Hope is but a Question

With a heavy heart, my tears pour

My feet are nailed to this cold floor

I feel trapped inside my ugly body

My mind hates you, me, and everybody

I started thinking about life

My back has been stabbed by more than one knife

I wanted to give up and let go of the pain

Harming myself is my crutch and my cane

My tears fall like waterfalls out of my eyes

Because nobody notices as my soul slowly dies

This hurt I am feeling I'm not sure I can bare

Everyone acts like they know me, but they still dont care

I've decided to move on and to start again

Instead of forgive 7x70, I'll forgive 100x10

They hurt me but I'm strong

I'll leave them behind and go where I belong

I now have hope, a small piece of light

Although my eyes are blind, my future is bright

I'll try to get better, i'll try to hold on

Because it's always darkest just before dawn


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