Love Falls


United States
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We stumbled into love in September
So, we belong to autumn
Therefore our hearts must fall.
And after months of sun kissing those summer rays become colder
Nights are stretching
Fear creeps into my sheets,
As school, unlike our love, is at its zenith.
The problem is I love you just as much as the leaves under my feet begin to crumble twice as rough.
That’s exactly what our love has become. Those rays flicker as they stretch to be light years away.
I am now infatuated and afraid.
I start to suspect that maybe we’re not in love, just in season.
These cuffs plastered into my wrists as if though my wrists were blocks of soggy cement counting pulses until cuffs finger print initials initially meant to be another reason as to why our love, like shackled wrists and tattooed street blocks, would last more than just one season.
I’m starting to realize that real lovers, real lovers know that sometimes its feast but that’s only to prepare for the fast.
Those chains, what if I said they were hugging too tight?
They are in full belief that they are accentuating my wrists, unaware that they are barbering my pride
This is what they expect me to hide
This is bonnie shooting Clide

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"We stumbled into love in September
So, we belong to autumn
Therefore our hearts must fall."

These would have to be my absolute favorite lines. They are so beautiful, and this poem has quickly risen to the top 5 of my favorite poems here on Power Poetry! Amazing job! Keep writing!



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