you every time I woke up. It’s how many times I sat alone with hurt in my eyes this year alone.
I wish I could tell you I have something to say But when I finally try to You walk far away   The somethings a secret That only I know I tried hard to keep it But it’s starting to show
What if I could live in a world in which I never fell for you? What if I never fell for you? What if I never fall again? Never feel the scrape of my knees hitting earth again.
All of a sudden you’re falling   You’re running a marathon, free like a bird, but then all of a sudden you’re falling.  
You know, there is a possibility that I am not spider man. Probably a small one, but it’s still a possibility. I mean Spider-Man must wake up with an emptiness in the left side of his chest looking to the right side to the emptiness of his bed.
Cadbury eggs at 1 AM How much lower could you be? I know that it does not mean much But it could be two or three?   Besides don’t I deserve this? For waking up before it was 2
Do you remember the days, the nights, the adventures we always used to share? Flying away on wings of laughter that were built on mutual care. Five good friends and lots of fun was all I used to need.
I once had the chance to take a stand  To give the world my helping hand  Or make a difference in this land  But I walked away    When I was young I loved to dance  To put my soul into a trance 
These heavy hearted warriors  With medals on their wrists   These sadness stricken gladiators  The world can not resist.                       They fight their daily battles 
You do not need a second job My mother used to say But ma I’ve got this mouth to feed And bills I’ve got to pay.      Isn’t one enough for you To land you on your feet?
Just one more  I promise that’s it  Just one more  Then I promise I’ll quit.   Those lies you spoke  for so many years  An ocean of needles  and too many beers.  
Can you smell the smoke? like the smell of summer nights we can barely remember, sitting in circles around a glowing red light. Do you hear the distant crackle?
As I sit here in this class surrounded by the usual humdrum of teachers and students, I reminisce on the days in my aunt’s backyard. I reminisce on how it felt to simply lay on the lush soft grass with her dog.
the memories of you have burned a hole into my brain, theyve singed my hair, painted the walls ash-grey. i asked if i could burn the sweatshirt but it wasnt your face i was looking at,
Pinch Fears make you pinch Your eyes And The corners Of your mouth   Fears are weird And
The salt stings my eyes, As tears blur my vision. But I refuse to let them fall.   The skin on my palms now covered wih little crescent moons,  As the fear of losing you becomes real
The salt stings my eyes, As tears blur my vision. But I refuse to let them fall.   The skin on my palms now covered wih little crescent moons,  As the fear of losing you becomes real
your touch it lingersit lingers on my skinyou were so warm I never wanted to give inas tears fall from my eyes now I can finally seeit was never you it was meI want to see youI want to feel 
  Our last dying rose The thorns that hold the grace but Love knows no way to survive because
He kissed me He took something A first of many Something I followed with a smile To mask my fear   I didn’t feel any different But I knew Something was different  
nothing turns into something im surrounded with grey rays of dim light a storm cloud looms over my head they catch the rain but the storm doesnt pass my clothes are soaked and my mascaras running
hey howve you been? it feels as if we havent talked in a while what are you doing? you seem busy
Me, Myself and I. Everyday, I wake and try One step at a time. Everyday, I wake and cry One time, I was small And carefree, lovely, and kind I was just... Me, Myself and I.
They say the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, But I have tried so hard to just be free. Trapped in the life that was killing me.
I was 16 when Mocha died. I should have seen it coming. She'd been sick for a while, we'd had to cut her tail because of a tumor and she couldn't breathe too well. She wouldn't go back upstairs, no matter how hard I tried.
i pull off my heavy-weight sweatshirt i weigh myself ranking up to nearly 100 pounds im satisfied for now
Tears well up in my eyes. I can see through your eyes. My heart is falling into pieces. I'm gonna capsize. These emotions welling up inside of me. I can't face it alone.
Wow, What a mouthful But the title is true You know who you are This is about you You’re a lier A cheat
Long hair gets in the way as the guitarist starts to strum, eyes closed, nails long, nails painted, mic close she’s mine, i’m hers, honey, darling, baby, love me and i’ll love you
We buried you in Evergreen cemetery On October 15, 2010  
hope is elusive, something hard to find and hard to have.   but yet we all hope for a better future and a better lover why?
Memory erasing Mindlessly awaking Walking through a dream I'm making Slap me in the face Untie me where it chafes Release me from this dream I want to be awake Take me from my home
if 11:11 were real i wouldn’t wish for you to stay instead, i would wish to un-know you to heal, for joy, and for self-love i would wish for the things that you took from me
a few days agoi wanted to sit down and write about how unappreciated you werenot that i changed my mind, noi still believe thatbut todaytodayi'm hurti'm hurt that
welcome friend, it's dark down here. for most, it's much too grim the table's set with plates half empty the cups spill o'er their rims  I'm sorry I closed off
a generic ringtone, a sound foreign to this 2am hour a beat as we freeze, glancing down, and then up "hello?" a motion towards the bottle clink, pour, swallow "things aren't looking too good" a pause
“You will never be enough,” I tell them matter-of-factly.   
Empty   It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise.
Understanding Death   Death is abstract. It comes in varying forms, and sneaks up on you.   Suddenly, she appeared.  
One Hundred and Sixteen   These quiet halls are bleak with emptiness. My footsteps, slow and loud, alert no one. The door to my room grows taller,
she a petite figure with short hair who noticeably feels so much sees so much thinks so much
I guess it’s like God in human form; I guess it is God sleeping, and I’m on the moon ready to jump. It could be any moon— discovered; contemporary. I think God sleeps on Enceladus...
Darkness darkness, I open my eyes still darkness Voices call out all bitter "nothing! Your nothing" I call out no awnser  Darkness steals my voice More voices still bitter Acceptance of pain
I am in a constant state of dream and nightmare One moment, The sun is smiling at me, showing me the world in bright colours,  helping me laught at the bipolarity of life.
You were my big brother though we weren't blood, Through everything you always came through,  Now that you are gone my tears begin to flood,  Wished I could've said goodbye, who would've knew? 
i love and hate you for you are both an enemy and sometimes an ally you manipulate my emotions bringing them farther down until happiness becomes very high to reach you take advantage of my happiness
waiting.... hours go by. it took a hole in me  leaving me empty, cold and mourning. as it eats me up leaving me with nothing but burning lungs and a broken heart.
A rose by any other name Has thorns that are just as sharp. An ocean in any other day Will drown you if you try to run.  
I feel happy at the moment. But I think it’s like a high, or a rush So When will my high Come back down? I don’t want to be there for that I don’t want it to happen
The biggest lie I ever told myself was that I wouldn't stay up too late  Studying or doing work. Now that I'm on my senior year of high school all of that Went out the window.  
it was the sun that became my friend from school to school to house to house the sun remained. as friends realized soon i will just leave again. the sun remained.  family couldn't accept me
A ball of anxiety, curled in my stomach. That bad boy spreads into my heart and brain, Causing quite a havoc. Hello, anxiety.
I am just soft serve  dipped in hard chocolate  melting on the inside  but still remaining solid to the eyes of the beholders I am older now  things are easier to get over now 
What is your biggest regret? Starting this semester offWith the deep questions, I see. Regrets? That’s what they want from us? Regrets are easy. I’ve got tons.  
I loved  you    how  only a    Midwesterngirl    would    love a tornado warning.I didn’t    want the      sunshine; Iwanted      wild, whirling,in-the-moment  April    
My therapist said that I might have PTSD;that the sight of any bug in my bed may send   me into hysterics. She says that I’m scythingtoo much skin off around my ankles, and my    
His sharp, sterile grimace is chippingat me—two yellowingblue-milked eyespaintingthe deep, red hills    aroundmy spine.  
i’m still bitter about it but i think i’ll always be bitter about it but just because i’m bitter doesn’t mean i miss it miss YOU   i suppose i’ll always be upset that YOU moved on so easily
Nothing ever happens between us.  I try and try and try, but my words stick in my throat. God knows how I feel, how I've felt  How can you torture me so?  The truth is I love you   
One day you're home, and then another you are left all alone.  Abandoned, gone, and lost.  Looking around like theres been a holocaust.  People say life is black and white-
There came a point last year when I realized I've grown; I wasn't the same person that walked through the front doors freshman year; It was as if the narative of my life had taken a different tone;
I thought you were doing fine, I didn’t know what was wrong, I thought you'd push through it, that you were invincibly strong, As a friend I should have supported you, helped you along the way,
At the age of 4, I began new adventures; A hedgehog, a vampire, no, a gamer starting to venture. I was new and inexperienced, I just didn’t understand, Like Kindergarten and field trips, I was entering a new land.
im not exactly sure how it began or when it started, all i remember is that you were distant towards me for what seemed like the second week in a row since we last actually tal
Fear is a looming gray Looks like a rainy day where the sun won’t come out Smells like the stink of sulfur Tastes like bitter acid
i am so afraid that all these  unfulfilled expectations, meaningless romances, broken promises, are going to turn me so cold that the next person that touches me will freeze
I stare at the Sakura tree, Night after night, Day after day, Waiting for it to blossom. I watched the tiny buds, Night after night, Day after day, Just waitting for it to happen.
I look at the shiney golden ticket in my miniscule hands. The fog from the train clouds my eyes as I experience nostalgia from watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid.
He brings danger before me A story of a lover an a fool A story how painful love can be- A story of life is far too cruel The two souls wished to keep their courtship pale His genocidal urges were now set
i look into his eyes as he stands there watching my tears fall, knowing that he will never see me the way i see him.
“do you love me?” her bright eyes dig into your soul, her star-spun fingers twitch nervously.
star-spun imagination making everything about the sky see the galaxies in her eyes the stars in her hair
It finally hit me… That feeling. You know it. Nothing.   You heard me right.   Just.   Nothing.  
Baby girl whered you go Planned a date but you dont know Bought them tickets to the show Come to me so we can flow   Last night i dreamed about you Forever with you, you know this is true
Hold me. Hold me and don't let go. No matter what happens, promise me you'll stay. Promise me I will always have a place in your arms, but don't make a promise you can't keep.
i didn't quite understand until judas knocked at my door, and held my hands in his. "I forgive you," he told me "now forgive yourself."   
"what your biggest fear?"reads the paper above. you remember the ache in your chest, not a few months backwhen you had spiraled down and slipped through the cracksyou remember the down you had hit years agothe doctor said it would come againit tur
When did my feelings become second to yours? Why are my opinions wrong and absurd? When did my silence become your turn to speak? Why, to you, am I small and weak? Why am I bad even if I’ve done nothing to you? Why, when I give the world, do you a
You asked me to write for you, So I wrote of a boy with stars in his eyes, A bright soul, and his heart on his sleeve. I wrote about how he died and how the light left his eyes
Your flame-seared name... It burns... When I learned of you, Dear Flame, The games you play, The hearts you slay, When I found this out All thoughts of you Just went away
Dipping my toes Into the endless midnight blue To me, it's a deadly hue. First my ankles, Then up to my knees. Pause. Remind myself to breathe. My clothes are wet now
Ode to Myself    What a tragic image… ​a beautiful tempest  Your typhoon​ touches my land I am reminded of the image.    Will I catch you ​before the damage? 
Self Portrait as the Weeping Willow   Reservoir in my eyes, current of my heart, snapped the twigs of my veins.   The fear, I feel. From My head to my toes.   
All I could see,was a fine silverit was so quick,but my heart was even faster,for this silverit could not outrunme in this raceBut, sadly I couldnot replace me for youas my regret
I pull myself deeper as my mind is a weight that pulls me down into the ocean where all the strange and ugly creatures make their home in my abandoned temple worn down by the hands of 
Can I be? Could you stay? Do I deserve? Should you help? I could try. You could too. Morning sky, Less blue than you.
They asked me what are some different types of drugs For me a drug isn't cocaine or pills it's a person  He is my drug  He is what I got addicted to  He is what makes me feel like i'm floating 
When I was small I would believe That Fairies surrounded me And protected me From the bad But when I grew My fairies turned to dew And formed my tears And leaked to the ground
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
I was wrong; I didn't fall in love with you. I jumped.   ~awatr
Can't we just accept that life, like math, possesses imaginary and irrational numbers?   ~awatr
I see you in every angry fight, every bruise, and in every goodbye that is never said.   ~awatr
My head felt like an eternally spinning teacup ride at the fair.    ~awatr
She loved numbers the way I loved her hair, messy and unkempt.   ~awatr
Her eyes reminded me of the old embers in the fireplace, unkempt by my absent father.   ~awatr
The clouds wept for they knew my pain.   ~awatr
I hid under a mask of submissive apologies.   ~awatr
I spent every waking minute thinking of you. And when I shut my eyes at 3am? There you were again.   ~awatr
I told you that you took my breath away; Little did I know that you were suffocating me.   ~awatr
I stole a friend, I took them hostage, I held them here to listen. You didn't know me when I pulled my gun, you didn't know what I wanted. You begged for your life, I begged for you to listen.
Every weekday is agony. Dread the time it takes to learn. Beg the clock to tick faster. Get on your knees and pray to a being that you’ll soon forsake.  
This is the story Of a girl Who had everything But felt nothing She wasn't beaten She wasn't bullied Her home life was fine
Ever since That terrible day I've been lonely Without you
The night is my closest friend But all of that is pretend For in the waking hours It then sours  
Depression is deep Quite like the black hole of sleep It takes you away Never to see the light of day No matter my plight It still puts up a fight
A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing
“Together forever” “Together until the end of time” That’s what we used to say But every promises Are meant to be broken   Everything has changed We’re slowly getting further
I noticed you, Walk with her this morning, Hand in hand She’s very pretty, Match your own beauty Who is she?   Is she the last person you think, Before you go to sleep?
Oh, how I hate this day, It reminds me of everyone I’ve lost. It fills my soul with dread, It breaks down my mind. It reminds me that I’m alone,
I come to the realisation  that  I can’t remember those winters,  the winters of my childhood.  It was really good at all times, and it was really bad.  Now it’s bad all the time. 
The darkness envelops me. No one sees it. No one will. Only me. I feel it, I see it, And I know it.
Good bad Light dark Evil spreading through the parks Lurking behind you like a shark You turn around and jump in fright But try and try with all your might  To see the good within the beast  You find it, relieved, to say the least But there are ma
All this time I’ve livedin another reality.All I did was giveand I was happy.   My reality is notwhat you would expect.But I wasn’t taught to not let it affect.  
You gave me love for one day  I see you constantly and what do you say? Absolutely nothing    I am told this is the way you are  That you love to be loved and fail to give any   
Air is an acquired taste That most want to breathe But my own air is two parts heartbreak One part grief It burns my lungs It burns my lips It burns my tongue  
Falling in love with him was not my first mistake, but my biggest one. I mean, I could have easily said, "No" to his sea foam eyes, But they just sucked me in like a tsunami in the ocean of my heart.
Even though the sky weeps with us today, tomorrow shares the warmth of sunshine and friendship, healing our sorrows in the light of rainbows.
You painted me out to be desperate  But theres a difference between desperation and being hopeful  I waited for you because I was hopeful not desperate    I was hopeful for us but I didn’t need us to workout
     How to express yourself to yourself     Living life fake and wishing to be better     A mind were there is no control makes you think of the dark creeping inside   
After all, we are all under the same sky and shall end by the same fate.   ~awatr
My vision darkens. My stomach churns. My heart races. You saw my pain but you used me anyway.   ~awatr
I’d laugh Care Understand Feel empathetic Love But all of this and more I’d still have if you hadn’t ripped my heart out and kept it for yourself
15 things I wish I could say to you... One:  I hate you.
I loved her, she said I convinced Her otherwise  That broke my heart  Was she my sweetheart?   I’m not sure.. Do I still love her now? Of course I do, but I was a fool
A place to ourselves as we cleaned off the shelves My, how things pile over time Our hearts were racing as our fears we were facing The whole night, I ate maybe a dime  
Heart of stone has I None may ever Pull the strings Of quartz That is beating In my chest of lead At the sight of
Dandelions sure do look like flowers But they're weeds that wilt in just a few hours To my untrained eye, it looked like a real dollar bill But a distorted George screamed "Counterfeit" and still
The same day that you said you would stay forever, Is the the same day that you had left me, Forever. It was my fault, I know. When I feigned myself as someone I wasnt,
some days i just feel like cryingno particular reasonjust, i have to do it or elsei feel like i haven’t said helloto myself quite yet
You were there when I needed you the most… When I was breaking under pressure, Like a sapling overburdened with snow. I always thought of myself as a mighty oak,
Just a reconnection. Please, it is all I ask. Just one spark could set ablaze our past. We could be something again. But this time, we’ll last.
I still listen to all the songs you told me about. It's like the only piece of you I have left. They bring back bittersweet sadness. In myself, I've found some of you.
You've always compared me to a rose and I never quite understood why. Is it because I'm pretty? Or is it because I have thorns? Is it because, if you get too close you'll hurt yourself?
Hey, you. Yeah, you. It's ok to be sad. But I just wanna tell you that you're loved. Okay? It's ok to want to be alone. But I just wanna tell you that I'm here for you. Okay?
Sometimes I believe that I have everything I could ever want, other times it feels like I am falling into a dark place and I begin to see them haunt.
Your eyes were like a tired sunset,Shining with a soft amber light,Seeing the beauty in even the ugliest of things.
It swirls within me, Messing up my insides, Organs queasy and tightening. My heart pounds, A drum with a messed up beat, Fast and unpaced.
You wouldn’t want to know, What happened that night. The fires had come and gone, Burning all the forests down. Landslides in the hills and mountains, A tsunami that had come from the ocean.
there is another thing that I cant unseemy brother smilewhen he used to see me he used to smilebut now its clouds I hurt him so muchI cant even begin to describe what he could feel
I’m jealous of the clouds, that are full of rain, how they must feel when they pour down, everyone knows that they are sullen, my empytyness is hidden by a smile.
Fragility is the stability of the broken mind Do not confuse the lies that hold the two down To be fragile is the empowerment of the vulnerable To be stable is the advantage of the emotional
my thousand pound heart lie dormant in my chest feeble now from the effort bumbling softly through my sweater I don’t notice the warmth anymore   cold wind stings my cheeks red
It’s something so dark, Enchanting and hard to remark From the beginning to the end, Not even the brightest of humans will comprehend.   It’s something so dark, Sung with the dullest spark
                                   All I have are memories, But I barely remember them,  I miss you, I know your in a better place now, I'm happy for you, I wish I could of had more memories.
There's a boy I know That mostly sticks to his own, He doesnt speak much But hald assed insults, He closes his eyes More often than all of the time, Shy boy Quiet boy Tired boy.  
Digging through my mind, Searching for the reasoning behind 'Why can't I?' Too much of my scalp beneath my fingernails.
My friend waves a phone in my face and huffs. It's a brand new girl everyday. My friend points and judges this girl with anger. She finds flaws in each and every way.  
Get up from bed and something isn’t right Everything is muddled, dirty and foggy I scream and cry not knowing what is going on I go to the bathroom and see Myself in the mirror
I could see her face Deep in the storm clouds Smiling at me Saying “Come here,” but how?   I got the crew to safety  Told them to go to their wives But I couldn’t go
You know what? I'm tired of the bullshit Oh you wanna talk? Maybe I'd have time if I wasn't I fed up Always mouthing off About how you this and that, not! You always on this hype
I can see the hate in your eyes It doesn’t matter to me. All I asked for was to be left alone, But you didn’t listen to me.   It just keeps going on, And I’m tired of you I can’t get any peace
tiptaptiptap fingers on the table rhythmless and bland, we cut off the cable. tiptaptiptap rain on the window erratic and soothing, we watched the world go. tiptaptiptap
Liked by many though I still feel alone, Surrounded by others but still trecking on my own. they try to understand my pain but they have different trials, though no one truly hurts me death begins to beguile.
Confusion. That is the first emotion I felt when I found out  My favorite step sibling had done the unthinkable- Suicide. I wondered, who could've seen this coming? Not me, 
Hi daddy. Remember this morning when you left for work You promised to come play with me when you got home. I set up the teacups and food for us with mommy Oh! And I made the tea that’s actually water all on my own.
You told me, "It's over..." again. I know that, Jorge... It's been over. You know that and I know that.. And of course... You KNOW I know that.. So who was the validation for?
To My Ex, J . G . .....
There's nothing more I'd like to do, then snuggle in close and fall asleep with you..
I really want to call you... & tell you I still care... But I know you won't say it back.... & I don't think it's fair..
There's a place for everything and everything in its place.. Well, where do I put the memories of the past I can't erase?
If I could build the truth for you, I'd make it out of titanium steel... I'd weld it together with all of the reasons -WHY- I STILL feel the way that I feel...
FOR: My Ex Now, but My Love ONE 4ever.. J.G. (*BTW, MOST of poems are about him....) I'm glad you took everything that would remind me of you.. Cause I don't want to remember anything we went through.
This thing called life changes from good to bad. Where were the signs? I should have saw the signs. All my fears comingto life. Disbelieve is my heart, for the road i have to take there's longsuffering and malaise.
doesn't it rain sometimes  on the inside and isn't it funny your umbrella can't be opened because it's bad luck.  
I'm the cold air that you breath The heat of hell beneath your feet Now I'm here and then I'm there I was your happiness but now I'm despair    From a racing car at the dawn of life
The peace I will feel when,  my eyes are unable to blink,  when my legs are unable to swing. the peace I will feel when,  my hair stops growing, mouth stops smiling.  The peace, when my heart
Euphoria, the feeling a bee feels when it finds a daisy. the feeling a dog has,  when it finds a bone a bird, a seed. a lion, a zebra  me, you. 
I feel like an artist,  Desperately trying to blend, My darkened soul,  Into the rainbow that was once,  My mind. 
Your hands slowly,  Trace their way down my thigh.  Your lips, Make their way to my chest.  But what is lust,  If we don’t have love?
Smile.“I’m fine.”Smile.“Just tired.”Smile.“oh, sorry, I’ve been busy.”Smile.Smile.Smile. It’s funny,isn’t it?How hard it is to tell the difference between a smile
She sadly walks away Because you never had a heart There was no love Right from the start She gave you everything But, you threw it down the drain When those walls close in
they told me don’t if youre gonna leave him they told me don’t if youre gonna break his heart and yet  i decided yes and i fell
       Tear stains  underneath her eyes. Sick of being used for the things she hates  about herself.    “Why do you fall so hard, heart?’ Why do you trip falling downhill
The person I hate, someone I blame: myself. Devoid of meaning or direction. Moving in circles Blindly searching for the destination. I’m a bookshelf Without books. Incomplete. Lonely.
All I have left is three words for you Correction, that is all you have left me with Three little words comprised of 8 little letters have been left to summarize us
Roses are red and wilted too, I've tried and I've tried to please you, built you a home with my sweat and blood, and in return get treated like crud, I gave you all of the riches and gold, you promised me together we'd grow old, I've tried and tri
Swimming through water so black,My heart beats dully in its cage.Not a soul should see the crack,Splitting in pieces with conquering rage.
Through endless charcoal nights,
Here I sit Without me Without you I feel like my throat is closing in Im not sure what this feeling is Doom Doom comes over me without warning I feel like I need to scream but can't
My sister used a quarter in a machine the other day, one that drops random surprises, mostly worthless but still they are kept, for reasons unbeknownst by most As the claw picked up a ball, stale candy joining the fall
Lo and behold, inside of me in a crooked corner that plays hymns of once spoken words and memories, there lies a prophecy Encased in glass to be broken in bed positioned moments of convincing
Look at the way at how you treat your lady She seems bitter and confused Darkness sadly surrounds her As a result of your abuse She put her trust in you And you have let her down
I've seen things I never meant to see And dreamed of places I'll never go With you   Well, maybe you're just an archetype But not the soul sent to save mine From you  
Some of the sunshine disappears When a loved one sadly passes away You think of all the good times you had Each and every day Those precious memories are still there Even though that your mom is gone
  I feel like I am drowning. Silently burning underwater every time I try to breath, I remember  I must conserve my air.  Force it back.    Stay alive for just a little longer. 
  I loved a boy,  who loved himself.  With my arms right around his body,  i felt cold.  He kept me at a distance, I complied. Lovestruck.  I only wished for love in return, 
It kills to see happy in other facesSeeing the bright and wonder in their eyesI present glossed eyes and sympathySad eyes play syphonies for broken heartsTo ponder and paceWhat a simple life that awaits
i dont know if im really who i say i am if im happy if im great who knows what i am no one but me. but im making sure that even knows my image and my heart im sad and happy who i am limbo i just want to obtain that one thing every human desires ha
Trapped in an asylum of comfort and love I’ll never truly know what I’m capable of Sorry Mom, I leave you behind But you have a piece of my heart worth A collection of lifetimes.  
Within the clouds I find nothing   But within your voice I see something   In the distance,  The dark is near But in my heart The stars are clear  
with time comes responsibilty. only those who can partake in such things such as a job are said to live happy but does money makes us "human" does being wealthy make us proud and lovable?
I was in love with you before even knowing your existence.In your eyes I saw the meaning of love when you first looked at me. And I was wondering how? And why Me?
I was lost and alone, Hopeless and afraid, Storms raging, endlessly... But I lit my own torch! I Braved my own storm! The mentor I had.....  Was ME.
In a matter of days, I have become addicted to letting go.  Letting go of the food that my mouth consumed only hours before. The smell of vomit filling my nose like gasoline  it burns. 
To forget would be a blessing, to remember, a curse. Remember how he held my shoulders down  covered my screams with a sweaty palm, ripping  all pride from my body. I felt rage as he plunged through my body, 
Her lullaby is sung by her tears just to awaken to the same Melody. Her smile is faked so she can face the world. There are no words to calm the sadness that over flows onto her face when she's alone.
Ako'y nanliit Sumikip bigla ang dibdib Nagmukmok sa kwarto Puno ng pighati   Agad tinanong sa sarili '' Panget ba ako? '' '' May mali ba sa akin?'' '' May kulang ba sa akin? ''  
The voices around me makes me wanna do something I shouldn’t. Can you get underneath that, interpret that. Understand on a subatomic level the danger of those words no one will truly comprehend.
My heart feels so empty whenever you're not near I wish from deep inside of me, you can always be here I know though that you would soon grow sick, glued unto my side As my aura slowly kills everything aside
Dear mom I'm falling , I'm turning myself in I'm sorry for being born I'm sorry for all that I have done wrong
VBS is over, I’m so sad Seeing my friends, my crush Oh it made me so glad Wait, there is one more day?   To show our parents what we’ve learned? Okay I want to go, please?
The beautiful teacup sits on the window ceil, catching everyone’s eye.  Her beautiful painted face, is all they need to see To them she looks happy This teacup is me   But if you come closer and pick her up
Like the tide     You come in And out     Of my life Salty water     Seeking to Cleanse     Seeking to Burn     Red eyes, Flaming     Cheeks Seagulls
Help. I’m alone and I can’t cry for help There are monsters stabbing my mind, I must conceal from everyone else  When it comes to being loved, I simply just repel I don’t want to nail the floor, I am lost with no direction
 Drops of water descending from the silver faucet            Looking at the arms that once belonged to a pure soul A dark feeling rushes from head to toe As the blade is drawn upon her tender forearms
I saw you today. You sat there and laughed. I was near certain That I was going mad. I watched you sit there, With a laugh and a smile. I nearly started crying. Haven't seen them in a while.
I wake in the morning, And the first thing I do Is start to get high To not think about you. I take a long puff To forget about your sorrow. Take another one in To forget about tomorrow.
Here lies the time of which it commenced The days past as every sand Of the hourglass In a fell swoop of descending   If the cosmos were mine to mix And the beauties thereof, mine to possess
  Home... It was a typical day. The same people taking their daily walks and the same children playing. Their smiles precious, but unfortunately temporary.
Within human introspection comes a price, A revelation to the darkness of the mind. Venturing inside requires the roll of the dice, Are you ready for something not so kind?  
I would say Shel Silverstein was our first friend That's how we learned where the sidewalk ends.  Bet you thought this poem was going to rhyme But that was the only line I could get out my mind (just kidding) head . 
I remember your smile, The way it would light up your face. How your laugh would sound, And sing throughout my body. I remember your anger, And how it would scare me. The way you'd get sad
I'm drowning in a world Where you are the air. I'm starving in a land Where you are the sustenance. I'm dying of thirst Where you are an oasis. I'm left behind From where you had to go.
the rain pounded heavily last night drops of water ran slowly down the car windows matching the silver trails of the tears that wound down my cheeks rough hands that weren't yours stroked my skin
Browsing the shelves of knowledge that I have retained in my mind, I take a moment to reminisce and bring to light what I gathered from every life experience.   Love.
Pen scratching gainst the page words whipping in her mind letters bleeding into the page as a way to be safe instead skin full of old scars tears dried up in her eyes instead of inflicting pain
Is there ever a time when you realize that you’re mind might not be you’re mind
I miss you a lot… I miss you a little  sometimes a lot feels too little. I wait for you here -but you will never be near; you left me alone stranded in tears  
I hurt so bad, it's getting hard to breathe How I feel inside, well you wouldn't believe Thanks for making me cry, what I total waste of makeup This nightmare feels so real, come on Maddie, wake up
Why won't you treat me like I'm perfect? Why won't you treat me like I'm worth it? You ripped my heart right out of my chest You did things to it that I never would've guessed Couples don't treat each other this way
Having a broken heart makes it so hard to breathe I begged you to stay, but I ended up having to watch you leave Best friends? Best friends till the end? I guess with time my broken heart will mend
My family and I have been through some rough times, but them kicking me out is the worst part They left me confused, feeling unwanted and with a broken heart I'm going to have to find new ways to let all of this pain out
I'll be satisfied once I can see all my bones pressed against my skin. Society taught me that you're only beautiful when you're paper thin. They say that beauty is only skin deep
Why do we do this stupid little dance? It's very well coordinated and I know the steps by heart But you don't seem to understand that with each twist and turn we destroy what we have It's broken down into simple steps
Poetry Was always there Whether the darkness was Or wasn’t Whether family was Or wasn't   Poetry
When someone you love dies and you are not expecting it, You don’t lose them all at once: You lose them in pieces and fragments over a long time – Their scents and fragrance begin to fade
Like I drug I was addicted I couldn't see that you were vindictive Using me to get back at her Shattering my fragile heart like a mirror Freezing over from the coldness of your heart
Her heart was ice and It was breaking.. killing her. Slowly she is losing herself, by giving herself to him. The love she was giving him, he was giving to the other girl.
my souls become heavy with the colors of my thoughts  
what is a beat   dusk to dawn   settled down influenced by the near uprising peaceful. safe. chained within
If I could ask for one more dayThat I could be yoursI’d bask in moments, the love, the security.the purity in our intentionsBefore we refused to speak what was unintentionally mentionedThe lies you’d cry
when i told you that you were so much more i didn’t expect you’d make me feel like i was so much less
you saw the stars in my eyesyou heard the ocean in my voiceyou smelled the breeze in my breathyou felt the galaxy in my bodyand the
You have sadly thrown your life away You are drowning in misery Poor decisions have been made on your part As a result of hanging around bad company You need to wake up And take your life back
In every night, there is a morning. In every morning, there is a night. But in the darkness of every night, there will never be a light.
I see how intensely you take a drag on your cigarette down     toward         the bottom           of your lungs as the hands of the smoke suffocates you
Dear, My mother’s ex-boyfriend of two years, My biological father left when I was six And ever since then, I've been looking for someone to fix
I used to think    that all wood was still a tree,alive and strong    branches supple and willing to supportleaves, fruit,two little girls full of dreams.Within the cracksin the walls
His tongue tastes of wine I feel childhood memories on his spine. His eyes shimmer like the sea I know why he has that scar on his knee. His lips taste like cherries I watch him devour some Ben & Jerry's.
I see you on every fuzzy border and margin, In every memory and sentiment. Sometimes you bleed in like a watery cloud of steam on the glass wall, And sometimes you peek through the windows,
Through my fogged up glassesThe world looks somewhat softerA crumb calmerA fraction friendlierIt looks adequately welcomingmore mellowslightly sweetBut just for a moment.My glasses clear
what i find i cannot keep for when i'm fixed there springs a leak  
there is a little rain cloud that hangs above my head it follows me whereever I go, to wherever I am lead sometimes it will disappear and the sun will shine anew but nowadays it never leaves and i don't know what to do
another relationship another breakup today, our one month anniversary  she breaks up with me after isolating herself for days blaming me not even trying to fix things
i wish you the worst, the same that you wished me i hope you drown, just like you told me you looked me in the eyes, spring of twenty eighteen you fucked me up, and i should've just screamed
I told myself I was done with you last night. I am so over feeling used. I am far too good at goodbyes Hating the way I try for you
Heading down a corruptive path Will put you in a lot of trouble Your life will sadly become a dead end If you do not move on the double Darkness will rear its ugly head And the walls will come closing in
Racehorse The Kentucky Derby was yesterday at 4 pm and the bullet shot Like a fire in the air. Her eyes are rolled back like the way the sea curls into sand
My mother bought new dinner plates. I didn't think we needed new ones, They were five dollars, She said. I was against using the new plates. My heart was racing and
flowers need more than water to grow maybe that’s why I run away at the sight of them blooming I can’t even remember to water them once a day how can I sustain them for years?  
I don't know why I was attracted to you Its not like you were a good person from the start But after it was all over, you left me blue After you left you still made my life fall apart  
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It's scary what hides amongst color. what colors tend to hide. a smile hides a falter, a wristband over red stripes. it's scary what hides amongst color. what emotions hide in your eyes.
dark nights, laying in bed, wanting the world to just stop. cocooned in a blanket, silent tears, or maybe big loud sobs.
 Cut off my leg and sharpen my bone I stab myself for every time I thought you wouldn’t leave me alone. I was an idiot to think that you wouldn’t go but how the hell would I know
I’ll look forward to the day we can laugh together again  And it will be just like it’s always been   You hurt me more than you’ll ever know  One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to let you go   
Life is meticulous. it lingers on, trapped in between the cracks  of "destiny", and "maybe".  and everything is shady or burning in the blaze of  ray beams ...  and right now its flaming. 
 I hope the thought of me hurts you and tears you to shreds,  And makes you never want to see me again.    I hope you fight yourself back from calling me, every time you look at a picture that reminds you,
 You exhaled empty promises like carbon dioxide.   And I inhale them like oxygen. I guess that’s why whenever I was with you, you took my breath away. And when you walked away was when I could finally breathe.   
1 Last Time   b4 I  g0   I'd like U 2 kno   I Love  You
I love you! And I don’t know how to tell you that I love you Is the problem that we’re having here The thing is you don’t even realize How much I love you And you won’t unless I make you realize
ill do something that not even that bad and you get so fucking mad but when you do it  im understanding and trust you im not treated fairly you never make me feel like you care about me 
A surge of fear goes through her heart; She's all alone and torn apart. Just weeping softly in the dark Without a single light or spark.  
In the face of every single trial, The girl had smiled, for she was not afraid, And with each and every agonizing passing hour, Her smile grew larger and her eyes shone brighter;
Such darkness there You find yourself in solitude Who are you to disrespect your mother? And be so impolite and rude Your demeanor must change If you are going to get somewhere in life
No more tears left Your on your own Sleepless nights All alone It shouldn't be this way Love isn't cold. Wasted hours Day and night Hand on your heart  And all was right  
Girl, why do you tolerate his mess? You did everything for him He never appreciated you The look on your face is really grim You put your heart into everything But, he often made you feel sad and blue
To be in the middle of this, Should I be a friend Or should I be more? Being your friend is wonderful, But being your lover is a beautiful blessing. I'm scared, I'm confused, I'm torn;
My blade is tainted red and it doesn't help when you shout. i wish that i were dead  so just put me in the ground.     i'm done with stars and banners, i'm done with tear drops too.
Now i'm laying in a casket  well, do you want to know why? these stripes across my forearm  i swear they were a cry i really wanted to tell you i really wasn't "fine" but well, you believed me 
I am free I am open I am a flowing river with words streaming from my fingertips pooling on paper. Expression. I am alive in a world where many are dead or maybe not really dead
i have made a huge mistake i've made it and wish to take all the pain i've caused away either tomorrow or today i don't want to drive away the people in my life but it isn't my first mistake
I sit. And let my rickety bones rest As I rest, Irealize how quickly life zooms by, but now I'm sitting on the sideline As I sit, I rock back and fourth, wasting the hours away As I rock,
Oh look how the rose withers. Oh look how the petals fall. With time it begins to shrivel, Till time fine’ly makes its call.  
Wheels bearing stiffly on a frozen road,shoes clatter softly on fallen snow,a veil of black covers swollen eyes.
You said that you loved her But, your actions sing a different tune Unless your demeanor changes She will leave you really soon How can you call it love? When all you do is manipulate her mind
Bite through it Push it down Iron grip, so that you don’t drown Porcelain face with shattered eyes Pray to god that She can’t see the pain
You need to go away You have manipulated her heart Sadly, put her through torture Right from the start Cunning and deceptive You have showed the dark side of your personality
sometimes i dream of a faraway place sometimes i dream of outer space sometimes i'm exploring a dangerous trail sometimes i'm a bird with a feathery tail but sometimes my dreams turn dark
there is a doll i own it resembles me, down to the bone so whenever i start to change my ways it changes too, on the same days one day i decided to change it myself even though i knew it could change itself
You sadly drown in sorrow Because, you have been led astray Following bad company was not a good idea You have drifted away Window of opportunity will close There will be nothing for you to gain
He tasted like mangosi couldn't place it until the next daywhen his lips were no longe
Never let your Past catch up to yourself No matter how much the past stabs your back keep your head up and run with those who give you hope   We as humans are born to endure hatred and Depression
My name is Cascade Linell and i'm not fairing to well but  those around me tell that i 'm feeling swell but i hide behind a lie, so that no one can hear me cry i wish i could just hide
I come to seek a Great Perhaps In a world where I can be okay i'll confess my sins and won't dwell on the cut communication i won't Divide the world into versions of me or You
Smile for yourself Make sure everyone knows you're alive No one Exists for a Second The little things matter more than you think Being told you're Pretty Being told you're Amazing And most importantly
We sing like Rain We scream like Thunder We shine Like lightning hitting the Crashing Waves We Mourn like the Storm finally calming itself We are gloom like the grey Skyies after a Hurricane
(This is a Persona Poem for Min Yoon-Gi)   An inspiration, that’s what we’ll call my life path. The melody still rings in my ear when I hear their claps. The melody that plays now,
There is a girl here/She spends hours looking out windows/tracing swirls on her skin with a finger/Sometimes I think she's imagining freedom/mostly I imagine she's thinking nothing at all/  Everyone here is broken/but while we still exchange false
counting knots in the wood slats- the ones i can feel my nonexistent breath bounce off against the ones holding up the musty mattress that does not get granted a body for most of the year silent cabin
I want to die, I'm scared of death, So sometimes I just hold my breath. I close my eyes and count to ten, I pussy out and breath again.
And they speak of age – the elder years.   It’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow has not settled. Now, Darkness, woe, and failure stench abound.
You look through a glass I know she’s on your mind you cry tears of spite yet your heart remains kind And you keep on wondering How a girl loved as she Would keep you expectant
Darkness It’s what separates the good from evil It’s the lack of good and the lack of light It’s the feeling that creeps inside of you when you least expect it It’s a force strong enough to bring the strongest man to his kneesIt’s enough to drive
I hate the feeling of nostalgia. I can try to go on a walk in the road, just to clear my head. But all it does is stuff my head with more memories. The summer afternoons after swimming in the
i still sleep with the light on in hopes it will travel through my ears into my dreams faster than the train did
With this being our last moment together, whether or not you know it. I owe it to you to be as honest as possible, but that's impossible to do and not hurt you.
I could sit here tracing lines in your hands   Outside of time endlessly full of dreams   A buzzing phones the trance that held me ends   I am thrown
I write to you on this tragic day, To tell you how you have been betrayed. This love is fake, It was never real. What you felt, Was just a deal. You entertain me, And I make you feel.  
            I am constantly trying to remain sane but the status of our relationship is driving me over the edge            or maybe i am already over the edge and the breeze of 
Your mother is now gone But, you can still hear her voice She will always be there in spirit To help you make the right choice Remember those lessons that she taught you And the times you all spent together
Can you please make me remember,How we started this fight?‘Cause I can't remember,our last good night. What are we doing?I said I loved you, You said you might. This is a jumbled mess,Do you realize?I look at your face,You look away from my eyes. 
The sun it shines,The stars they shimmer,The moon it reflects,Yet my world just grows dimmer. Moments I know can never lastand soon they fade into the past.
A break up is something couples dread the most. It is something couples avoid or else they'll feel lost. Our significant other is the one that makes us whole.
Dear Ex Boyfriend,
I cannot wear the red blouse. Lines that defined my curves taunted my eyes Blurry tears dripping as I ran faster into dusk To fit into a teenage concept of “sex appeal”  
My Mother is the greatest actress I know She's able to portray the "perfect" wife when she's around friends because they're all BFFS She is a volunteer junkie because she cares that damn much
I'm paralyzed.Stuck in these feelingsstuck in my head.It's too late for treatment,I'm already dead.I'v
Nothing but pure madness As teachers and students run for their lives Such a dour situation Filled with corruption and strife The mark of evil Has sadly, reared its ugly head
  Looking at the stars Thinking about the place I go every day, The place I call home But it doesn’t feel that way.   Home feels like bad dream
Ode to the Hard Holidays Whether it’s Christmas Family coming together Celebrate the birth of Christ Gratefulness Whether it’s Thanksgiving
i taught you how to love again. i helped you open up your heart to more than just the familiar. the love you had grown to know.
Remember when I was born? Remember when we went to Las Vegas? Remember when we went to Chicago,
Dearest father I’m eighteen now Can you believe it Probably not You were never there in the first place So why would you care now I like to think that sometimes my mother lied about who you are
Dear Dad,   Sometimes I wish I never met you. 1,000 miles used to be the only distance,  But now we're quite through. And yet, I still think about your existence.
  Dear Brad, I just wanted to thank you… thank you for being my step-dad, my guardian, and my protector. These are words I wish I could say to you.
Dear Dad,    Hey, it’s been a while,    I didn’t really expect you to be gone so soon.    How are you doing up there?    I know how picky you are, so I can’t assume.     Things haven’t been the best since you left,    But we are getting by.    My
Dear Self,  
Dear Almost lover,    I'm writing this because I never got closure. It's been awhile since we've talked and I think it's time for a disclosure and I don't want to be mocked.   
Dear Dad,
Dear IT Department,  My PC is dead. It no longer whirs and beeps Its CPU is void of warmth An amateur's cheap creation
I love you in the morning, with soft sunlight peeking through the curtains casting over your sleepy face; eyes dazed, smile slanted,
The light in her eyes had dimmed  She was no longer,  Then she saw a ire, it burned golden red The flames were attracted to the darkness within her eyes, they engulfed her whole being, 
Dear Anxiety, Not a day goes by where I am without you Not a day goes by where I like you From holding me back To making me cry From filling my head with negatvity To making me freeze
Dear One, I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss your spirit and your craft. When I started this letter it was too late,  I should have written it before this date. You taught me kindness
Dear Grandfather, I wish that I was able
Dear Nathan, I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye or even say hello I wish I could’ve stopped you And showed you that you weren’t alone Or if I couldn’t do that
  Dear anyone who’s going through a rough time, Currently, my life is a riptide. Life has slowly began to come to a high but I know, in time another fall will follow. I had to be hurt, many times to understand
Dear Future,
I dreamt of you last night, you were smiling and holding me tight. I stood on my toes to reach your height, your beautiful face captivated my sight. Something about you seems so right.
You didn't love me Because you didn't know how to love You only knew how to play So indeed you played, With my heart. My feelings. My time. My life. My mind.  
You say you know what the world means When you never know your silent screams . The world is pretty with all to do Where everyday there is something new .   But tell me this
  February 2, 2017   Dear Person Whose Life I Tried to Make Perfect,
Arielle, you were light you were gone before we saw this when you left it was dark I couldn’t see  who could replace such a beautiful thing   nobody  so it stays dark, like the darkness right after the sun sets  i pretend like it’
Up and down that's just the way it goes Some days you're high then others you're low Life will be great no matter what path you chose Just remember that somedays you will win and some you will lose
 Since I was a little kid, I always had this feeling deep down inside Dark deep emotion that kept me alive, as I even feared it 
Dear, Shame
You. I’ve cried more times than i can count today. I don’t know what will become of us. I want to stay with you because you do make me happy, but nothing is written in stone.
A Fallen Hero by Steven Isaiah Gilliard   I was known as being tough and respectful. I was highly respected by my fellow brothers and sisters.
My Sweet Peanut love of mine make me smile all the time   My Small Raisin on the floor i giggle at you you smile some more   My Perfect Balloon always far from reach
Dear, the unwanted note on my whiteboard,   You stated, "Shut the fuck up cuz"   You were staring at me.  
I was a young girl Confused with the things I had experienced and seen I was too curious I tried to experience love So imaginative
Dear Future Jeff,   I have so many questions, Don’t know where to start. Are we keeping it together, Or continuing to fall apart?   Right now, I’m really excited, Not sure what to say.
Dear him, We were beautiful Like the the breeze on a warm day Like the peak of a mountain top, miles away Your hands were soft
Dear Mom... I don’t even know where to start with you these days. How are you? It feels weird to say that.  Do you wonder how I’m doing, too? I’m 25 now, A woman. Last time you saw me I was a girl.
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Set Aside              By:SeemsPoetic   Set me aside Just set me aside Leave me behind Hung out to dry  
What if dying isn't deathIf when we leave this world… The weight of it is simply off our chest When we take that final breath
they say that in order for someone to live, someone must die. and now i must know. who was the one who died
I was either too young or too naive too selfish or too needy, But your love was the thing I needed. Never had I loved someone’s eyes,
0. We all wonder how many times parents pray for a child with no complications before birth. 1.  2. 3. I learned the alphabet but momma is foreign on my tongue like my forgotten native language. 4.
My best friend tried to die twice in the same day. First with a gun and second with a wire off a hair dryer.
One peron's Heaven Can be another's Hell And truthfully I say I hurt I shudder I weep Is something wrong with me? How unfair must it be That I am unhappy
Dear Dad, I look back on the days When you showed me all of your love Showed me all of your care When I thought you just acted tough   Always left your side fast
Dear Ma, The eleventh of March Nineteen seventy-nine Baby born at this time Little foot with an arch; Her dark green eyes glistened As she looked at her mom Pat held her in her palm
Dear My First Love,   Second guessing my hope in us Comes from the misguiding thoughts of others Talk of wanting better for me Goes through one ear and out of the other But I know what is best for me
Dear Betrayer, Sometimes I sit around and think About how everyone has a focus One day I could just fly away And my loved ones wouldn’t even notice   Or maybe they would start to see
To that Fake Fricking Friend I really, truly, hate you But I love the heck out of you You are my beautiful baby but girl you are a benevolent bi- Biscuit tray delivered from Grandma
Who? Am? I? . . .  :’( (written by an ENFP) Who am I? I say fuzzily . . . A tear drips out of my eye, a single droplet. I am the world’s savior I say . . .
My sad eternal tears keep coming back . . . And once again I must shed my tears to go and cry . . .   Despair is all I got to hold my back. . .
My sad eternal tears keep coming back . . . And once again I must shed my tears to go and cry . . .   Despair is all I got to hold my back. . .
Dear Ex Best Friend, I stand upon the shore of roaring sea Attempting to see all that I have lost. I dream what might have been and still might be.
The saddest feeling   Is the one not felt The one that stays, and is never let out The one that haunts and torments   The one that fills you with nothing the one that soaks you dry
indigestible being that was the lesson-- you had to leave they needed to  let you go even though you thought of youself as sweet remember, you too, were poison.  
what's left to say in those whispering tones? got gasoline in my brain  and ink on my bones. what's left to recall me; but the walls of my cell? they say it will heal. but i think that was hell.
wow look at her they see my past  judging before looking nasty rumors fly fast they see the scars  the way I look they way it is hard to trust they all laughed at the fact on how i acted 
When they told meYou had gone away,I didn't thinkThey meant forever. I thought you wereOn vacation,And I was jealousYou didn't bring me. But even now thatI understand whatThey said,I still wish IHad gone too.
Dear Daddy,   I think it's been a while father, Don't you ever wonder what's going on with your daughter?   It’s been long since you’ve gone,
Happiness they say Can beat the tides of sadness Yet, I am drowning      05.28.16 - N.N.
my romanticizing eyes leave me tired with each sweet smile my heart gets stolen is it that i’m so desperate for the love i was robbed of
Of a melancholy tone She is through with you Look at what you have done And the madness you've put her through Just consider her gone You manipulated her heart Always the one to torture
I know you probably have had millions of different people around the world seek out to you. People of different skin tones and cultures, who have been searching for you their entire life's and not to even have a glimpse of you. The real you.
Love is a thing with Arms,it loves to craddle you when most weak -It listens to your thoughts and changes them- All you do is out of love-But what is love might I say-Dreadful tears and sorrowful alibies
Dear YOU, I know you hear what they say about you, it is hard not to listen. Their words will not cut smooth like a knife through butter, but like a serrated edge through drywall.
This is our last chance to grieve Dear Lord, I was only thirteen The host of trepidation freshly forgot, You coerced forgiveness from fester and rot  
They talk about fairness And honest wages. They talk about making it all right. They make jokes about work unions And they like to say it's all going to change Or they quite. But they are weak.
Inside it is dark There’s a monster in me It is something I can not hide The monster was created to shield my fragile heart from pain.
to the person i can’t forget,   the sun sets, taking my happiness with it. the same way you left, taking parts of me with you. and i realize, after you left,
Little girl, now don't be sad, I understand your pain, How you feel there's no way out, That you have gone insane.
It’s that single moment where everythinggoes numbgoes blankgoes vapidgoes cold
Dear God (if you are even there) The world is cruel Most people realize this at a young age Well at least I did When I was young, everything seemed so big
my parents fell out of love screaming silently they never fought, it was only tight lipped smiles and white knuckles on coffee mugs not listening when the other spoke and finding away to disagree
Girl, just turn the page He never was into you All he did was criticize And broke your poor heart in two It was nothing but a facade A masquerade at that Do not drown in sorrow
I didn’t mean to choose this. I didn’t ask to feel like this. But I do. I want to feel like normal people do, but I realized that I just cannot.
When you head down a corruptive path Darkness is what you will often find Nothing but a somber and gloomy matter One may sadly lose their mind All of your trust is thrown out the window
Dear The One Who Hates,   I still remember the days that we shared. The plucking of flowers and pulling of hair. The theories of God that would fly through our heads
Big Brother watches us, down on the ground, Doing what we are told, not making a sound. We listen, follow commands, its our nature, No other lifestyle that we know. Telescreens looking close, that's the game, 
The girls wore pink, and the boys wore blue The girls did ballet. and the boys played guitar. The girls wore makeup and jewelry and the boys wore jerseys and Nikes. The girls and the boys
 Your ray of sunshine hath died. <br>Perhaps the things I thought true Were nothing but deafening lies, A façade. You were like a sister to me Always a shoulder to cry on.  The room no longer glows a golden hue as you enter a room, But a mee
Dear Rapist, it was three years ago now. That lonely day when you defiled me Where I screamed and cried for you to please go. My fight was for naught unfortunately.   You left me there, ravaged and abandoned
Once again that my heart shattered Lights went blackout, no more flickered My head went full blank My life I had hang I thought my life doesn't matter
Kicked in the stomach But standing straight  Smile on  But inside tears escape    Bruno mars and backseat singing  windows rolled down  highway swerving   
Nurses, Should be nice.   Or at least that's what I thought.   They didn't care about me.   Hurt yourself? Stop crying.   Lonely? Oh well.  
we are more. more than you remember. we were fire. maybe I was just the lighter maybe you were all the trees burning off us maybe you saw me as the candle,
it is difficult to have loved someone who will never feel the same, because a hopeless love is the emptiest and loneliest love there could ever be. lessons can be learned, however,
The rain fallsPitter PatterMotionless and powerful,In a steady flowing patternWashing away the thingsWe no longer wish to see
Dark skies Lonely nights. A city full of people. Yet its not so bright. I'm so in love but I'm not. Maybe just in love with feeling. In your stomach. You know,  the knot?
Dear Future me, I see that your rich and successful or that’s what I want you to be. Or maybe not, I’m confused and that’s what I’m told to see. ~ I’ve been disappointed in you a lot and I know that’s not fair.
Confusion and frustration are present We may be lost in the shuffle Just get it together immediately And move on the double Nothing but pandemonium Not a soul knows what is taking place
  My chest is tight My throat is closing  My stomach is in a knot I feel my heart breaking I close my eyes I feel you, next to me You are noiseless  You are cold 
My mind is a computer, It plays games, Process information, Turns to power-saving mode.   But if this is true, Then what are my disorders?   They are flash drives,
I said i’d leave you alone But nights like these make me want to talk to you. You’re the piece of my youth & desperation That god no longer wanted to carry.
dear boy i almost gave everything to, i am not a glistening bar of solid authentic gold, i am not a crystal clear 50 karat diamond, i am not a smooth pearl that shimmers in the sun.   i am a ruby.
I long to see your face, To hear your voice, But that will never be the case.   I want to pull you into an embrace, Squeeze you tight, For all the negatives to be erased.  
Girl, his heart was never there But you decided to stay You were blindsided by love He has sadly, led you astray You have suffered a great deal What a tough lesson to learn Next time just open your eyes
Some people Love it Hate it Indifferent  I hate them  I go into a daze I get depressed I cry for no reason I have mood swings I feel like rather  Than everyone is
You used to say The only way You could ever sleep Was in my arms So when did it change That I was the one Wandering at night And you were the one Finding solace in sleep?  
I only started Praying again When I thought that god Might give me a hand So for the second time In my life I lay awake at night Reciting the Lord’s Prayer Every single night
I couldn’t sleep again last night Demons plagued my dreams Wearing faces of love and affection One that you often see   Demons plagued my dreams Whispers of I love you I’ll never leave you
They carry the secrets I whisper at night   The moans of love Oh, just sex, that’s right   The things I keep In my mind out of sight   The walls are alive
Dear mother,  I banged on your bedroom door with a bleeding heart you pretended to be asleep I hate you  I came home and found a note on my bed, in which you wrote
Oh, how these past few months have been filled with tears. Losing you was by far one of my biggest fears. You made me face it, with your sadistic, evil ways. And now we haven't spoken in days. Thank you,
I am my own Alice seeking  a non-existent wonderland,   I am a butterfly fluttering about in a flowerless field,   I am a pen deprived of the badly needed ink,  
He once spoke of her as if she's a rain in the middle of summer, a blooming flowig amidst the fall, a ray of sunlight during winter, until she became a dandelion of a windy spring.  
It feels good to be sad I snap when I'm awaken There's a beauty in being alone That in groups is overtaken My words become their words I get nervous and don't think
She has decided to walk away Because, you did not treat her right Nothing but a chaotic scene Situations sadly, ended in a fuss or fight Face the reality of the matter She often drowned in tears
Why? Why must you spurn me so? Your words harsh and cold. Why must you abandon me? Leaving me lonely and melancholy. Why must you taunt me thus? Childish insults stripping my confidence.
Conversation has sadly drifted away All hope is fading We barely speak to one another Girl, why are we masquerading? We need to open up This eliminates the bad air Obscurity has reared its ugly head
so stuck I cant write ...can't even get insight ...on why I can't keep up the fight...or why I never feel right   every one has there thoughts I feel left out ...stomach in knots ...not even allowed to pout
From the first day i ever cried without reason, i was told to be stone cold, never show 'em how you feel, because emotions are bad bad bad don't use those dirty words.
Through the darkness,A candle burns,Erasing the varnish of the tainted world,This flame shines,Leaving behind a forgiving line,
Tavern mugs and boisterous laughter,Another line in this wondrous chapter,Long after the sun has set,Quills still write, and candles stay lit.
My entire life, there is one thing that was drilled into my miserable brain. “Bottling emotions is wrong. But let me make something clear.
 The way a spark can create a fire burning bright so too can it be snuffed out with swift vengence  The world is a cruel mistress with no allies and no mercy  All those days you celebrate fortune you fail to recognize the coming 
Rape lasts longer than a moment,Rape burns an imprint into the self.Rape strips more than the outsideIt thieves the words from your frightened mouth.It makes you think you are different,Like you’re deserving of this sin.It cripples up the bodyIt f
dear love, you are a nightmare dressed as a miracle. you are misleading. you are troublesome. but somehow, you always seem beautiful. you always seem to pull me in
Hello motherHello brotherHello sunflower Hello rush hour Hello proud boyH
My anxiety cripples me I take it on as a first line of defense My tongue’s as sharp as a knife, I’ll cut you with my words until you bleed apologies I’m the kind of anxious that gets too comfortable
I'm sorry I'm such a mess and you gotyourself tangled up in this but pleasedon't fucking leave me because thesky and the stars and the moon don'treally make sense without you  
When the morning comes My heart is full of sorrow For I prayed that my eyes did not see a tomorrow Put me out of my misery I plead Do a young girl a good deed
November 1st, 2016   Dear the Man, Challenge me here, my dungeon of sorrow Make me or break me, a push of tides You left a point on my blunt dagger
I’ve got couple bong rips Held with a deep grip in my lungs Yeah I got a couple slits Not just the ones that cover my eyelids
Dear Daddy,   Do you remember that day out on Tiana Bay? I was four years old, Big brown eyes, twig legs, and abounding joy.   We went on the boat,
You are just standing there in the dark The look on your face seems grim The lady of your life has taken lots of abuse Your outlook looks mighty slim She feels battered and betrayed
i ask “can you save me?” you reply “i can try”
Its frustrates me. It pisses me off. The way she can say She wants boyfriend When I was a great one But no she dumped me Cuz she was gonna cheat on me. Like what the fuck
I wish not to be forgotten Or my seemingly numb heart Because of the things I’ve said But did not meant And my dry voice
I still think of you, as I lay through the night. Looking at the blank space, praying for you light. My thoughts go crazy at the thought of us to reunite. I've always wondered, if I was your knight,
Dear God, He just committed a fraud. He promised to never leave, And made me believe. Oh, why? Have I been told a lie? Now I lay confused, And my heart is bruised. Oh, please guide me,
Oh it's you.  Hello again! I know, it's been so long, it's so nice to see you! What do you think? I've barely been holding myself together.  Are you kidding, I've never been better! How's the wife?
my life has consisted of loss death and betrayal ive seen it all i want a new path a chance to restart a fresh slate clean off my scars and wounds and start brand new
Share your smile with the world.It's a symbol of friendship and peace.Because of your smileYou make life more beautiful and prestige
The soul that sees beautyMay sometimes walk aloneLoneliness adds felling of unwanted And expresses the pain of being alone
Dear Bully, We haven't spoken much since middle school,  I'm sure you've noticed. Or perhaps you haven't noticed. The only thing that I am truly sure of is you used to notice me every day.
From whatever distant island you're viewing me from today: I have conquests on nations.   But you can't see that through a lens, or a message, or That letter I never replied to   
My hair is long, which is nice, but I have too many split ends, My natural hair is wavy, not straight like theirs in my defense, I’m short, I could never be a model, I don’t have the body for that,
Girl, why do you stay with him? And make an excuse Haven't you had enough of his mess? Along with all of the abuse Time and time again You have sadly, sat there and drowned in tears
darling, you are broken and your ruins are the worst i have ever seen
  I’m stuck here alone and broke, just my luck, What can I say? Growing up sucks, I’m getting fat because all I do is snack, Don’t grow up, it’s a trap,
A nuisance, a loud crying baby, I can’t express how annoyed you made me, But I was young and I didn’t know, That you were a blessing in disguise before you had even grown, A shoulder to cry on,
Goodbye I wont see you again. We don't always love what loves us, But please do not forget that we laid out in the parking-lot
                                             Have you ever had a dream? A nightmare, to good and then evil.  It's like eating something really sweet over and over again
I feel alone in this loud room chaos is all around me  and it will drag me to my doom I just want to be free they are so so happy, smiling  while I lay there dying I've given up on it all
My love For thunderclouds And rainy nights Is like my love For you   Cold and depressing.  
Ill use the love letters you wrote me to fuel the fire I light to destroy this paper house I have been living in.    
blood is thicker than water, they say but to me, they are the same   i feel the blood leaking out of my heart like liquid pain boiling through my skin and
Let no man be lesser. For all Are mere specs on the backdrop of the void. No, they are particles Inside an expanse of nothing. We are Merely the reality of our
alone burning with anger becoming stone the only defense she gets hate from a stranger she didn't do anything worth offense .
I'm gonna start working on me, myself and I Gonna stop all this just tryin to get by telling me to "get better", "stop crying", "you're fine"
Self-Inflicted   I do this “thing.” I bring more pain to myself when I’m already hurting; and I can’t stop.     I crank the sad songs, I drive in the pouring rain,
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No one will see your sadness. Even if your insides  Are bleeding violently And screaming Their loudest scream, No one will notice.  Not because they dont care to, But because souls are
No one never really understands  Unless they see from the same point of view. share the same brain and the same lifestyle as you.  People judge.  Jump to Conclusions. 
Dear Sophia, I love you. Because I love you, I'll text you in class, although Mr. Roberts isn't very fond of it. Because I love you, I'll cheer for you at tennis practice, even after coach blows the whistle.
Autumn Is the season of fireworks in the trees The tea time that never trully ends Carpets of color layering the sidewalks And plastic pumpkins by the door Scarves and fleeces and boots
“How was your day, Sweetie?” “I should get one for my partner too.” “I mean… Would you want to?” It’s as simple as that.
Dear momma Thank you for giving me Real Love The kind of love where I feel safe enough To be myself and shine Real Love
Because I Love You  Doesn't mean you can hurt me Because I Love You Doesn't mean you can desert me Because I Love You Doesn't mean you're not supposed to care Because I Love You
The rain thrums downward.Not another sound is heard,I am soaked and cold.
I had waited. For. The rain to stop. But. The sky stayed open. And. It did not seem. Like You would arrive Sadly. Then I found out. That.
Passion stirs up within my fragile heartEverything I have ever wanted hereNothing in this world can keep us apartNo earthly sorrow or crippling fear.
Every time we communicateThere is no positivityThere's things that you put downThat I think are greatConversations are dullThey drain meWhile the fill you upTear me downWhile they bring you upShatter my heartWhile they toughen yours upI can't take
You often find yourself in a trance Because, you did not treat her right She really is tired of your mess Night after night She has drowned in sorrow Tears have fallen from her face
They are saying It’s Christmas The bells are all a’ringing, But somewhere, deep inside Someone’s not singing The beds may be made, full of joy and of care But a little girl’s still crying Since her idol’s not there We’ve all lost a lot This year,
I would do anything for you I'd fight a dragon  or go on some magical quest Because I love you.   I would turn up at your door,  For nothing more Than to hold your hair when you are sick
A wax sky drips over a sidewalk corner Illuminated by a burning-wick sun As I smile at the old men living there, Baked and leathery and meaning everything to nothing
I'm sorry.   I'm sorry for the lies, the things I've done, and constantly reminding you how little I care.  
Hands placed on a unclean slate. Clans faced off and deaths happening at a unreal rate.Bodies lay quietly upon the ground, shoddy warn down knives all around.
We spent night upon nights spitting words laced with toxic until our minds grew numb  but we still said good night and we could feel the warmth
The sun is hot and painful It leaves scars on the skin It brings fires to homes The sun is blinding But I can’t stay away from him  
Because I love you, it feels like it was only yesterday, You looked into my eyes and I told you to stay. Because I love you I’d get nervous around you, I didn’t know what to say or what to do.  
     Do you think what you say doesn’t hurtBecause i'm here to tell you it doesYour words are like a hot knifePiercing deeper and deeper with each sentence You think you can say anything through a screenBut in reality you're just a coward Who does
I tried to stop myself Falling was easy Realizing you didn't fall too That was hard As I was falling  I knew I would hit the ground I knew you wouldn't be there
I fell in love with you. A foolish girl I was, to fall for you.You stole my heart away. I wished for nothing but to please you.I only asked of you to look my way. Please look my way. You wouldn't look my way.
“I Love You” What does a "healthy relationship" mean to you? Poetry Slam  
   Because I love you I listened to you, Because I love you I cared about you a little too much I lost my self in the process of showing you my love, in
I am sorry, it is time for me to depart I have seen the person that you really are Yet, he wishes for me to stay Pulling the same trick just so I stick around for another day
My love, is it you? i do not want to loose your soul for another because of blindness. am i blind? I miss you but i cannot remember who you are and loneliness
Girl, what happened to us? Conversation has sadly ran dry This has become a masquerade Time continues to pass us by If we do not communicate Darkness will appear Of a melancholy nature
I look at you with longing eyes and I recieve a warped image of a stranger who was once full of love. Was I wrong to wear my heart on my chest for the world to see. Was I wrong to love you with all that I had inside of me.
Tears fall from her face That is ever so clear You did not treat her right You were insincere You messed with her heart And played with her mind Nothing but an insolent demeanor So degrading and unkind
Do you want to know why dreams are better than reality?   In dreams, you can be with people who you could never be with in reality. You can hug and hold them with no fear of separation.
Do you want to know why dreams are better than reality?   In dreams, you can be with people who you could never be with in reality. You can hug and hold them with no fear of separation.
  I lost my life to a familiar face, He went by the name, Past. He shot me down with bitter memories. He poisoned me with lies.
The thing about my garden is, When all the flowers wilt, I cannot find the strength to Plant new ones. -ajh.
it's scary how one bad memory can make you forget all the good ones, how a single word can overweigh a whole book and how one smile can hide a thousand tears.
We used to be inseparable, But that quickly changed.  When he came along,    By you I became estranged. 
Silence was... Before you spoke. While still in my embrace Your voice ended in quiveres. Asking qurries we both didn't want to hear the answeres to. So they stayed rhetorical.
Because I love you..  That means I should spend all my time with you Forget about my friends My family My life Because I love you.. I should give my all even when you give none in return
Let go of the lies that have been told since birth Let go of the yells that have been heard through walls Let go of the memories that wonders your mind
maybe when you left my tears weren't because i lost you maybe because i was alone with my own thoughts maybe i was in love with the attention you gave me  maybe i was in love with you
What is love Love is a chemical reaction   Love isn’t black eyes and bruised cheeks Love is gentle caresses and soft kisses on Sunday mornings  
You have to continue on Even though you have lost a loved one Remember the good times you had with your mother She taught you how to be strong She is still there to guide you
Life isnt the same  You left at the same place you came I couldn't have any blame But all I could do was think of your name You were in so much pain But its best that you are gone but life isnt the same
A hockey team skates slowly over thin ice. Lonely but not alone, the goalie stands, Guarding a meaningless area That has been assigned temporary meaning. Her head held high, she takes the puck,
You have consumed my thoughts. How are you? You have become a part of my daily routine. Should I text him? You drive me crazy. Why hasn't he replied? I think I am becoming depressed.
My hands began to shake and tremble as I read the message you sent, nothing but silence filled the air as my relationship just disappeared. We were us and now we are; you and me,
Oh ... I suppose I'M The one Who Was supposed To Fix the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD! no? Then why isn't it done already?
Nothing is free In the grand scheme of things. But I want your lies tonight. Broken men have broken courage it's broken and miss construed. And I myself am broken. So let me have your lies like glue
I don't like people, But sometimes you meet some sweet ones. Some wonderful people. Maybe they said "hello" The way they do. Or maybe they just showed you love. They make the world
I learned the secret to success Is to push on when you can't. But my brains are battered My soul is wet. My hands are tired, Please don't forget, That I tried harder then ever To no good effect.
Isn’t it Ironic?   It’s sometimes overwhelming having so much to say, Thoughts filling your head all moments of the day,
You would scream at mom, as I held my ears closed. You would sling things, as I shedded tears.   You used to get angry,  you used to get sad. If I even said a word,  you would get mad.
Because I love you, you should love me too. You should honor, appreciate, and cherish me.
Broken Fixers.   This life isn't broken. It was never a working thing. The people didn't know. They cry
She was just sixWhen he told her to fixHis dirty desireRemove the heat of his fire She was just nineWhen she was toldTo kiss him below the lineBy that gigantic old
             Ive been treated with fake love since day 1 the just loved the baby side of me  I was born with short term memory and they didn't want to tell me knowing that could've helped  instead they lied to me 
failed marriage couple kids to take care of one named tom the other named Sarah 1 went with the mom other with went with the dad cried herself to sleep from all the wreckage
I sit alone, think about somethingWhere is my life destined towards?Is it towards what I aspire forOr is it towards what I'm inspired forAll of us can cogitate about itBut no one can declare what is it
She wishes she couldPunch them in the faceThey thought they wouldBeat her in that race She was somehow silentBut they were raging a warShe had some different scentNow she regrets, she could roar
No one, just no oneNot he, not sheNot them, just no oneListen to youOr they justDon't want to So stop screamingOh! You don'tJust don'tThat won'tWill help you
Free Push her to the ground, watch her fall.See how strong you are?She cries from the pain and you just listen to her screams.Over and over again, In her mind, she dies.
Wilted leaves tumble past Helplessly In the sun-warmed air I stare into the sky Endlessly Wondering what’s for me out there
When I think of you with another girl My mind seems to go in a whirl For I find it so hard to see That your with her and not with me I start wanting to cry Tears start appearing in my eyes
Look at her, Like, you want to praise herAnd not chase herRender her at sightThat makes her face brightIf your look is nullThat will make her Dull
I'm always alone no matter what I do All my friends that I have Will eventually leave me soon All the promises we made, you broke them All the things we said we were going to do We didn't
Broken shards of hearts are dregs at the bottom of the teacup that is life. But I suppose you always made it ok. When I was a kid you would sleep in my room, To keep the monsters away. Those days were perfect.
The message is there Words have been unspoken It is crystal clear That hearts will sadly be broken Proper communication Would definitely alleviate the situation Those clouds would disappear
Dad, can you help me fix this shit? I keep trying to build mountains out of nothing, And you always could fix anything. I know, you'd pick a shovel up, and help me Dig my own grave, if only I'd ask.
I feel the wind blowing Against my fare skin The cold giving me Chills up my spine As I walk the single brick pavement Gravel grinding against my aching feet
When I see you I remember the time we met In the class of grade eight Your stole the heart of a thirteen year old kid
Giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, no take I thought that just for once, my heart would catch a break Break as in rest, but instead the shit shattered
The image is blurred Spoken words, still unheard Stop trying to change me for your convenience. Pictures and images you are no longer perceiving. Unavaible for your viewing  
my life wasnt right all i wanted to do is grab a knife and leave it all behind thinking it would make things right...not knowing
Once upon a time, I left my dress In torn pieces on the floor Where my sisters ripped it off And left before they did more.   Once upon a time, I left my home To venture into a one-night dream
  We met by the sea In the billowing greens By the hanging tree Where a body was seen Swaying in summer breezes; In the tree by the sea
Spot her across the room Smile, look away Allow a minute or two to pass Make sure she’s still there
Something I like to remember when I need to cheer up Is that I was not a part of the plan I wasn't thought to be possible
I suppose the only truth i have found, Is that nobody is in control of anything. But a lot of people are good at pretending. We choke the life out of our children. We say things like, "you need an education"
Never have I asked for this, A dungeon with a twist. Never did I want this, A chain lays heavy on my wrist. Never could I pondered this, A life on the list. It was never supposed to happen,
She believed that it was true, reality.The touch that lead to a warmer sensation inside.The laugh, the voice, the comfort.Complete silence, and pure happiness.She soon found out that it was a moment.
the wavering tree the rolling stone  the shaking plea  a place called home  a hopeless need  chilled to the bone  a want for warmth  and a shoulder to cry on. to get out of the storm,
She waits, silently in the lifeless yard. The sky that night, dark and starred. She lays there, waiting, its getting late. When he comes, they'll leave this fate.   
I heard your voice over my morning alarm. Then it was silence. I picked myself off of the hard wood floor, Got dressed Reached for the door and felt you on its brassy doorknob.
Dark grey clouds have filled the skies Inside my heart dies and cries The dark grey clouds filled with rain  Can feel my sorrow and my pain  Inside my soul my hope goes cold Broken from what has been told 
Once upon a time;   The most beautiful maiden in the land,  pricked her finger- destined asleep for a cycle of seasons, was promised life by a challenger of fate.   Approaching the deadline;  
You say you think you know me, But I think that you're confused Because if you really knew me You wouldn't say "abused." You say "locked up, imprisoned," Held tight from the inside,
"Once upon a time an angel and a devil fell in love. They started seeing each other and didn't care what anyone will think about them. Till then the gods found out about them and prohibited seeing each other.
Once upon a time a girl stood in the cold streets selling her matches.   She was all alone in the cold winter sidewalk as adults passed by
Love can be painful, Bittersweet and beautiful, Saying goodbye sucks.
Middle of Winter,A flower sings the blues.Painted red then brown.
Once upon a time  There was one sick wolf, He walked down a road Even though he had a cold. He smelled a stinky pig from a house of straw, and then he knocked on the door and started to make a call:
Do you remember? How we used to play pretend? And giggle and laugh Until the day's end? Do you remember? The many adventures we took Together as partners, With every step, the earth shook
I am a wall. No matter how hard you try you can not break through this wall.   My emotions are cinder blocks
I cupped you in my hands and i said you couldn't leave. How silly of me. You burrowed your way through my ring finger and fought your way free.   I saw a picture of me and you today.
In the quiet hours before death. all men must come to terms with their lives. all the parts, and all the seasons. they must observe it, regret it, and be proud of it. depending on who you are,
It is a peculiar and otherworldly feeling. It is subtle. Subtle like a touch mark on a knife, Or a fingerprint on a mirror. But in the quiet of a silent hour I can feel it.
Okay, let's switch things around This one isn't gonna be a dumb poem I promise the next ones will  Then   Death is scary, because it's that realization when...  When you die
One day gone. And not even that. I miss you already. My throat is sore, From having to make up for my lungs My whole chest is left weak from the gaping hole in my heart.
Please be safe. Darling a life without you is a life I don't even want to try to live. But I will for a little while. At least untill you retern. My heart cries,
Killing time. trying to get people to understand me. but they can not. Just like i can not understand them. Every man is an island. seperated from all by the oceans of our skulls. trapped in our heads.
Girl, when we do not communicate with each other properly We tend to push love away Joy turns into darkness Things have got to change We need to open up to one another There must be a form of telepathy
She will always be there She has the voice to encourage and inspire Your mother may have passed on But, she is still there to motivate and push you to reach higher She often showed tough love
I let you inside of my brain, didn't understand why you caused me pain, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, Trying desperately to feel alright,   There is lead in my bones,
I am rock, alone in the sea, cemented in sad are others like me; We are not dead, nor alive, From such captivity I can't contrive?
Well...I have written all the letters. So I guess this is goodbye forever, or at least until I am better. This mental state that I am in... I can't even begin. I hope that the next time you see me
My love: Listen you don’t have to say a word, hush. I swear to the stars your eyes make night sky blush. Scarlet hue washes over the moon till dusk;
A constricted heart, A lonely cry, The broken parts, All want to die. A lone tear, Falls down my cheek, Overwhelming fear, Makes me weak. I shake against my binds,
She Wanted by Z. Alarcon   She wanted arms to hold her, Not hands to behold her Dark days, long nights; Through it all, she sat
The stitched wound was ripped open The heart bledIt ached like an earthquakeThat didnt seem to end Breaths waverBody shakes Please save herBefore she breaks 
Moments are melancholy Because lives have been lost People are in a state of bewilderment Dithered, confused, and distraught Nothing but a chaotic scene Filled with lots of bitterness
I look at you and I cannot believe that you don't know can't feel my depth of love, cannot reach your hand inside my heart and pull yourself out. I wonder feverishly
11:11pm I wished for you, I always wish for you.    I think that's what scares me the most, I cant stop wishing for you. I close my eyes as the tears roll down my cheeks and a shiver crawls down my spine.  
I'm so not ready for the world to come crashing into my life this morning. But it never waits for me. I just want to be with you. The earth is so pretty. But it'd be prettier with you.
She grabbed her pearl beads And her room key Left her soul in agony Cold street corners Search for donors Empty handed she won’t be Empty hearted, possibly Dying slowly, audibly
The more I drink the more my mind becomes numb. I'll continue to pour this posion down my throat until I can forget your name. Until all of the thoughts of you running through my mind is gone.
Take my hand. We are only as good as the hands we're dealt. I was there to lift you up. When I met you I was young, but you were younger. I was a senior, You were a freshmen.
Tip toeing the trail of self destruction Teetering on the edge on insanity Submerged my soul in sulfuric acid Sewed my eyes shut from reality It's over when you can't break down
Inside I am broken All but the sound of my heart Hands grip around my neck, choking Tearing me apart   I lay emotionless Listening to the my heart beat Feeling it pounding in my chest
Are you ok? "Sure" Oh... ok. I said "sure", since when does that mean "no"? Baby, "sure" is the rape child of "yes" and "No" I don't know if you'll be ok, but I gotta know, Will you promise me you'll try?
Blinded by your lies  I trusted you I should've seen it in your eyes You were too out of view All those nights were fun and games Little did I know I was being played
Crying. Constant tears. Cruelty as far as the eye can see. How come nobody helps me. How can nobody see. I’m in pain.
Walk into the work place, "Nic, nice to see you!" "You too" I hate this place. I hate essence of what it is. I can not stand for it, Selling my soul to be your bitch.  
She has sadly passed on Never forget what she taught you Your mother was always there She wanted to see you shine your way through There for moral support And teaching you never to settle for less
Pain is the feeling I get when I think of you, You’re gone and you left us behind. I can’t help but think about what you would be doing,
I taught you how to love me and instead you took the information to use it for herThat's all I was for youA source on how to become better for someone elseIm a used book that got put back on the shelfEverything I ever showed you on how to love was
we started off great  we started off happy but you started us off with someone else we started off together now i feel we are going to end apart  separate  you'll be fine  ill be dying inside 
I stood in the spot where we'd make out in my kitchen; where my parents couldn't seeI felt the loneliness in the lack of your presence and couldn't help but think How did we get to this? I thought what we had was love I thought you wanted
He made her feel so alive She yearned for that feeling of joyOnly he gave that to herHer eyes lit up like the night sky at the very sight of himHer heart came out of her chest with every word he spoke and lyric he sangShe felt so alive with him Be
Sometimes I want to feel Things a great deal. Other times I want to be Completely empty and free.
it was here that I fell in love trapped in the salty waves, burning my skin with the most gentle touch ripples that altered images dancing in my vision  from an emerald sea to the clearest blue sky
I hope your heart is as a child. Joyful and full of laughs. The world is not good, but there is good out there.  
  I never asked for it.. you say I'm nothing like your ex's but that's a lie.. im a bit of both... I hurt you... and I cheated... I didn't want to I was lost at thought
I used to Spend every eyelash, every dandelion wish Hoping for someone to make me feel happy I used to Think about you and radiate joy I used to
B L I N D I see the way he looks at her He wants her He would brighten her The perfect two Oh, joy! Like they were matched Meant to be But, She's too blind!
Each poem I write isn't good enough... So I wright this. words press against  the inside of my skull, Something set them off. I spray these pages with phrases like horse piss. Then I gain control.
I spun  a web from death bead threads. those dreaded ends of sheets to shreds. If you see the way that I am going, My friend you must know where I went.  
This is a sad poem, but it's a beutiful day. with the blue sky and a breeze to cast the sad away. ok. But I am far to lazy to do anything about it. I could be working, I could be strong.
The thunder; it roars in the night resembling my stomach, for which I haven't ate a thing in days. Staring at my food, picking around it with my fork. The wind seems to blow cold sharp shards into my skin.  
I am sad but never mad no one knows why I dont get how people can smile when they see people cry
The beating of my heart  
You used to mean a lot to me, and now you are just a stranger And the sad thing is that it was my fault we ended this way
Blue night whispers to the late rain i’m lost   in the mirrors of me.    
04/11/2017   Empty ---   A long road ahead of me, And thousands’ of miles behind me. I continue my way, Until I can see. My vision is troubled, My legs are tired,
how to fall out of love:  
Your mother may have passed on But, she is still there You can here her voice Telling you to be aware She loved you unconditionally Always there to guide and protect She may have been tough on you
The things we realize we won’t ever obtainOh, it kind of hurts at timesSo far away from each other and I have much to sayyour voice is like flowers and it makes
Don’t tell Depression I’m having an affair with Joy. Depression knows I’ve been having an affair with Joy. Does her call make me love Joy less? Or do I just miss Depression.
Twisting words; Love is hate, Let's duplicate. Engulfed in black, No fighting back, The love is gone- I'm now your pawn.
I grew up where doors had no knobs,And rooms had no doors,And houses had no locks,To keep the monsters out.
Have the strength To continue on Think large, take charge And be heartstrong Your mother wanted the best for you For she was always sincere She may be gone now But, memories of her are still there
Ivy is born in the Bronx At 6:04 A.M. She enters the world wailing, Falling flat against grimy bathtub in her grandfather’s basement.
You sadly left her alone With no one to talk to She often blamed herself She did not know what else to do In a state of bewilderment Withered and confused Tears fall from her face
We wove a tapestry together and I thought it was beautiful We were in the center and we were holding hands and all was good. It wasn’t until after you left that I realised that
My biggest fear Is to one day never see someone again And to never know what ever happened to them Whether they remember me If they ever became the person they dreamed If they decided to pack up and move
There's something so poetic about watching everything crumble around you How can destruction be so artistic, so beautiful? Seeing everything you attempted to build just fall It's gone in the matter of minutes
I stand on the corner of Canfield and Clarion. I search for a familiar car to drive me away. It is cold; there is no car in sight, And the wind cuts deep into my soul.
Of a melancholy tone She lives all alone With no one to talk to And nothing to do She drowns in sorrow Feeling grim about tomorrow Sadly dazed and confused Because, she has been abused
you say it all the fucking time   Should it mean more than what I feel it does?   Nothing?  
March 3, 2017: This everlasting darkness has really taken its toll on me I don't think I can control myself anymore This is spiraling out of control So fast that I can't even keep track of wherever I used to be 
March 6, 2017: Sorrowful living is a long, desolate path It’s where you’ll never really feel complete, but you don’t do much to fight it Because, though you just want to be happy, you don’t know where to begin
It is crystal clear She really does not need you anymore You have tortured her heart And that is for sure What more is there for her to say It truly is over Nothing but darkness and silence
Here in a room, with a glass full of liquor. And crushed to know, I desperately do need her. Standing there, staring right towards a mirror. Feeling helpless, like a tragic bum filled with anger.  
Sometimes you look at me as though i’ve never kissed a girl before. I cannot tell if it is pity or love which causes you to fret over my virgin lips.
A woman with delicate Crow’s feet framing Murky blue eyes Leans heavily against Her truck.
Everyone says I need to get over you But I can't seem to convince myself were throughWe're doneWe're overJust wish I wasn't sober Wish I could delete the thoughts From my headBut somehow
"I cry salty tears for inside  I am an Ocean. So dark and deep not even monster make a commotion. But if you dare  to take a look you'll surely drown in  all the emotion."  
I can see the grass grow higher -Oh how must this life come easy To grow as the wind blows -If only it was as swift to rest in peace
Regret, sadness, depression, but never hatred. Guilt, melancholia, sorrow, but never anger. Remorse, gloom, heartache, but never hostility. Grief, misery, woe, but never rage.
Even the happiest times are melancholy without you. Even the sunniest days are dark without you. Even the warmest blankets are cold without you. Even the fullest rooms are empty without you.
You often find yourself in a trance Begging for another chance She just wants you to go away There is nothing more for her to say You played with her heart Right from the start Nothing but torture and pain
Once Laid Footsteps 
I was pathetic.I was lost.I wasn’t me anymore…. because of you. I would indulge in..I would desperately seek.I would want…. alcohol because of you.
Tired of imaginingTired of actingOh, how I wish that was meCat-fishingIs now existingMirror, mirrorWhat is my birth error?Is it my looks or personality?A shame that I desire plastic surgery
I hear her scream I hear her tiny footsteps in the hallow way  Her shallow breathing quickening my heart She is an empty shell of the person I knew Her soft skin that used to soothe me is abused by her confusion
Have I             told you before                     of what it’s like alone                                 sleeping in my bed at night?
I am from Cadiz, from the ¨gator pond¨ next to my torn down trailer. I am from dangerous bike rides, dodging trees. From climbing rock cliffs and pulling off ticks.
A door A door with chips in the paint, reminded me much of 2016. A year full of dread, for me, that is. The knob shined as bright as a newborn star, representing the new year that was yet to come.
As the year went by, I seem to realize how terrible it was. The year chewed me up, and had no decency to clean its own mess. It took away the lives of many Great people,
Where I'm From by Ryan G.   The ground is where I'm from, born out if the dust and dirt. I am from my family, and their laughter and love.
2016 started out rough I thought it sucked just like everyone else  Then you came into my life  Like a bright fire fly  I though my luck had changed 
In the middle of a normal day I find everything so out of the way Inside myself I am blank and nill Wondering if I should take a pill. It is outside of time and space This reluctant child without a place
Get off of those streets They are filled with confusion Just leave those dark clouds behind Nothing but pure frustration When you live in a state of poverty Gloomy moments will appear
Those walls will close As opportunity passes you by Darkness is all you will see There sadly is no brightness in the sky You have wasted your life Everything has come apart Not a great situation
I traded my sorrows for a pretty face And a bottle I traded my sorrows for him And a cigarette to my lips My sorrows were replaced
Cherry blossoms come to lifeAnd people, hundreds of them sit togetherTalkingLaughingEnjoying themselves
Tight, close, that's what we were. In our youth, we were always so sure. We laughed and we cried, but we always stayed together. We promised we would be forever.
Dear Diary,   Today I saw a kid,   who I knew really well, He’s a straight A student, and…    man you could tell. He’s laughing,     and joking,      with three other guys.
She is sadly lost And heading down a corruptive path Messing around with the wrong crowd She needs to find herself and come back Darkness surrounds her incessantly Family members are concerned for her safety
I think when I actually knew how happy you made me that's when I got scared, but I've always been the one that wouldn't run from the fire, I would run to it. You started promising things that would soon have no hope.
the lines of her hands whisper of pinky promises the good and the bad the cold nights of tears broken hearts, hands, love the days thoughts are smothering "do you promise?" "yes."
Abuse You make me cry the way you talk to me. It’s like I am crying a storm. You hit me, And yell in my face.
Do you? Do you ever think about me? Or our past at all? I really did love you, I just made a bad fall. Do you still miss me?
August Forster written:8/18/16 What do I do? People tell me to keep my head up. I try so hard, I don’t think they see
To my Love Gone I think of you so much. I feel myself pressed against your chest. I can feel your heartbeat, Even and soothing to the ear.
The Girl There was a girl, she was in her middle teen years. She was so shy, it was hard for her to find a career.
What I am to you I am technically single, but my heart is taken by someone I can’t call my own.   From someone who makes me smile, and a voice that leads me home.  
  You don’t know the pain Until you are staring at yourself in the mirror Tears streaming down your face Wondering where you went wrong
I wish that I can make them happy. I wish I can make it true. But I wish that I didn't have to procrastinate, but hey what can I do? I wish I wasn't so privileged. I wish they understood.
Katrina DeKett Papered Love Poem   999. 1 more and peace.  Half over half, color side up.  1 more and peace.
It’d been four years right to the day,Till she had come to see.Her love who’d flown so far awayAcross the deep blue sea.  Their hearts had never quivered ever,From the one they most adore.No storm or any violent weatherCould dismay what they bore.
Night Stars, Happy Scars, Little Regrets.
Things have been pretty bland everyone is busy with plans all my emails are spam and my motivation has hit its low I've got no one to call I'm staring at walls
All that is left are memories When a loved one sadly passes on One never really gets over the loss But, you must be strong Never forget what your mother taught you She always wanted you to do your best
when you're sad You need to get happy but when your sadness runs deep through your bones through your veins through your heart and through your brain You need to get help to get happy.
From January to February I hit a new low in life Everything was bothering me All I thought about was the cold blade of a knife   From March to May
I feel as though I’m trapped inside a box.  I try my hardest to beat down the walls, But the ticking of clocks gets louder.
When you’re young, you’re invincible There are no consequences You drive too fast, slurp too many shots, and run faster than your legs want to go
Do you ever get that feeling The feeling of wanting to fly But your wings are broken Every word unspoken   Do you ever get that feeling The longing desire to run But your legs are paralyzed Your nerves are tranquilized   Tell me the truth As my so
I am broken. A billion shattered pieces scattered… Who will put them back together? Perhaps no one will…….. Shall I remain as broken as this tortured world?
She is no longer there But, you can still hear her voice To guide and protect you And to help you make the right choice Never forget what she taught you She was always there Mother was forever sincere
We shared moments of happiness together We planned our future We thought that we would be forever We loved like each day was our last on this earth We thought nothing would ever get in our way  
What does tomorrow hold?This is the question often asked, but still yet has not been answered. What does tomorrow hold? Let's stop and take a gander. What does tomorrow hold but broken dreams and forgotten promises. What does tomorrow hold? … I'll
This feeling has sunk deep into my soul and I’m afraid that my body isn’t mine anymore.24 hours a day, 7 days a week.There’s no time for resting.This feeling makes me wish that the next day to come unfortunately wouldn’t.
I can't grasp the concept of death; how someone can be here one moment and gone the next.I didn't think a fragile needle had the power to take the lifeof a man who fathered my cousin and had a wife.
When I was younger, I wanted to grow up tohave a love like yours.I promised myself that I would never settle for lessthan I deserved.So, I slept in the beds of boys that didn't care to know my name.
She’s the pretty girl with the perfect life .She plays sports and gets good grades.But one day, everything started to revolvearound a knife.
the girl I once knew suffer from a tragedy that ruined her mind
My life has been hard, this year was no different. Half way through I realized I'd missed it. From being comfortable and never alone, We were left without a home. In our car is where we stay
When words are left unspoken Hearts are often broken You never made yourself clear Nor, were you sincere Nothing but a clouded mess Along with strife and stress You can no longer take a stand
"...Half asleep, I hear a light rustle outside my window then a sunk on the right side of my bed. You lightly shook me and smiled. As always, conversation turns into an argument.
they cannot breathebut they can seethe trees turn greenand the colorof the lake doesn’tmatter. they rememberthe color leaving their face, their body forgetting
It is quite sad Nothing but darkness and pain There was no love to be found Everything has gone down the drain That is the price you pay When a loved one messes around with narcotics
In this house, we eat supper as a family, no elbows on the table, But remember, keep your emotions neutral, that way you won’t be called mentally unstable,
Who are you? How did you do that? I cried as I looked back in time, He wrapped his icy arms around my waist, we stood there, intertwined,
I’m constantly holding back tears, I hate the lump in my throat, I wake up, do my makeup, fix my hair, and throw on my coat, I walk out the door and into the world, Here I am everyone, just a lost, vulnerable girl,
It doesn't take much to change a mind, unless you have one just like mine. A choice was given to me just last year, And I could only think "Oh dear, Oh dear." I had to choose, go left or go right,
recalling bad memories is like unknowingly walking through a minefield and suddenly you cant yield so your mind flies as your body stays behind and you know before you see it
People will always be people. no matter how many layers of rose glass we put between us and them, they will always be people.
My heart is a very deep, unfinished well and at the end, if it ends, is a vividly rusted, old penny I threw in when I was about 7 or so.
Is it called suicidal if it’s not right this minute that you want to die? I have a lot to look forward to. It’s just that, sometimes, I don’t particularly
I lie here and I think about what we could of had, you were like a puzzle to me that I wish to put together you always seemed down, and I wanted to bring you up you seemed to be lost, and I thought I found you
For me it was gold But for them its dirt The way they treat The way they speak But whatever it is I doesnt really fit They came along That wasnt too long Both singing a song
I loved to try on your clothes, the cute crop tops and fuzzy socks. I loved to sleep in your bed,  to play games on your laptop, to eat tacos with you and  to talk to you, 
Beyond the seas of melancholy,  there was a time I held your hand, My heart now bears an untold story... like a ship at sea that longs for land-   A great untruth my lips have borrowed,
Harambe is dead they shot his head dat boi is gone pumped  his tire wrong Cave bob has passed he became low class pepe suffered same he became lame what did they all do
Mask hides sad mind weights pull I wish to fly can’t break chains of pain toss and turn lack of sleep
2016 started off great Plenty of money and plenty of cash If only I could see my future And how it would not last Falling for someone I thought was genuine Learning his tricks and then going back to him
There are feathers here. Light, beautiful, no one can Trust them, they can betray You, but they're beautiful.   There is cold here. Excuses wrapped in Coats that will never
People say they'll be there for you. But when I cry all night, What can you really do?   People say they won't leave. But with what I know, How can I believe?  
I want to smile. I want to be happy all the time. I want to have fun with my friends. That does not always happen. Life gets in the way.
Who knows how long it will take until from my deep slumber I will wake. It's terrible, violence, racists, and poor. When, at last, will I wake from this horror? There's people dying, killing, and crying
On a dark-isolated path of alabaster walks a little broken boy in black. Cold and Loneliness are his only friends as he walks home. High, high in the fractured black
Tears and heartbreakLaughter and smilesRight and leftAlways together Never separateCuddles and kissesCookies and milkSleeping and dreamingLife keeps them together Because they are pairs
I embrace every word I write Injecting them with my pain Let it bleed through and disappear But every letter brings me grief Restoring things that shouldn’t be given a second thought
  The Day You Died         I scrubbed your prints from my walls
I don't know what I don't know.That is why I never asked questions. All I ever wanted to do is "go with the flow",But then all at once I learned. About you and him,And you and that night,About you and everything I don't agree with.That day felt li
My nail polish is chipping   My lips are cracked   I can’t love you   Too many lines engraved in your skin  
My eyes open slowly as the rays of light settle on my face. I stare at the ceiling, hoping it would cave down on me as I listen to silence.  The only two beings in the room are me and the elephant,
you always said the wrong thing at the wrong time  you told me it was because you didnt have a filter but i think it was because you didnt care i realized that trying to forget everything you said works
Not a good thing When one lives in poverty Situations are often dreary While in a state of uncertainty There are dark clouds That appear in the sky Nothing but somber moments
Let us talk about what makes me feel good. But this time, I won't share it on my therapist's green couch or my psychiatrist's wooden chair or to myself when I feel myself slowly start to slip.
Aspiring  for that certain ideal  vision which  one day i will Achieve.  Achieved; something is missing.  Something: disillusionment Something: discontentment Something: worriment 
As a kid I loved swimming It was something  That made me happy   As I grew My love  For immersion  Became fear   As I realized The mental horror Of drowning 
Why should she stay? Look at the way how you treated her She gave you everything But, you were insincere You never showed her any appreciation All you did was waste precious time
She saw the waves crash a storm against cheeksCracking hurricanes into men's eyesDroplets of rain trickled endlessly into puddles of veinsCreating a reserve of rainy day puddles to look back on.
Last night I was dreaming a dream, You were back by my side I was happy, but had to wake up, and open the blinds Sun pouring in illuminated the darkness in life  
Dazzling people made of gold, Dazzling people made of cold Material, dazzling people made Of glitter and stuck together with glue.   Dazzling people made of lipstick Lipstick, kisses, stains on cheeks
My face is wet not from rain though. Wiping my eyes with a sleeve I pick up a guitar strumming a chord or two, grab some ink and paper and sing away the tears of stress betrayal
When the day turns blue I turn on the music Garth Brooks echos off the walls,  "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" With every note that lifts from the speakers
He eats; he sleeps. He jumps; he falls. He thinks, but can no longer recall. It moves; it beeps. It can write but not read. It is the mean. When it stops moving and beeping,
It's mean when people make money from miseryIt's mean when people make money from my miseryIt's mean when people make money from your miseryIt's mean when peopl
There are some so selfish, egotistical. There are some, through actions: analytical- determining suite, of gloom and fright As if to say: you have no right.   
No feeling at all Nothing to recall Living my life Day to day While others have a ball   Can’t breathe nor smile
Sitting alone And pondering deep thoughts Blatantly staring at the wall She feels so lost She put her trust in you But, there was no love in your heart Nothing but pain and abuse
I've stared out this bus window everyday Although never memorizing the route I take only the swirling thoughts  mans my vision blurred with lyrics  
You were like an onion Hard but easy to peel Wondering how far I should stand away from you before cutting you Before you start to make me cry Again Knowing you make me cry everytime
It has been fifteen years Since that dark and gloomy day We as a nation were attacked Nothing but total turmoil in every way Thousands sadly lost their lives There were painful hearts
if you ever miss me and hesitate if you should call to tell me or not... just whisper it to the wind and let it carry your words on... maybe i'll be able to feel the coldness of your heart then
She will find her strength And simply walk away You have abused her a lot Your heart has gone astray She sadly drowns in tears Because, she had put her trust in you You never gave back to her
What do we fear the creepy crawlies under our bedor is it the wondrus voice inside our headkilling my thoughts until braindead 
You were my life and, my light. Then came that cold, dark night Now the only time i see your face is in the pictures of this old place Without you, i dont know what to do Why did this happen to you?
She is brokenhearted You have torn her apart You were never there Right from the very start Tears are falling from her face Nothing but mass confusion Living in a state of turmoil
The monsters of our mind Chasing usNever letting go The demons of our soulCapturing usTaking us hostage The ghosts of our heartAre just bits that remainAnd shadows of what was
Not looking is so hard, but, Why, pray tell, is it so hard? I just can't seem to let you go. It seems near impossible Not to look. Not constantly search For your angelic face throughout
Darkness will surround you If you are not careful with your path Get it together And take your life back The streets are no place to live For they are filled with confusion
I remember long ago when when every summer day you would give me a yellow rose before we played I remember long ago when fall was on the rise you would come to school, with dew drops on your eyes
The walls were closing in on me. Frustrated and furious significantly. A grey cloud of despair, can't you see it in the air? Where are you right now? You said you would always be there.
I was there for you I gave you my heart I was not aware that I was just fixing your heart So you could go give it back to her Just to be broken  Again
I used to think missing someone was the worst pain It was the worst thing you could possibly feel Here I am 7 months after you left I realized that missing someone does hurt 
I am jealous. Why does anyone romanticize this I belive you to be to good for me I belive you are the stars and galaxies I am never violent or disrespectful when I am jealous
You will never realize how much he ruined you When you start talking to someone new; it will hit you  You will not realize until someone tries to do something he did  You will always think about missing him being there
I will never understand something How can you smile all day long and cry yourself to sleep Pictures never change but people in them do  How your bestfriend can become someone to hate
I never really understood this,  You were my "person" , meaning that i'm in love you with you, wantint you You are in love with another person, wanting them  My heart used to skip a few beats because of you
Its 3:00am and here i am still awake I keep crying and overthinking, but most of all regret You're even in my dreams, thats why I can't sleep I know that i'm fucked up, and I know i've made bad choices
Cryptic and puzzling Hard to understand No one could figure it out Nor did they have a plan What we have here Is a mystery Nothing but dark clouds Filled with ambiguity
the dead leaves know so little the swine and their eager snouts scour the pile, although too brittle swarming minds with no doubts  
Alone I was when I sat underneath the trees Somewhere far in an abandoned park   A slight wind came as a cold breeze   
A girl. Eleven years old. Same girl. Twelve years old. Same girl. Fourteen years old. Same girl. Eighteen years old. What do they have in common? They have brown hair. They love to sing. 
In a day are so many sad hours You may think I'd spend them alone But I give love to happy flowers And they make me feel at home
It's never is your intention But it happened nevertheless. Now your joyous arrival Leaves me in distress. I am angry with reason I am sad with distress I am disappointed with hope
A windowsill   Teetering on tea boiling in a pot And musicians hissing about politics Legal highs and all time lows Screaming foxes and gunshots  
***This was written during a dark part of my life and don't worry I am totally fine now and these thoughts are no longer a part of my mind***
Every dayIt's like they're embarrassed and ashamed.Like they don't want anyone to knowAbout my existence, and that takes a toll.
There they go making plansTo meet up and celebrate as friends.They talk to one another like I'm not there.I'm just an invisible nothing with no one who cares.
Salt is an accessory, not to be consumed aloneBut, salt is bitterShrewd white crystals that should be used in moderationBut I ate too muchClumps grasp at the walls of my throat
There was once a boy, in the 1700s who survived in his house's basement. Stuck he was, for the sadness exhausted his will to go out side. His mother too, for she was distraught at the idea of bearing a 'mad' son.
I give my mom a hug and feel nothing. No happiness, no love, no comfort. I want to repel away. She looks at my face with worry as she sees the absence of care on my face. She sees my dark eyes and straight smile.
If I hit a low again In the witching hour from the dark room where I lay awake all alone, and I’ve gone so numb I can’t feel the aching cold
I speak supreme no need for dreams Way too big for my Jean's Sent from a heart that has been broken. So the ones eye has freak don't run Arose/ from broken boulevards, story tragic
When you avoid responsibility It clearly shows that you do not care Just open your eyes You need to be more aware Opportunity will pass you by There will be nothing for you to gain You will lose everything
All alone as I stand here still I hear the moan my heart feels.
The rose is mineI cherished itIt's something sacred and uniqueSome give it up so fastGive it away at any momentTo a boy or a girl
Plunging into the abyss Of your pretend security, Blanketing the truth Of your own pain, From me. I handed you just myself, My soul, My heart. And you trampled it Like an egg.
I've been here before. Desolate feelings creep in before I get a chance to close this door, once again.
Reading excerpts of his cherished poems, As the ocean breeze fluttered past our noses offering the smell of salty water, He taught me many lessons.  
She can clearly see That you really do not care There was zero communication You were never there She sadly drowns in tears At the distorted connection Such a horrible sight
Some dreams are worse than others, but they're all the same, a passage to a better life, it's difficult to explain, whether by knife or by rope, either way, i couldn't cope,
She did the best that she could And really tried to understand But, you were never there You just disappeared She sadly did not turn to anyone There was no father figure Lots of darkness and ambiguity
Help the children hide.Keep them locked awayWith mirrors and makeupKeep their minds in play.
She was my friend. Blonde, green-eyed, Fair skinned and delicate. She was perfect in more ways then one. And I fell for her.   She was a flower, Beautiful and dainty.
“Loved but always alone”  
Last night I had the misfortune of seeing you in my dreams you looked at me with your sad eyes that gleamed then the clouds began to cry
I don't know... I can't shake the preening feeling... That I'm not really living... And even though it's not a physical pain- It's a dull persisting ache- And even though no one else is living
Best friend falls for best friend a classic sometimes tragic rarely as magic as movies but people love the possibility in familiarity at least when it's she and he but it was her and me
A is for air force. It’s Captain Briggs in the jet. The toughest and proudest man that you’ve ever met.   B is for ball, “why can’t you catch?” Dad grumbled as I shaped my small hands for the next.  
I wonder if she still sees me as I do As the girl in the rain Crying silently Tears scarring the earth in small rivers There are times when I think she does And my heart breaks
The memories burn my heart like the alcohol that runs down my throat every 1am that I can't sleep And I can't sleep because the thought of you keeps my mind wandering And the thought of you is so beautiful, it hurts
Depression is like a black curtain over your face You can not see a thing And day after day For two years I felt that There was no way out, no way to be happy
After you destroyed me I wanted to cut off your hands Rip your fingers to shreds Tear your lips off of your face Gouge your blue eyes from their sockets Slice your legs to bits  
everything i dois always done better.and i understand--why you'd rather choose her. 
This one is for the kids with no more hope  No more purpose  Broken smiles  Shattered teeth    The kids who fall short of their dreams so closely  they scrape them with their fingertips 
If only it were light That you desperately needed, But it's not. I'd light up your world So you'd have to spin around And rethink it all--again But the tragedy is You're gone
My mind explodes with hatred. I was only told of the awful memories. I was only told of the abuse. My mom wanted to protect me from the bad. I was forced into a game of hide and seek except there was no one looking for me.
You don't know how much it hurt  When you came home collapsing. Words slurred together into a sentence, At least that's what I think it was. You stumbled like a baby taking its first steps,
Countless hours Harmony in my head Words of life Don't send me to bed Stay up with me Keep me company I am the quiet stream But you're the babbling brook speak in sense
This was a visual poem that I had worked on about a year ago as a class project. The poem is about the overall feeling of being alone that may come with moving onto new things or new places.
One step to the left and,      Already dead I pull-poked the wonderings out of my head. They slimed and they slithered Into the pool To recreate moments of frivolous drool That deemed little merit
I'm sitting here. Again I'm alone. I'm trying to escape Escape from the hurtful words and the voices in my head. My headphones are on and my music is up. Here I sit. I'm by myself.
I hear you words everyday in somhow in some way you say you aren't controlling me but I am trapped I'm not free.  You degrade me in public call me names to make me feel pychotic
<p>I'm no longer in step like a marching band member off his countsI'm no longer in the program like a singer cut from the choirI'm no longer in the loop like a roller coaster off of its tracksI'm no longer with the conventional crowd anymor
Biten whole, broken sand and sole, shreds of something they said Love-and-loss: same breath, same bed.  Forget the good and its sunny smile - 'Cause - you-and-me were all I had    
He sailed out to sea to fish a day's wage but the sea did not like him and threw him in rage. The waves got so tall and the sails got so taught, that the little old sailor gave up his day's plot. He huddled down low filling buckets with water to d
Good morning, they say And I'll say it back But I still desire unconsciousness Not because I need the rest Although I do   But I stay on my feet anyway Aware of my struggle to
I wish I was a bird.I could fly far away and never come back.I would finally be happy, and this depression I have I would finally lack.I would soar higher than any bird has before.
I wish I was a bird.I could fly far away and never come back.I would finally be happy, and this depression I have I would finally lack.I would soar higher than any bird has before.
Is today that day The day so dreadful to me Where you took my heart And shattered it to millions Then burying with your lifes  
Have you ever felt alone?Like there's all these people around you at work or schoolSmiling and laughingWith their friendsAnd theirBest friends.
You’re a fragile spirit, afraid to leave the grave of which you were laid to rest. Metaphorically, of course… Flowers used to grow in your veins and now they’ve long withered away and died.
I can't do it I can't walk back in there  What if I still get hit? They still won't care They still call me fat  I'm still ugly  They'll slam me on the mat I'm trying... I can't do it
I wish I could have saved you From falling for a broke thing like me Because I can see it in everythng you say and do That the shards left of your heart aren't free And this isn't what I wanted
the windows are open yet no air comes in a girl is smiling yet her happiness doesn't spread  we open the book but the pages are blank though if they were filled
I had a math teacher  When I was in eighth grade We' d hang out at his house And play video games   I thought it was a little strange I thought he was weird But, he let us smoke weed
He whispers to the moon, Have you really seen it all? The wars and the terror and the art Seen the righteous killed and the sadists born
She's drowning It's heavy Weighing her down Realizing Long ago That she can't  Swim Feeling weightless But the bad kind That makes you Feel like a shadow Like air
Being free from my thoughts is something I've found impossible to do. I feel as if my mind is caged like the animals at the zoo. I want to be able to conquer my hindering fear, but the demons in my head are incredibly near.
Quite the breeze boy I still wonder why i came here Im over dramatic and spastic Holden on the hope to home   Im sitting on the stump gotta name these tears Iv gotta get out of here
If I could I would Go back in time When we first met I would look at you With different eyes I would thank you While we sat at a table Alone In front of the school library
I'm just soakingin itJust counting theminutesBlood stained water             in                  the                       tubIt's hardly the time nowis itWhen you're breaking a 
Today is her first birthday On the twenty-first of May. She looks beautiful on a 3x5, But I’m a million miles away.   I’m a million miles away,
the artist who drinks thier own blood, is the first to taste the salt, flavor to enhance the taste, seasoning to please the guests,   our blackest paints add the deepests contast,
It seems now a days im having more dreams Were im falling straight down No destination in sight No light to guide Sometimes I wish I would just reach the end Cause it seems more and more these days
A little girl or boy, an innocent child of barely any age.You had a life ahead of you, some would be police officers, some would be nurses,Some would be musicians, and others teachers.Your life was taken, taken away. 
When Robbin Williams died,Suicide,My family sighed saying, that's just how things are sometimes.
The sky exposes my melancholy and distress, I won't be the girl next to you in a white dress. Why did you ruin our dreams? Perhaps it was a nighmare in reality and woke you up in screams.  
I'm lost. But I don't want to be found. I'm warm hearted, But oh so cold blooded.
One more push. Just one more shake. Any sudden movements and I will break.
I think. I cry. I cut. I die. But you don’t even care; That I’m not here anymore. You can tell me that I suck, But that won’t change the fact,
A glance too long in the wrong direction. Addiction seeps into my core. Where is my fix?                                                                 Your Mind much too far from mine,
Has vanished without a trace, leaving me barren. Mayhaps it found a better place, Somebody who wants it.                                                                     I
I used to think it was normal To cry for three hours about nothing. That it was normal To think about dying at least once a day.
You didn't raised me You left. Because I wasn't your problem I gave you chance after chance when you came crawling back But you were stubborn & pride was more important than your flesh and blood You left me.
I am numb to the words in my head all the time, But I'm still feeling lost and lonely inside, My friends can have fun and live their own lives, While I'm stuck in the mirror feeling broken inside,
The nightmares don't end when I turn on the light, My thoughts prevent me from my rest in the night, So harsh and so cruel not a good thing to say, They leave me so nervous to take on the day,
such a strange wave how things ended this way each night the rain poured and I still waited for you at my door love is for fools but it isn't when it's for you I want to be beside you
There is nothing but a dark path When a person engages in substance abuse Your world comes crashing down There is sadly everything for you to lose All hope will fade Nothing ever seems right
To: Death...
Tears falling by nite Smiles rising by day Wanting to express yourself, but not really knowing the way Glass shattered, pain misunderstood People telling you to change, because change is good
wrap myself to keep me together at each side  each and every morning carefully reapplied out of tears and pain the cloth is spun and throughout the day it comes undone   some days i do a messy job my hands shake and my head starts to throb my smil
wrap myself to keep me together at each sideeach and every morning carefully reappliedout of tears and pain the cloth is spunand throughout the day it comes undone  some days i do a messy jobmy hands shake and my head starts to throbmy smile begin
silent and invisible it grabs hold of my lips it begin's pulling me down to the darkest depths  shaking hands rest on my thighs my mind is twisted and full of lies shattered is each bone broken is all that ive known   curious, my minds wandering u
Have you ever drowned in a dry space? 
You lost a diamondpiece You sadly abused her Treated her like she was nothing When she gave you everything There is no one to blame She gave you many chances Forever she will disappear
Every time I look to my watch, on my wrist, I see the scars that remind me of my past, The cuts that haunt my dreams, The memories that will forever be there, Reminding me that all I was in life is an failure,
Hand me a pair of scissors I’ll cut the steel ropes That led straight to your heart At least I’ll try If only I could get closer to you That end of the rope is the thinnest
I'm chomping at the bit  Claiming validityUp on my soapbox, a leaderThe more swelled our tongues became
I'm chomping at the bit  Claiming validityUp on my soapbox, a leaderThe more swelled our tongues became
I was in a big city And got a hotdog from a street vendor It taste sooooo good Ketchup, onions, chili and cheddar   As I walked home with a smile My stomach started to dance
Little music box please keep turning your all I have  and all I need. Please darling  I know you have been dropped  and left empy  but i promise to wind you up forever
Girl, why do you tolerate the mess? You really do not need to deal with nonsense You sadly let time waste to the side Lots of pain and sadness you continue to hide He never really appreciated you
My mother is special. That’s what they say When they drag me away From that shiny white room And I ask if I may
The sweetest kiss of twilightA crimson rose or threeLost in the moment loveA moment with out theeIs no moment at all The tender kiss of yours dearA crimson rose or twoLost in the moment love
1000 memories and they’re all colored blue and the darkest shade appeared the day I met you I never thought much of it, never bothered me nun Shake and bake you toke and bake We talk until we see the rising sun
Darkness is what you will see When you follow the wrong crowd Life will sadly pass you by No one will want to come around Your issues with substance abuse Will put you on a path of nowhere
  You don't comprehend.  ∴  My thoughts, my dreams
  Carved it out of my heart, Blood dripping down my hands, I don't understand myself,I don't understand you, 
She may be gone But, you can still hear her voice Your mother was always there To help you make the right choice Let her voice be heard She wants you to do your best Broaden your world
I am cold, stubborn, and reckless. I am sad, skinny, and wild. I am timid, honest, and loud. I am forgetful, ignorant, and tired. I have failed at being a daughter.
  The early morning found us sitting on your tattered, burgundy, mattress cover. Me, focused and writing. You, scatterbrained and distracted. You reminded me of our lives at seven.
Find it in you To carry on Losing a loved one is hard But, you must have the will to be heartstrong Cherish all the memories And wear your heart on your sleeve Think of the grand moments
And now your heart is hurting And I feel it too As mine has always Been hurting for you
I look back and feel sad and then it makes me mad because you never considered what we could’ve had
You don't need my confession To know that I'm struggling with depression it follows me everywhere I go and I wish it wouldn't show I can bury my face in other things
How do I fill this void I have tried distractions and diversions But I am still a very sad person. I try not to lose my writing passion
And that day I went to bed but I never slept because I could never sleep without the part of me you kept
There's a brick wall that only we can see and it's my fault that it came to be. With a torch I set the bridge to flames and then looked for someone else to blame.
I have been put down In the harshest of ways And I cannot frown Because it is not you who deserves the blame.
The boy stood at the edgeHe looked up and down, side to sideHe just wanted to end the fight the one he called his life
Girl, why waste your time And fight all of his lies He has used and abused you He never cared to see you cry But, you stick by his side Hoping that he would change You will suffer through more pain
It is done I have lived my life I have had my children I have built my house But it is done   As I lay in this rose Sweet and soft Silky yet sorrowful All the while knowing
When the pain sets in and your heart begins to sink, you almost forget you were born a human and not a robot as the weight suddenly becomes too heavy to hold. As you bite down on your quivering lips and inhale through your nose.
GunshotsWho could it be?I picture a student in ill-fitting clothing and unwashed hair.What kind of rifle? Is this how I'll die?What will I say when I beg for my life? I stop breathing. Eyes are frantic My heart sinks like lose change.I Imagine all
You and me Were never meant to be All the memories Make me forget how to breathe I can’t even look at myself because I’m not sure if I’m me
you,  with your dark brown hair and your green eyes made me feel  like i was the only girl in the world and you the only boy and yet why, oh why
in a perfect world, the sky would be in a  perpetual state of beauty, the sun always in set, the sky whirling with pinks and purples of many shades, the flowers always in bloom, creating an 
What really sucks the most is when you pour yourself into one person who promises they won't leave, And as time goes  on, You gradually drift apart by no fault of your own.
Pounding, Prodding, Perturbing Screaming, Screeching, Seething Throbbing, Thrashing, Trapping Repeating, Repeating, Repeating Silence. Begging for silence Doing anything for one moment of silence
My best friend, memories are kept with me. Why’d it have to end?   My successes I send, flying free. My best friend.  
My art teacher used to say. “Don’t add the black paint until you’re ready for a finished product” and I never listened. So I painted with my black paint
Lifeline   The EKG spikes and flat lines All I hear, are my beagle’s whines.                    As I lay here trying to survive
You could say that he was a Carpenterof sorts ---he built heartsfrom the outside in fixing rebuilding with his own parts, making a sacrifice just to hear their laughs just to see their smiles so that his own mind, his own soul could just possibly 
Words only mean so much They mean nothing without action Time will pass on And unexpected events will happen Day becomes night Tides will turn Moments will simply become a memory
The lady falls like the dying leavesSoft and slow, forlorn and sweetOn a whim, she gives her heartWanting only to play her partYou speak, she hangs on every wordYou smile, she burnsYou touch, she shivers
It has always struck me as odd, the idea that “loving you” and “losing you” are only one letter apart. This small difference is proved
Something in my heart is suffocating Alive still, but slowly fading This feeling of something dying With constant pain and trying   Why won't someone love? Why won't someone care?
That cruel winter day, she knew, would be filled with hate, That one, single day would determine her fate, If they smiled, or stared, How much she wishes they cared, As they laugh and call her names, 
Happiness is the outcome to unquenchable tears which came because of struggle.     The world is sad, the world is bad.
You have that grin that makes me smile, Even after I feel that I have just ran a mile. You are the reason I wake up, You were my favorite little pup. Your the image that brings me warmth, So on, and so forth.
Everyday is Hell. Everyday I go through the motions  I engage in the small talk  I try my best to socialize Everyday my head is filled with fog 
Girl, you gave him a lot of chances But he threw them all away His heart was never into you He broke your poor heart in two There was nothing but frustration and pain Simply nothing for you to gain
She writes about him in a five dollar notebook Saying that she loves him so His hands are placed at the nape of her neck while his love was gripping her throat
the rainfall drenched the old oak tree it was late september i felt it was a sign and when im with him  and he's listening but not responding i took it as a sign too and then i realized
It is rather sad When a person wastes their life away They had every opportunity to make it happen But, they sadly chose to be led astray Their loved ones are now in a state of bewilderment
shake off this feeling  it's just a phase but my heart takes a beating  when I catch your gaze  the time that he's stealing  my sould it does raze but since I know your feelings 
Like a bill collector  Death keep calling   I owe him something But I'm not sure what    Some days I ignore him Some days I talk   But no matter what He's coming
Eyes red, dried tears on her cheeks; On the roof she sits with pen and paper Describing the beauty of the street lights The sound of the rustling trees
poison tears Rain, rain, go away,Because of you the pain will stay.Slit my throat, cut out my heart,Leave me here, tear it apart.
You hear and yet you do not listen I know this because I watch your eyes They glaze over, stare blankly at me and I realize you don't care. I shouldn't be surprised.
I knew I had it bad, when they asked what I would need if I was stranded on a island, and the first thing I thought of, was your blue eyes instead of water. Isn't that sad?  
All I need is someone to take care of me. Someone to be patient with me. Someone to hold me, feed me, and change me. Someone to teach me and play with me.   All I need is a bicycle!
No words can express the hurt The pain and disbelief A country under attack People around the world are in grief Lives are sadly lost Things can change in the blink of an eye This goes to show you
At night I feel you hold me,Whispering all the things you never told me.When I wake up you'll be goneBut for now, I dream on.
oh hi how's it going i'm fine nevermind i'm dieing inside i'm not strong enough Just too weak but i'm supposed to be strong
And as he waits on the spire of the human soul, End watches.   A woman stands outside and stares across the rugged buildings to the early sunset. It’s a lot of blue covered over with whispy clouds,
Charismatic and charming is he, who steals my love only to flee. He who shines as bright as day, takes my heart but doesn't stay. Arrogant and scheming is he, who picks my flaws and laughs at me.
One My heart skips a beat He's beautiful. Perfect. Positively sweet. I only wish that we might meet.  But perhaps I wouldn't be able to take the heat. Not if my heart keeps beating so quick.  
My hunger survives off your belligerent smile, as it puts the blazing sun up in my sky It's those nonsensical possibilities you whisper which floods my being with your eyes
Windows rattle and walls shake Coldness stings and stomachs ache But no amount of money could ever buy The love that's share between you and I    Poverty strikes like lightning bolts
Your crystal clear eyes are the first eyes I've ever been able to keep contact with. Your soft touch entrances me, your arms are my home. Your warm body seems to fit with my cool soul. We find that happy medium, you are my safe haven.
Shakespeare once said that “it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”  But he couldn’t predict the empty nights laying in bed wishing you were next to me.
Though I am sick, and I am scared I know my heart must be repaired I need to see the world once more A simple chance that I ask for  
"Why do you love me?" I ask.You reply with many reasons,some of which being how  When I talk about my favorite book,I always obsess over the characters and my eyes take on a whole new formas big as dinner platesand they sparkle like the fourth of
                                  The girl huddled in the corner                She knew once they were here they would take her                   She would meet her entirnal fate 
Baby, yeah I see you growing up in the ville Messing round with these hittas  Knowing none of them ain't real They blowing up your phone Talking bout they want to chill Trying to get up in your pants 
tearing up inside me  fire and tigers and rage and roars threaten to rip my limb from limb but i don't have a word   i say i'm mad i have that word i say i'm mad  
She said she's sorry that she made him ashamed To be vulnerable and open Since she's been living that way It was imparted on she, so to him she did the same She never knew that the girl that she wanted to be
There was something about the pink walls of my childhood bedroom that I hadn't noticed until I had to bid them goodbye The blue carpeting caught the tears that fell  And I shut the door Hoping to delay the inevitable
please listen to the silence of my heart so you, my love, may be spared from the grief
It consumes all my thoughtsTakes over my bodily functionsIt's overpoweringRuling with society's corruptionsThe darkness devouring
I want a guitar now, don't know how to play the thing;I tried once before but gave up when I broke a string. I want to make some music, make some kind of noise shed,Something that can reflect what's going on in my head. Something that knows what's
A cold touchHigh windsWarm waterWet hairHot sand
Oh, you're sad? Please don't be! There are so many things to be happy about, you see.   There are so many places to go! You can go to a tree, To a garden, Or a fair, You can go anywhere!
She wept As the fire danced and the smoke filled her lungs The crackles of the embers  sang her a song As her essence left her body and she closed her eyes And dreamed of all the good 
      I often spend many a sleepless night, Wondering if I could make things right. I know of your hatred of me,
She called herself the Art Whore. For she saw art in everything and anywhere. The crack in the wall that had been there since her father had slammed her head against the wall was art and
How strange it is to see you here, even after all these years? Come, have you, to see me now, to see me lying in my cask? Have you come to mourn me now, or have you to degrade me once more?
Second place The backburner The fault bearer Worthless Stupid Idiot Liar Anorexic Twig Bird   In the background I silently watch as work takes over
Once upon a time, In a kingdom far away. There was a mistreated maiden And to her dismay they teased bout her shoes and her hair everyday. I'll let you in on a secret So tell everyone else
I'm the ugly sweater, I'm just there so you may laugh I'm the ugly sweater, I'm here on your behalf I'm the ugly sweater, I've always been the same I'm still the ugly sweater,
This feeling sining into my chest It feels as though someone has cut me open and poured in hardening cement I don't even know what is running through my brain I suppose now, I have really gone insane 
Emerald amber mixes in between the eyes that I stare into, and pray I am unseen. Glass fogs and the words appear to be smudged into my quaking fears. Nose curved like a bell
They tumble down your cheek Each time you lie A feeling I Reserve inside So I cry
Your mother may be gone But, you can still hear her voice She is there as a guide To help you make the right choice Visions of her Are still with you She will forever be in your heart
All around her,everything she's ever touched,everyone she's ever met,has faded to the black. All around her,everything she's ever wanted,everyone she's ever loved,has died.
my teeth chatter at the sound of your name my eyes close tightly and I hear the whispers from before you’ve ruined me
A woman Tall, intelligent, and free Not only took care of herself But took care of me    Eighteen kids And a legacy left behind    
So I’m actually stranded here on this deserted islandIt’s kind of ironic how many times I played that game when I was youngerWhere you pick three objects to bring with youThe heat is unbearable
Yelling and crying.  Screaming and dying.  This is the circle of my life. Why try?   Every time you get happy, Life becomes crappy. This is the circle of my life. 
You should prove your allegiance by looking me straight in the eyes, and telling me that what we had meant the world to you. Although no matter how your pupils attract me I know you’re all lies
Find the strength to carry on In spite of the loss of a loved one Just remember the lessons that she taught you And see your way through She always wanted you to do your best Reach out and grab success
What is the point? If there is no trust or communication The bond will break And there will be mass frustration Nothing but clouded matters Because words are unspoken Just open up to one another
I’m asleep oh so gentle, so calm. I wake up to a touch on my arm. I jump up scared thinking he’s back, I then notice the feeling was myself touching my arm. “Anyone there?” I ask frightened.
  It's hard being funny. They wait for you to ease the tension. "You make awkward situations comfortable!" You cool the place down with an allegory that's so random they'll reminisce about it for weeks. 
Deterioration of the mind,  It's but a state of strained helplessness,  As I urge you to do what builds you up, But tears me down.  You tell me that I should learn to be selfish,  To take what I want, 
She cannot go on Her heart is frozen You have sadly hurt her a great deal Because she is heartbroken You never showed her any appreciation Nor, did you really care Her eyes are now open wide
Dark and gloomy Along with mass confusion Quite esoteric This only adds to the frustration Nothing but a chaotic scene With the loss of a life The little children no longer have their mother
When living in the streets Your future is uncertain Anxiety and fear surround you You are always unsure of what to do Just a sad state to be in You are just asking for trouble Try to find yourself
Girl, there is no reason For you to be there Haven't you had enough of his abuse Just remove yourself from bad air The longer you stay there Darkness is what you will continue to find
It was 8th grade when I first met you. I was alone. Cuts on your arms and demons in my head. Our worlds collided And somehow, us two, who were destined to self-destruct, were saved.
The things I see in the darkness of my room at night they flicker with fairy-like insincerity of dreams you don't quite remember Memories of your hand in mine fades like I've rubbed my eyes too hard
Please stop stalking me, stop watching for my every weakness and exploiting it. you are a slimy shadow, a grim stormcloud. hanging over my head,
My anger a tsunami rushed straight to you Love into hatred as I scream and cry up to the sky you tore away a piece of me as I begged you to let me go too
Buy the ammo You'll get a discount Courtesy of the NRA You know, the people who sit on leather Wear silk And sip the finest wine Courtesy of the assholes Who lack a moral compass And shoot to kill.
It hurts to know- you're not enough Hearts shatter like broken bones              and words ring devistation You waste yourself in incomplete Promises and crushed dreams  
All my life I have hid behind a smile I laugh and smirk and smile when on the inside I am slowly dying I look back on my life and feel nothing, but regret
Without you days drag on without any meaning without you the bleak existence that I once used to cherish is now waisted wondering why  why me why was I not good enough  and why did it all have to end
Dismember me Pull me apart piece by piece Torture me Hear my screams Break me   Then put me back together
Hearts are often broken Because, words were never spoken You said that you would be there Though you never made it clear That child needs you You need to be able to come through Just be there
When I was younger I use to be your everything I was daddy’s little girl I loved the way you always use to carry me As times passed
We are broken, And shattered And crushed And tattered   We close our eyes and hope for something better But we must cope   We are laughing and smiling
It is really sad To see a person living in despair We are trying to do our best To show you that we care But, you have to do your part You have to try to turn things around
The unnecessary emotions in our minds and chests leave us bleeding the crimson that our body needs to keep us alive We wait for something that will never come while we lose someone who was never ours
       You ask me if I'm sad;I tell you I'm ok.You ask me if I'm mad;I tell you I'm ok.You ask me if I'm happy;I tell you I'm ok.I fake a smile everyday;To show you I'm ok.But deep down inside,
Goodbye. It left my lips with an overwhelming sadness  With another tear stain on my cheek I turn away with embarrassment We were nothing.   Inside I'm dying, outside I'm crying
Opposites attract. For some people that’s a beautiful twist, the yin to their yang. But what happens when you’re a person who feels too much? All the emotion, intense and passionate.
A tinted red rose grazes my cheeks when I think of the time that you licked your lips after kissing me when I asked you why, you said you could still taste me. It was delicately beautiful and disturbing all at the same time,
Help me, I'm terrified.I want to lose control but I know who I am.Help me, I'm terrified.I want to run, but my feet won't move.
A place of life, and a place of death. A whisper in your ear, feel their breath. They’re gone from the white walls and hard bed. Faded into nothing, they’re dead.
"Truly I should be working, no?" Whispered the little student "Surly this is what’s right" She fretted in her mind "But why should I do it? Why? oh why? oh why? Why is it such a stress?
Girl, what a pity? He did not seem to care about you No appreciation was shown at all All he did was tear your heart in two You need to wake up and realize That he thrived on putting you down
Another soul slips away Painting the dawn with blood My mind is devoid of mercy My heart is stolen of love The song of gunfire Commemorates the dead
  I saw you with your new girlfriend a few nights ago.  Your hair was slicked back. You were wearing that tux I picked out for you, the navy one. You seemed to be having a great time.
Her father found herWide awake, not asleepIn her bed, curled up.So, he asked her,"What are you doing?"She turned to himAnd smiled brightly, saying,"I'm waiting for my wings."
The TV screen flickersShowing what I am so used toBut it's more horribleThan fun little pixelsThey are real peopleShedding real bloodFor a cause that's not so realI fret and worry
  In a little town close to homeI found the grave of twelveNone were old enough to bear a weight of woeBut none were young enough to shame
Girl, let me make my voice real clear There was no love in his heart He never cared for you Right from the very start Nothing but bitter frustration I can see that look on your face
Part of me,Is under control by you.Part of me,Aches for your attention too.The hugs, the lies,The face, the cries.What am I to you? You tricked me,you hurt me,You lied.You made me stay up at night.It brought me to tears,So dont say no more.Your wo
Everyone needs to wake up We just need to realize That tragedy and terror Is taking place right before our eyes Nothing but sad and dark moments Many are in a state of disbelief
Can you just get one more chance to embrace her? Sadly, you just can not Your mother is gone forever You will just have to adjust as things come about Remember the things that she taught you
I... developed into a wolf of smart solitude I... lurked in the background not seen nor heard I...
From the inside looking out A bright-eyed horse stands Head held high to the sky Ready to take on the world Without a single doubt  
    Cutting is art. Sometimes, you plan out what you want to see Sometimes, it come out of nowhere.
Screaming, crying Yet no one can hear it Hurting, dieing Though no one can see it Heart broken to pieces And no one can heal it Wanting to stop But continuing to run
Drip, Drip The sound of blood from my wrists Drip, Drip The tears falling from my chin No, No The thoughts that course through my mind No, No There is a family that loves me No, No
great people die by making no fuss, ordinary people cry and make out fuss, but let us not make any of the either, No flood of tears too.   Earthquakes bring up destruction, and men calculate deaths,
Now, Joy was filled all over, And sadness is seen in some; Though joyous they would be, they seem sad But sweetness flowed on others minds.   Sadness was filled, by the day’s end
God answer us when we are in distress   may You protect us send us help and support   to make our plans a success make us shout in joy   make us victorious
Anger is an ugly thing Sometimes it’s the only thing Anger is never the answer Especially for the smallest problems It tends to reach us at the roughest times I can no longer bare it
She may be gone But, her spirit lives on Very energetic and goal-oriented She possessed a heart that was strong She was witty and very pretty A photojournalist that was sincere
I called a thousand times last night But you were never there I wore my voice out crying But I know that you don't care What happened to the kingdom We built from blood and ash
You said you loved me From the first day that we were together You said you cared for me And that you would forever. Those nights we talked
Berries andSky andFaded jeans andOceans andChina teacups andForget-me-nots.Morpho butterflies in the pit of myStomach andHis eyes andMyHeart.
I suppose It's supposed To be an ending I suppose I'm supposed To feel sad Yet, I suppose I'm supposed To stop supposing things It only leads to more Fiction than Fact
   Everyone wants to find the love of their life. We entrust a stranger with our thoughts, souls, and our entire existence. Does the very thought of it frighten you?
I would not give you the pleasure of Killing you in your sleep. I would be making it too easy for you. You definitely didn't give me the pleasure. My eyes were wide open. I witnessed every moment.
Follow me down to the willow trees,where we can sing and dance along with the bees;With our youthful hands in the air, set your spirit free.
I remember I found you lying in pain on top of the stone. I took you with me because you were hurt and I was alone. How beautiful your petals were as I brought you into the light, with a green stem and bright complexion.
Pain has become a part of me, Like a leaf on a tree.   Day or night, its still there.   Pain is when you cry so much it feels as if there is no air. Pain is and will always be part of me,
Baby come home In bed i wait for darling to come home Wondering if he is alright or alone I stare at the cling with tears in my eyes Wondering if i could make alone another night
With chapped lips and an aching heart, I dream of glaciers drifting apart. Heavy tears freeze as they graze air, a blizzard arises as I feel your stare. I recall the first day you loved me, 
Girl, just let him go You do not need the pain Remove yourself from bitterness Before it drives you insane Just reach higher Make your world bright Remove yourself from darkness
You chose her, not me. Cant you see why I'm not with glee? I'm happy for you, but sad for me. Was I the reason we couldn't be? She has your heart. But mine, you broke apart. It's her you want not me.
Who am I? I am the new definition of loneliness if it ever needed one I am unseen I am alone I am unwanted Trapped in this place I can't call home, in a city so dead This is who I am  
I am the quiet girl in the back of the class No one notices me they just go past   I am invisible and broken But no one will ever know
Cold as ice. Intricate flakes hit the ground. Just like me. Fragile, but falling. Close to destruction.
Yes, the sun shines bright, brighter than almost all things. But it can't brighten me.
Hello Charles.  I'm not going to call you grandpa becayse I've never met you, and I haven't always heard the best things about you.  But if I could, I would give you the chance to explain yourself.
Putting on a fake smile To keep the questions away To keep the pain away To keep the memories away
I am laying in the same bed, my head on the same pillows that caught my tears when I was fifteen
I want you to think of me in black and white
Some feel the warmth of the fire during winter Others feel the cold, even by the fireplace They are blanketed with a different kind of cold A cold the fireplace cannot melt
Is this how to you starting to feel like I'm not here for you no more like I don't exist in your world so your just block me out for life why can't we just start over
She was the kindest friend I ever had, 
Lots of people are drowning in sorrow As the result of yet, another tragic event A college campus filled with chaos and confusion Along with lots of frustration Several lives have been sadly lost
I thought you´d always be there I thought you´d never leave Now you’ve left me standing With my heart left on my sleeve   You swore we were forever And never will we part
I remeber day one, when you walked in the room without your usual kick to your step. You told me you were moving into the city and away from our nowhere town.
Remember that time i climbed the fence?
Fifty years in this place,
Growing up sucks in this world Having pressures to be perfect You try to get away from it Clear your mind and run away But you still have that voice The one in the back of your head
I know it will never be true Because although they say, "I will always love you" Deep down inside All I hear are the lies Telling me everyday, "You will never be good enough
If I could talk to you one last time I'd ask, "Was it really worth it? Were the drugs really worth your life?
These voices are hurting me I don't know what to do Momma can't you see I'm slowly dying next to you   These voices are killing me Why won't they go away I can't live my life
When you're little you won't notice. Perhaps, they won't even do anything for you to notice. You'll live your toddler days in sweet unknowing bliss. But that's only if you're lucky.
My finger tips, cold Touch bare chest My heart beat, loud Frozen in time   Arms grabbed me, forcfully I had no choice I looked away, tears Blurred my vision  
Gray skies meet gray buildingswhich stand on gray stones.Along the long, ashen road,whereon many have troddenand many have fallen,I, too, treadwith subdued reverence.
Theres so much hurt So much pain So much broken glass That cuts my wrist I wasnt so broken I wasnt so cut I wasnt so depressed I wasnt so sad
I Wish but i could not spare the reasons behind my deeds yet i go on.
I often confused the word love With caution- They sounded the same to me and I learned early on That broken hearts are a crime scene,
I see them together.
  Always have this thought Believing that I am lost Crying uncontrollably trying not to be scared Dying inside feeling helpless Expressing is so hard 
Looking in the mirror at myself, Wishing I could be anyone, anyone else, And I can't really tell you why, Other than I've always been afraid to fly, And even though I try I can't see the light.
So long I have lived in pain Yet he just now can see All the pain and grief That consumes all of me   How can I be happy When I’ve only ever been hurt Instead of vowing to heal my scars
Every now and again I pretend That I am a princess on the run
Your grey shield Shimmers in the sunlight, as it guards your fiery red heart, from my hopeless blue heart   My bold black shield twinkles in the darkness, camoflauging your
okay, so maybe I'm not the most experienced gal,  and I'm probably going about this all wrong.  You see,  when you say my name you make it sound pretty  not like a curse, or burden like he did. 
I used to believe in a close happy family But now I've been awakened and feel so alone I always dreamt of staying together But I never dreamt of departing our ways
I remember sitting in your floor,  A pizza box between us, and a pillow fort behind.   We were talking, and I wanted to touch your hair, It looked so soft.   It was, 
You use to look at me the way you look at her, and I use to love it,  Like I use to love you, but now I just miss you.   It's was easier to stop loving you,  Than it is to stop missing you,
I miss you sometimes, When I think about you.   I think about you sometimes, When I'm lonely.   I get lonely sometimes, When my friends abandon me.  
I crave your love But I hate when you look at me. I hate the resentment I see in your eyes, and I hate the pity that lies underneath it.   You didn't want me,
Complications are starting again,
You said you really loved me true but when i got sad you ran and never looked back
I walk through the park I see a tree A tree with no leaves I look at the tree The tree looks at me I'm looking into a mirror I am the tree The tree with no leaves
He lights a cigarette. He lights it and inhales its toxin. He looks at me with eyes that’s full of pain. He inhales his way to death and tells me that I’m the one he would’ve died for.
I was thinking that everything were sorted. Thinking i knew the end of the story. Well think again, my prediction was wrong. Oh, how wrong i was. You have no idea. Wish i hadn't gotten so near.
*I have exceeded expectations and yet still i fall down. People will leave you and you'll think that's fine. follow me, soon you'll be all mine. when you try and get rid of me you will realise there's no hope.
*All's it take's it that one small thing to bring you back down to earth. To suddenly start thinking what your life has been worth. Did you achieve many of your goal's? or any of your plan's in life?
*In my own world id'e be made out of playdo'h, and the colour purple id'e be. The place i can learn to be me, start to be me... I have something no one else has, my inner light. The colour purple i think id'e like.
It's so frustrating. While i'm here slowly suffocating. Quickly getting even more bitter. There's still time to fix this. There's just time to fix it, FIX IT. Get a grip, put your brain in gear and shift it.
*It's time to un screw this fantasised head of mine, wouldn't ya say?There ain't no one else to blame.If through all the sunny day's, all's i see is rain. It's time that my higher self showed itself. Made an appearance, wouldn't ya say.?
* I try and convince myself it's fine. The problem's ain't getting any bigger. Who are you trying to kidd? ya kidder. You got ya finger pressed on the trigger. Im the one holding the gun.?
This is me... Drinking beer to make sure i don't see clear. Will you forgive me Mom.? Staying indoor's. No i don't have any flaw's. Taking "Shit" drinking even more you bet. Will you forgive me Mom? Forgive me.? Please Forgive me for my Sins.
*Yet again feeling so,so confused, as well as my arm's being battered and bruised. Listening to my music my mind drift's away. Trapped playing What's left of my memory's. Here i live,here i stay. Confusion and hate day after day.
*my Only Friend* I was the only one that really understood, when everyone else left, i gave you the gift of not giving a f***. I made you feel strong, wen infact you were weak. i helped you to disconnect,
* SMILE....*. *Just don't get it. Don't think i ever will. Sick of going over the same shit. In my head that is... Most thing's i have forgiven, Many thing's i have forgotten.
*YOU LISTENED... to me moan,whine,talk about nothing. Everything. My worry's. My hope's. You DIDN'T kick me when i was down, or when my smile was upside down. You could see i was on self destruct mode.
*YOU LISTENED... to me moan,whine,talk about nothing. Everything. My worry's. My hope's. You DIDN'T kick me when i was down, or when my smile was upside down. You could see i was on self destruct mode.
A little white feather on a boring swan lay, wanted to go on an adventure that day, so he unbuckled himself from the coat so white, and sailed off without any fright.   Over the meadows and trees he floated,
Oh! Fork, you are so silver and strong. You help me eat my salad. This is why I write a ballad.   Oh! Fork with no distinct handle. Picked up ham, cucumber and leaf Cheese and Onion and beef  
I sit here as a child watching the eyes that once smiled blink out Doubt fills my mind as I try to find a rhyme that explains this sadness ripping into me like rain rips the sun
Mishaps turn into decisions, They leave the head ridden, Thinking and pondering. 
When we are left empty, lying on the floor, the only way to have hope,
Demons are chasing me People replacing me Lies are incasing me While the truth is facing me My steps retracing me