Annabell Lee

When I was a baby

my mommy read me the story of

Annabell Lee.

And it rhymed like the books on my shelf in the corner,

and mommy's voice went up and down like music

that lulled me to sleep.

And Annabell danced along the beach,

and we held hands in the waves.


When I was older

my teacher read us the story of

Annabell Lee.

And it still rhymed liked the tales I used to read,

but her voice was dull and flat,

and it lulled my class to sleep.

And she told us that Annabell died of cold,

and Edgar stayed with her in the waves.


Now I am grown

and I read myself the story of

Annabell Lee.

And I wonder why heaven took her,

like it did to mother's voice.

But Edgar loved her,

and lulled her to sleep.

And I am so alone and so cold,

but they stand together in the waves.

And I hate them for it.


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